Behbeh monkeys suck their thumbs too you know

…and, and they have stuffed animals too.

It’s perfectly natural. Stop looking at her like that.

The World We Share is reportin’ that a behbeh Mandril monkey was caught snorgling a stuffed animal and sucking her thumb at the Yageer Zoo in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province of China. Hoverfacts and more on this story over at What’s On Ningbo.



  1. What could have sent this totaly over the edge for me would have been for the monkey to have cuddled human baby doll. 😆

  2. I have a small twinge in my heart after looking at these photos. It’s right in between having tears stream down my face and smiling and sighing at this darling baby.

  3. Fancy Butt Monkeys!

    (That would sound just awful out of context…)

  4. What a sweetface! I love how she is grasping the bottom of the stuffed monkey with her feet. And those EYES!! Are her fingers clasped around the stuffed monkey’s neck?!!

  5. It’s going to grow up and poop rainbows then?

  6. I concur!
    This might just be too moiche!

  7. Monkeh!

  8. Red Toenails says:

    Night-night boo boo.

  9. PS: Adult male mandrill in DA BRONX:

  10. Re: 2nd pic, omg… never thought I’d see the a-word in a CO hovertext 😉

  11. Shocking, Theresa!

  12. Bring out the smelling salts, we’re gonna have a lot of bodies littering the ground!

  13. Wow. Beyond heart-melting. So so sweet.

  14. Eeeeeeeee! Theresa, that’s scary looking! Did not watch video, as I was ‘fraid they’d show multicolored butt and not ready for that this morning….

  15. Fird Birfle says:

    Well, *SOME*body’s gotta hold them stuffie-toys and suck their thumbs.
    Them stuffie-toys ain’t a-gonna hold themSELVES, ya know !!! 🙂

  16. That is a thumbtastic set of pics!

  17. You tell ’em!

  18. I love the CO – ‘verse for being just such a context for that very phrase. Sounds like an awesome name for a band too! LOL

  19. Fird’s on a tear this morning!

    …just sayin’

  20. It’s okay. No nether regions are on display in the video. :mrgreen:

  21. bookmonstercats says:

    Bronx Zoo has awesome animules – I still receive the occasional tweet from their former escapee cobra.

    Also awesome to think that this sweet bebbeh girl will grow up to be this big, although not as big as this male and (I assume) sans impressive beard.

  22. Extremely cute baby face, really REALLY Disney-like adult face, let alone the multi-hued nethers mentioned in the hovertext. The Designer clearly has a sense of humor.

  23. I think my head just exploded from the cuteness. Unbelievable how darling this little one is…I just want to rock her like a baby and look into those wise eyes.

  24. Little monkeh better stop sucking her thumb so much, or she’s going to need braces when she’s older, like me…

  25. I watched or read something that actually had proof that great apes (think it may hve just been chimps) and monkeys actually make their own dolls. Girl chimps were observed playing with a stick (doll), and making their stick its own bed to sleep in.
    Wish I could remember where I saw this!!

  26. What we really need is footage of the boy chimps changing the stick’s diaper. That be truly Evolutionary.

  27. That monkey is made of unicorns and rainbows.

  28. yes, with glitter !

  29. eye capsules people EYE CAPSULES !!!!!

  30. [singing] Hey, hey, I’m a monkey!

  31. Yes, oh, yes….smelling salts, please.

  32. Thanks for going behind the scene to report on this story for us.

  33. earlybird1 says:

    Does she have webbed back feet? It just looks that way to me for some reason. And is her little mattress spread out on boards that are covering a hole into another room??! In pic #1 it looks like you can see down between the boards into someplace. Weird! Which reminds me…


    (yeah, I was really reaching for that one…) insert blushy sheepish emoticon here

  34. SlaveToCat says:

    and Unicorns

  35. SlaveToCat says:

    Everyone needs a hug

  36. Hmm, I remembering reading that recently too. Maybe it was on Cracked?

  37. if not Revolutionary

  38. How many men would a mandrill drill, if a mandrill can drill men? :blush:

  39. 😀

  40. I was thinking the same thing….

  41. Ya know… maybe. I do go there often.

  42. Awwwwwwwwww….. Cutest monkey babeh ever!!!

  43. Hey guys, be careful with this sort of thing. Something this cute => viral could shut down the web.

  44. Queen of Dork says:

    Well. I was scrolling through all the pictures I’ve missed during the work week and came across…this. This is…heart stoppingly adorable and beautiful. I had to apply the defibrilator to myself. What beautiful photos of the sweetest little baby! Wow! Just…Wow! *melting happily*

  45. What a precious tiny monkeh, with such a sweet sensitive wee face! But I am dying to know some more of the story behind the pic., like where is his mum? Was she a first-time mother who couldn’t cope, or did she get sick and couldn’t feed him, or was he orphaned? I just want to hug the poor wee man…