Baby Octs @8

It’s the eight-o-clock hour on the West Coast so that means:

OCT-o-pus time! (This is seriously good starting at 0:27)

Who would’ve thought mini-octopies would be cute? Please check their giant heads, eyes, and “ehn, ehn” action:

Brought to you by the otter-holding-hands-loving Vancouver Aquarium and Sender-Inner Catherine M.



  1. Ooooh! How cool. I’ve never seen a transparent octopus before, not to mention one so teeny. Really neat.

    …And when it comes to producing seriously adorable animal videos, that Vancouver Acquarium doesn’t squid around.

  2. OMG sweet! Who’d a thunk it?!!

  3. Oy. Can’t spell. Please excuse the typo–I was mesmerized by the octopus…

  4. Eeeek, baby, flitty-floaty encephalopods!

  5. I am seriously in love with cephalapods of all sizes and shapes–partly because they can change size and shape.

  6. I wonder if one has ever wandered off and been raised by a pack of jellyfish?

  7. Octopi-lets do dub-step! [plus a little head-banging]
    I’m honoured . . .

  8. Space aliens! Right here on our little blue planet!

  9. Moi, Actually says:

    The little bouncy bop at about 00:27 was cute, but I’ll have to watch it again before I commit to total cuteness.

  10. It looks like I am the eighth to make a comment. Now imagine octopi with 8 thumbs… imagine the possibilities…

  11. yep liked the 00:27 bounce actions kinda cute
    home many babies do the octupus have……
    all of them kinda creeped me out for a sec…….

  12. I can see clearly now, teh qte is here!

  13. Alice Shortcake says:

    Come on, Disney – sign ’em up!

  14. StormCat42 says:

    I have always thought that Octopuses…er…Octopi…um…those 8-legged kewl lookin’ critters were fascinating! Not sure I’d want to meet one up close, but they are very awesome in all the things that they can do!! And their babies are even niftier!!! Love the music add-in too!

  15. What a delightful cephalopodcast. I can’t wait for the Octo-ber one.

  16. InsaneStar says:

    That was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes!

  17. I’ve gotta be the first one to say it– “octopus” doesn’t come from Latin, so the plural isn’t “octopi”.

    That being said, I really like “mini-octopies”. Sounds like a cute octopus-shaped frozen dessert.

  18. I love octopi! They are one of my favorite animals. But I’m only seeing the video of the teensy horse. Not that he’s not cute! but… I wants me some baby octopi!

    -confused in N England.

  19. OH, there they are. I had to click on the heading to open them in their own window. If you are a fan of baby octopuses and/or octopuses in general, I suggest you google Aurora the octopus. Here is a picture of one of her babies:

  20. Sorry – image

  21. I like how their stubbly little tentacles don’t work really well yet/aren’t very flexible due to their stubbularness…just like human toddler legses. Very qte.

  22. d’awww…. octo… podes? octopodes maybe sounds right?

  23. Too stinkin’ cute!!!!

  24. Love the baby octopoda!

    Am I right in thinking that their mouths are in the midst of the tentacles, so they’re swimming backwards?

  25. leaves of cat grass says:

    want to beep, but don’t know where…

  26. Wee ickle cthulhus! They are adorable little octopodes!

    Octopods are adorable, but their stories are almost always kinda sad- in many species, the mom octopus is such a devoted mother that she spends all her time after laying her eggs guarding them and keeping a clean current of water washing over them to nurture them. She dies not long after they hatch, having wasted away during the process of tending to her young. So somewhere nearby there’s a mom octopus waving goodbye to her offspring and wishing them well.

  27. and that is the story of how the ocean got its waves.

  28. i didn’t know that. that’s interesting. octopusses, then?

  29. Abigail, I read that recently too. Sad. And octopi only live about a year which seems way too short!
    I think spiders, the other 8-legged critter, also die when their babies are born. Only got that from Charlotte’s Web because otherwise I don’t want to even think about spiders.

  30. I saw a restaurant review the other day that mentioned “baby octopus” on the menu. I don’t see how people can eat a baby anything…. (Or adult anything, but that’s me being a vegetarian.)

  31. Eeeeep! Space Invaders!

  32. There are three plural forms of octopus: octopuses, octopi, and octopodes. Currently, octopuses is the most common form in the UK as well as the US; octopodes is rare, and octopi is often objectionable.

    But: “boingy, boingy, boingy!” 😀

  33. 8 thumbs on each of the 8 feet, then 8 thumbs on each thumb . . . Fractopi. 😯

  34. It’s actually “Octopodes,” I think. But I have no objection to octopusses.

  35. Blorp!

  36. Tootally!

  37. Delightful video of teeny offspring from an octomom we can all love!

  38. They haz FRECKLES.

  39. Doesn’t mean they’re babies literally. Just means they’re small.

  40. I suppose it’s the hockey fan in me, but I just want them to grow up so someone can boil them and throw them on the ice in Detroit.

    Commence with the nuffing, now.

  41. Did you know that octopods have 800 MILLION neurons in their brains?
    Making them one of the most intelligent species in the ocean.
    I once saw a baby octopus at a pet store who was in an aquarium inside a small jar with flow holes at the top and a screw on cap.
    While I watched this baby octopus, he stuck some of his arms out the flow holes and felt around the top of the cap, while using other arms to feel around inside the cap.
    After about 2 minutes of feeling aound the cap and looking at it, he completely astounded me by UNSCREWING the cap and getting out of the jar.
    I dont even know any dogs that could figure that one out.

  42. Blue Footed Booby says:

    It’d be octopodes if we were all speaking Greek, but the “officially” correct english plural is octopuses (the same applies for viruses, platypuses, and penises).

    Really though, the rules of languages are descriptive and not prescriptive, and all are common enough to be arguably not wrong if not actually correct.

    Alternatively, if you get it wrong enough no one will ever snobbishly correct you (since they’ll assume you’re being funny). I favor octopeese.

  43. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Guess what word in that post caused it to be Awaiting Moderation! 😀

  44. In WHAT post? We can’t see it!

  45. emmberrann says:

    OctoMoms (the real ones) have lots and lots of babies, like t’ousands of dem, dere being safety in numbers, and dese babies are so tempting to so many odder fishies, more because of deir nutritional attributes radder dan deir qte ones. Me, on de odder hand … er, tentacle … I’m t’inking dey are qte. So dere.

  46. WOW ! And I thought cephalapods were born in the back seat of a sedan leaving town ! I hope the MIB’s were around to help with the birth !

  47. ok, but i’m warning you.

    everyone else remember, feeding trolls can give you heartburn.

  48. Love it!

  49. Still applies.

  50. I heard of an aquarium that was losing animals and didn’t know why, so they set up a camera. An octopus would let itself out of its tank– removing the lid from the top– open another tank and sample the contents, and then go back, replacing the lids as it did so.

    They’re the smartest invertebrates, as far as we know. And they can learn tricks about how to get food by watching another octopus in the next tank.

    Search “octopus” on YouTube; there are a lot of videos of them being clever. In this one, an octopus can hide inside a coconut shell, so it takes the shell along when it runs away:

  51. Rhea, I think that aquarium octopus is the one who was featured on a show on PBS back in 2006. At first they suspected the night janitor!

  52. “It’s a . . squid.”

  53. Wheeeeee! Look at me!!!!! bounceybounceybounceybounceyboingyboingyboingy

  54. The plural form is “Octopuses.” People say “Octopi” or “Octi” cause they think the word is Latin, but in fact it comes from Greek.

  55. vieracatlady says:

    this was a perfect match of action to music. And I’d really like to know what music it was.

  56. meriweather says:

    Octopodes is correct to talk about a bunch of different species– ‘Blue ringed octopuses and giant pacific octopuses are just two types of the many octopodes in our oceans!’ Octopi is like irregardless; not correct but it’s in general use so we just put up with it. Octopuses is probably best for your general life.

    But I prefer Octobeeps myself.

  57. Those are squid, not octopuses. Cute regardless, but can’t believe no one caught on to that until this late in the post.

  58. I believe ”Octopodes” is also appropriate.