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What makes you think I tell really big lies?

We have schnozz envy, Z.! Photo by Zlatko Unger


  1. Le Whippet, whippet good!



  2. Is it Nose-vember already?

  3. Bumble The Bunny says:


  4. Pup’s just trying to tell you it’s under a big W.

  5. <3 Malinki for Mad Mad World reference!!!

    Eye capsules! When those capsules plink, the world collectively goes 'aaww!' I am melting in those eyes….

  6. With that nose, it had to be a Jimmy Durante line :)

  7. Thank you Mrs. Calabash where ever you are !

  8. Fird Birfle says:

    “Hot-cha-cha!!!!!” :)

  9. my commenting disappeared like magic? no bueno
    as I was saying…
    eeee! greyhound schnozzola!!

  10. p.s., y’all (if you’re interested)… here’s my long-nosed girl playing at our friends’ house:

    those legs are so awkward :)

  11. Tracylee thank you so much for sharing the video of your Hound Dawg! We’re in the process of adopting a whippet mix right now and we’re SO excited. How old was she when you got her?

  12. she was 4, she’s 7 now

  13. thanks, guys :) I’ll relay all the messages to Miss Schnozz when I get home

  14. what a beautiful doggeh!!! The twirling talio action at 1:07ish is awesome.
    Thanks for posting this. It is a nice to start the work week watching a happy doggeh sproinging about, having fun. :)

  15. Love the look in her eyes when the purple squeaky thing comes on the scene!

  16. WOW 8O I love her.

  17. PS: 1. The best part of the vid is the FLAPFLAPFLAPPITY noise at the end when she shakes her head.
    2. There are a lot of really silly vids of greyhounds, whippets and IGs.

  18. My cat does a lot of flappity with the ears – I think it’s because her brain has stalled and she’s trying to re-boot it.

  19. …and I almost forgot…

  20. TrixandSam says:

    My neighbor adopted a retired track dog and this gal was a beauty. I had no idea they were so big. When I asked my neighbor about her temperament, she said the dog had two modes: couch potato and bolt of lightning. Thank goodness my neighbor had a huge fenced yard for the moments when lightning needed to strike!

    Oh, and BEEEEP!

  21. Oh yes – most people who adopt retired racers call them “90mph couch potatoes”. As long as they get in one reeeeeaaallyy good run a day they are content to laze in the sun the rest of the time.

  22. they’re amaaaaazing – best dog I’ve ever had. a little playtime and it’s a snoozefest for the rest of the day :)

  23. Blue Footed Booby says:

    We have a pound pup that’s a collie/greyhound mix. The collie makes him occasionally herd the other dog, who tolerates it with only the occasional heavy sigh. The greyhound in him makes him a big furry slug that can beat the squirrels to the trees. I’d never seen a dog CATCH a squirrel before. It was actually fairly alarming. When no squirrels are coming down to the ground (because they can see him) he sits on the grass staring up at the treetops. It looks like he’s watching for airplanes, or the mothership coming to take him home.

    He smells like fish. We don’t know why.

  24. LOL!
    I feel like I’ve just been read a bedtime story and I wanna go, “Again! Again!”

  25. I am such a sucker for big silly noses! Not to mention those soul-owning liquid eyes. *swoon*

  26. Aw, come here sad puppeh, I give you snorgles …

  27. Such beeyoooteeful eyes! Luff teh schnozzola too…and tracylee’s puppeh made me LOL with all the snarling at those toys and those LAIGS…gaw, what a riot!

  28. What a beautiful nose! Love, love, love greyhounds – I have two rescues and one rescue that I’m fostering. They’re just amazing dogs.

  29. Third Shift says:

    I *love* that little tail swish, like, I’m here, but I’m too comfortable to be bothered! My greyhound sleeps on his back, from behind the couch you just see this one back paw sticking straight up. Sometimes when he’s dreaming, the tail goes crazy. Bailey looks like trouble, what with the shredding of the pillow and lying in it and all. :)

  30. Ou Mai Gad!
    She’s all frozen in place except for that tail that doesn’t know what it’s doing. Curling up or going down? wagging or still? side to side or circles?
    not very ladylike indeed!

  31. Third Shift says:

    I have a greyhound! Love the big schnozz and big eyes. My baby is older now and does not want to play as much. I think he lies around a bit too much for his own good, doesn’t even want to walk anymore, even with treats in pocket. :(

  32. Third Shift says:

    BTW, what does that mean, “olfactory equiv of the Amazon river”? Mine has a constant drip at the end of his nose, and despite the schnozz’ size, he cannot smell very well (or perhaps has an under-developed sense of smell because he can see [i]like a hawk[/i]). I’ve hid from him in the other room, and he’s not been able to find me by sniffing.

  33. Blue Footed Booby says:

    The Amazon is the longest river. That is the longest nose.

    Sighthounds like greyhounds are less nose oriented. My lab sniffs things, my lurcher looks at them. I think it’s just how they are.

    If your dawg used to like walkies but doesn’t anymore, it may be that he’s in pain. Presumably he’d show it if it were major, but it may be arthritis or something that hurts just enough to make you not wanna move. They make doggie painkillers for that. Just a thought!

  34. dude, wtf is up with that dripping?! mine does it too!

  35. Mind does it too! Think it’s a greyhound thing.

  36. That is NOT the face of a fibber! What a precious, beyoootiful pup!!

  37. Superbunny says:

    FINALLY! A Whippet or Greyhound, hard to tell which at that angle. Whippets are the best! My dog sleeps like a dead cockroach, too.

  38. Want want want want want want
    I absolutely LOVE sighthounds.

    Am enjoying the comments here from owners of greys and whippets.

  39. To those who own retired racing greys; Is is true that they cannot be trusted with cats? Or is it more the individual nature of the dog? I’d love to adopt one at some point, but also have plans to acquire a Maine Coon kitty. (Clearly, I’m assembling my dream cast of pets here. All that’s missing is an Arabian horse.).

  40. It’s more the individual nature of the dog. I am fostering a retired racer right now who just tested cat safe. Of the two greyhounds that I own, one likes cats and the other is not cat safe. As far as I know all of the retired racing grey’s are “cat tested” before they’re adopted out so you can request a cat safe greyhound!

  41. Thanks, Julie, that is helpful.

  42. Definitely more individual in nature. They can come with very high prey drives, given their racing history, but I volunteer for a grey rescue and they test every dog to make sure it’s good (or not good) with smaller animals and cats. Some greyhounds can’t be bothered to give cats any attention whatsoever, and get along quite well with them. Just make sure wherever your grey comes from they’ve done their homework and the dog is cat-tested.

  43. Thanks!!


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