The Tiniest Ho

Friend of the site Sharon M. reminds us of the tiniest Ho story out of a New Hampshire Mini Horse Farm.

3 Days old in this pic, Einstein the mini ho stands near a giggling St. Bernard.

Einstein’s scale is insanely obvy when standing next to a traditionally-sized ho.

Einstein weighed just six pounds and 14-inches tall at birf.

Here he is IN ACTION!

Pint-sized Pinto facts and photos via Fox News.



  1. Giant…head…*splort*

  2. Andi from NC says:

    Love his wittle sweateuw! The mini-galloping is awesome!!

  3. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    That St Bernard IS giggling!

  4. ho?? really??

  5. Fird Birfle says:


  6. I loved the little legs fluttering at 0:47. And I loved the mini galloping at the end toooo!!!

  7. Mary (the first) says:

    Surely he weighs more than 6 lbs. though? My cat is about that size and she is much, much smaller than Einstein..

  8. AuntieBellum says:

    OMG!! PONIES!!1!!!ONE!!1!

  9. splorttt, splorrt, splOOOOOOOOOORRTTTTT!

  10. (The Original) Mel says:

    Giddy up Tinyho. Giddy up!

  11. The full-size horse is rubbing his eyes and vowing to give up drinking…

  12. Here’s his first birthday party:

  13. Very cute little guy and I of course would love to cuddle it.
    But a tiny voice at the back of my head keeps asking, why?
    Why do we need miniature horses where will we stop?
    Maybe it’s just the rain making me grumpy.

  14. Noteworthy sights: Third pic with majestic taileo blowin’ in the wind! And second pic. Not sure if it’s quite considered a photo bomb, but it works for me! Lol!!

  15. To have house horses… of course!

  16. Love the “I want to give myself a good all-over shake but I’m kind of afraid I’ll tip over” at 1:11. Also love that he is so tiny, he can’t even fit the whole name and so he is just a ho’.

  17. MalPal1101 says:

    Little Sebastian would be sooo jealous!

  18. OMG tinee ponee!!11!1!!111!!!!!11!11!!!

  19. I was thinkin’…perhaps there’s a better descriptor than “ho” for this sweet little guy? I was quite startled when I read the first sentence above, and quickly scrolled down not knowing what to expect! I was so glad it was a tiny hoRSE.

    That said…OMGosh what an adorabul baby! He almost doesn’t look real. Love the wind-blown tailio and black pattern on his face!

  20. Emmberrann says:

    If he was borned in 2010, he’s already 1 yr old by virtue of New Year’s Day having passed, do you have new pix of the great really big (hah!) Einstein?

  21. Puny pee-wee pony!!1!!

  22. baby birdie says:

    He sure is. He’s all like, “Hee hee…some horse.”

  23. Nearly all my life, I thought The Tiniest Ho was Tinkerbell.

  24. My Chi, Enzo wants Santa to bring him Einstein.

  25. I completely believe that the St. Bernard is giggling.

  26. Ho Squee Min

  27. OMG PONIEEEES!!!!1!!!ONE!!!!

    I want this pony so bad I think I’m gonna cry.

  28. Sho’ nuff. Her pimp was Captain Hooker.

  29. Queen of Dork says:

    Yeah. She and that Thumbalina chick. They’re really, really tiny hos.

  30. *waves* see video link above: disregard the greasy owner and bask in the mini-stallionosity that is Einstein [one year, 60 lbs]. There’s also a cute one with him playing with a giant soccer ball.

  31. Awwww… Thanks guys. If you want more of moi– I have a facebook and twitter account and a website too. Just google me, and you can have all the Einstein you can stand.

  32. 6 lbs at birth?!?! My KID weighed more than that! Of course, she wasn’t all legs and schnozzle.

  33. My Little Pony…for realz 🙂

  34. Cute horse, GREAT song. Anyone know what it is?

  35. Here’s a video of Einstein all grown up with a giant soccer ball:

  36. baileysgrandmom says:

    Watched the video–it’s a gas! But the little goatster pwns Einstein at the end–he can stand on TOP of the ball! (Leave it to a goat to show off!)

  37. Who’s gonna be able to ride a horse like that? Well, at least he won’t eat much!

  38. Gigi… my first thought, always, when the topic of miniature horses comes up (though I almost never say it aloud)…. What good is a horse if it is too small to ride?????!!!!1!????

  39. Precious video. I love the way the horses’ owner (I assume) lets Einstein’s mommy nuzzle him as they walk out to the field. 🙂

  40. I WANT one! maybe he’ll use the catbox, if only they stay that small! p.s. would you all “ride” the saint bernard??