Soaking Up Labor Day

The pool is closed already but that did not deter this pup!

After a few laps it may be empty.

Next, Delilah would like to cool off with a shake, Cathryn V.



  1. This took so long to download Delilah’s gorgeous little face, worth it – sure but I have been a subscriber to C/O for so long – why is it that I can go anywhere in Cute Overload and find images taking so long to appear, click on an arrow to start the video and I am told it is not working due to an error.
    From that I am told it must be due to my computer – this I know is untrue does anyone know how to fix stuff in Firefox

  2. LOVE IT!

  3. Delilah crosses another item off her bucket list.

  4. Please give no further information about this dog. I’m thisclose to running out, finding it and bringing it back to my house water bucket and ALL. What an adorable shot!

    Off to google earth…Hide the pup.

  5. Her pal Sampson thought about joining her, but left after she made a few cutting remarks.

  6. Mary (the first) says:

    I don’t have any of those problems .. maybe it is your computer.. sorry to say!

  7. It looks like a magic trick. How does the rest of the pup *fit* inside that bucket?

  8. How does Maru “fit” in all those boxes?

    There are some things its just better not to know.

  9. LABORador retriever?
    Nova Scotia Bucketoller?
    Black’n’Tan Bathhound?

  10. Oh HAYL YES!

  11. TrixandSam says:

    You always col-umns how you sees-ums, don’t you Oakley.

  12. Said in Jungle Book ‘Baloo’ voice: oh yeah man, this is livin’.

  13. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah1

  14. wannadance says:

    i have firefox and occasionally have that error thing. if i try again in a while, it’s okay. don’t know why…

  15. Maybe it’s your connection?

  16. I was thinking the same thing! His head is HUGE in comparison to the bucket.

  17. Lewis n' Clark says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm – Tom Jones

  18. Yes, that’s what I was thinking! Canine contortionist?

  19. Firefox here, too, but i’m doing just fiiine. Sounds like it’s on your end. You might want to make sure you updated to the latest version of FF, and that all of your other plugins (flash, javascript) are updated, too. Flash does tend to run a little iffy on firefox for some reason. If you’re still having problems after checking all that, it’s either your computer (malware and/or bloated antivirus software?) or your internet connection. Good luck.

  20. Patricianola, you could try deleting your Firefox history, cookies, and temporary files. You should be able to do that from the first Firefox menu choice on the left. That usually speeds things up on my netbook that uses Firefox. Unfortunately, my sister has my netbook and she’s 1,100 mi. away right now or I’d give you more specific details. Good luck! I know how frustrating those problems can be.

  21. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Sometimes Firefox needs its bowels purged. An easy way to clean all that stuff out is a program called CCleaner. You have to do some configuring to keep it from doing things you don’t want, like clearing saved passwords or something, but it has the handy feature of telling you how much stuff is cached, how many cookies you have saved, etc, which helps you tell if that stuff is indeed the problem.

    There have also been some recent version updates that have some…quirks that didn’t get caught in testing, due to only happening on some hardware. If this is the case for you there’s not much to do other than switch to Google’s Chrome (it’s faster in some respects, but the support for extensions isn’t as good).

    More likely, however, is that the hardware CO uses to serve images to users is slow/overloaded. Youtube is pretty much always some combination of slow, unreliable, and powered by trained lobsters.

  22. (The Original) Mel says:

    *Throws panties at computer screen.*

  23. (The Original) Mel says:

    I can fit in there. Totally.

  24. it has to do with the other eleven dimensions of string theory

  25. Omg, that really takes me back!

  26. Affenpinscher now sloppenslurpen

  27. My mom used to play her Tom Jones tapes, including one with that song, on the 8-track player in her Chrysler Cordoba with Landau roof, opera windows, and rich Corinthian leather.

  28. No, it looks like she’s kind of leaning and scrunched against the sides. All curled, wet and snuggly!

  29. If my mom were still around, she would have done the same, Mel!

  30. Best “Meh.” expression ever.

  31. This picture is messing with my perceptions…….How does rest of pup fit in bucket…….

  32. DaytimeDeb says:

    If only I could come up with an apporpriate Godfather reference here…. but that head *does* look like it’s destined for someone’s bed tonight!

  33. Yeah, I’m thinking TARDIS bucket.

  34. I can smell wet dog from here

  35. I have pretty good luck with Chrome. *shrug* All my students who’ve had trouble commenting on our class blog stopped having problems after downloading it, too. It’s worth a try, anyway.

  36. doggy looks like a disembodied head!

  37. I’m with the “How did they fit all that dog in that bucket?!” camp. She must be curled up in that bucket like a snake.

  38. Also, I’m a Firefox user and I’ve never had any problem with Cute Overload. The best thing I would suggest is searching on google for some info on slow loading pages in Firefox and fiddle with your settings. Although I haven’t set up any special settings every computer and connection is different.

  39. That bucket is not as small as it looks. It is what you find at garden shops, animal supply and tack shops labeled as a muck bucket. It holds a good stalls worth of “muck” or a pair of Labrador retrievers easily!

  40. Scientific explanation: submerged areas of goggie shrink – re-exposure to air results in refloofication.

  41. Close, but obviously the dog comes from across the 8th dimension from the Black Lectroids, as Dr. Emilio Lizardo would say – Monkey boy

  42. snoopysnake says:

    No, Gus, you’re not bringing it in the house…NO Gus!

  43. Doggie could also be crossed with something very short legged. My mom has a mix who looks just like this- huge head, teeny cutie stumps for legs.