No claws NO CLAWS!!!

This poor little kitten was left orphaned after Momma got hit by a car but thanks to the power of the Internets is now delighting commenters everywhere with Got Milk jokes. Shown here at only one week old. Ahnnngh. [head tilt]

Cats ‘n’ Racks, The Kitten Edishe™ brought to you by Jenna B.



  1. All together now “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww”

  2. His tiny head! His feet! They look HUGE, almost the size of tiny head! THE CLAWSIES! *faints and spits up cotton candy*

  3. Oh, and I request a ResQte tag.

  4. cute kitten but I could have done without the luminous, globular mammaries…

  5. Boobs make the world go ’round…preciousness

  6. kibblenibble says:

    *Looks down at rack. Sees no tiny kittayn. Sighs* 😦

  7. This lady is a saint. I know how needle sharp those tiny kitten claws are.

  8. wonderful boobies and a wonderful kittie. man, life is great.

  9. There’s always someone who has an objection to boobies on these Cats n’ Racks posts, congrats for being first. Kitty seems satisfied with them, so that’s good enough for me.

  10. I agree with you, Cookie. I’ve never understood why this otherwise completely wonderful site uses the breast photos.
    I just want to see the cute!

  11. I was so taken with the bebeh kitteh, I didn’t even notice those were racks. Serious. So anerable…awwww.

  12. Mary (the first) says:

    The markings on the baby are going to grow up into a gorgeous kitteh!! I wonder how did someone know the baby was .. wherever he was found after mama was hurt?

  13. Done!
    -Not that Meaghan the Other Megan

  14. leaves of cat grass says:

    there is not a warmer, safer place for an orphaned kitten to be…

  15. Warm and nurturing boobies are the very best place for a vulnerable wee baby kitteh to nestle for love and comfort when her own mama has sadly been taken away. Give her a warm snuggle and a dropper of meelks — and the world seems much less scary and unsure. Love to this tiny treasure.

  16. Indeed. Adorable cute kitteh is so lucky… T 3T

  17. Sorry about your Momma little one but at least you have a soft place to hang…

  18. I really agree.

  19. I’d rather have a puppy in my rack (pups ‘n’ racks?), as I am allergic to kitties, and a rack is one of the last places I would like to be itchy. But alas, my rack is empty. This little kitteh looks nice and warm and comfy, though.

  20. Those are boobs?? Wow. I thought they were knees.

    Obviously, that’s not a critcism.

  21. Since the kitten has quite striking orange and brown torby (tortoiseshell-tabby) markings, odds are very high that she is a little GIRL.

  22. (both)

  23. Ditto on sainthood for mama cats who put up with those claws on tender areas. Sad about poor mama…. I hope it was quick. We used to let our cats go outside but now we keep them in and safe.

  24. Have the tireless CO scientists finally found the ultimate Teho-bait? Teeny tabby tortie (torby) cats’n’racks?

  25. . . . snort . ..

  26. I agree with you 100%, Dash 😀

  27. Me too!

    Cats ‘n’ (knee) Caps

  28. Big or little (racks) man or woman, the heartbeat and warmth is what comforts the little kitty. Like when they used to say put an old fashioned ticking clock in the bed with a new puppy. Soothing, white noise. Of course, a heartbeat is always better. Oh, and I didn’t realize they were racks either until I read the Cats ‘n’ Racks written below the photo.

  29. What on earth did I write that needs moderating? I need a hot toddie.

  30. Awwwww….how sweet! So glad this tiny one was rescued. I feel bad for the mama cat but at least she can rest in peace on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge knowing baby is safe and loved.

  31. D’aww, lookit tha little Torbie!

  32. Marmammaries!

  33. Hahaha!

  34. I know, right? How dare she have boobs! It’s not right. Those should only be seen or even mentioned when there’s a baby attached to them. 8| BLARGHLHURGH.

  35. That cute tiny muzzle on that big bobblehead! Sigh! Why don’t they stay this size a bit longer?

  36. Awww. The mama died? I should have read post first. Very, very SAD.

  37. Kittens need “momma’s heartbeat” to feel safe , secure & happy.
    Don’t know if this is scientific fact but it sure seems like it should be. I mean you put a hot water bottle & an alarm clock in the box when you bring a new puppy home & put it to bed the first night don’t you ? Do people still do that ? We (our family) always did. Even when the box is next to the bed so if the puppy wakes up you can just put your hand down to reassure it.

  38. No, no, we don’t like babies here at CO.

  39. Awwww…. And either that’s a very small kitten, or… 😉

  40. “Thanks for the mammaries”…. 🙂

    Such a sweet little kitten….

  41. Kitten is all, “Dees pillows are makin’ me shleepy, soooo shleeeeepy….”

  42. Here’s your toddie, Jane, and a slice of blueberry streusel bread. You need to keep your strength up while you’re stuck in the mod lounge.

  43. It could also be another part of the body..
    new trend? or am i just being too disgusting.. hmmm..

  44. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Dear sweet little kitteh. Is in a warm spot, can hear a heartbeat, and will be so friendly with peoples, having so much contact from such a young age. I hope she has a happy life & would love to see her when she’s a little older.

  45. there are a lot of cats and boobies videos on youtube. There is even a song.
    I wonder that makes it a meme ?

  46. Second the motion! 🙂

  47. Dawwwww adorableness! You can almost feel the tiny soft clawsicles.

  48. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Truer words have never been spoken. Or typened. I’m feeling some comfort here. 😀

    But seriously, cute kitty, and good on her for taking him in.

  49. snorglepup says:

    If I knew the Lounge was catered I would have popped in more often.
    Warm streucel would be so good with coffee right now.
    Pass the kitties, please.

  50. Hahaha! As evidenced by the “pasickie” debacle . . .

  51. Good for you…and your cats!

  52. starlinguk says:

    Eeyup. My gramma used to keep ducklings in her décolleté. True story.

  53. starlinguk says:

    Darn, you beat me to “pasickie”.

  54. starlinguk says:

    All depends on the cats. Some are perfectly OK and live to be 20, others not so much (like our stupid George who has the street savviness of a hedgehog).

  55. starlinguk says:


  56. I know, right? So freakin’ unfair…

  57. I would love a kitten with such luxuriant whiskers snuggling in my rack. *looks around hopefully*

  58. TrixandSam says:

    This one hits home today. I found two bebeh squirrelieos on the sidewalk yesterday. One was already gone but the other was still alive. As I approached, he started to cry out and an adult squirrel dashed out from a nearby bush and scrambled up the tree next to me. Poor thing was trying to figure out how to retrieve her little guy. I ran back to my garage, grabbed a bag, shovel and my heavy duty garden gloves and ran back. After putting the one who didn’t make it into the bag, I set that aside, put on my gloves and gently picked up the one still alive. He started crying out again but I gently cupped him and started rubbing him all over as I talked to him and walked him over to the base of the tree. He seemed to respond to the stimulation because he perked up. I set him down and tried to get him to cry out again to let mama squirrel know where he was. I suspected she was watching me so I wasn’t too worried. I walked away and within a minute, I heard the little guy chirp out. When I walked back, mama squirrel was scampering down another tree next to the one I’d placed Junior under. She ran up that original tree and perched on a branch right over my head and just stared at me, fluffing her tail and looking a lot calmer. Junior was nowhere to be seen. I crossed my fingers that he was back safe in his nest.

  59. I think the Cats ‘n’ Racks category could use a wider range of colors…in the Racks portion, I mean. Most of the racks I remember seeing on CO are rather, um, pale.

  60. The power of boobs compels you! The power of boobs compels you…to go tooo sleeep.

    I’m jealous. I want a bebeh kitteh. I’m also jealous, I want killer cleavage! Mine want to travel out and hide in my armpits. 😦

  61. Me, too! I didn’t notice until I saw the C-n-R tag. Who could possibly see anything but that tineetabbeetineetabbeetineetabbee?!?

  62. Orphaned kittens can be very loud.

  63. The second thing that came to mind was Manny in Ice Age: “Retract the claws, please.” The first thing was, of course, “Holy Lord in heaven! I can’t handle so much cuteness!”

  64. It is very important at that teeny tiny age, that the kitten stays warm. A rack like that is a fabulous place for the kitty to stay safe, and to stay warm, and to get the vital social and tactile contact it needs. The fact that this picture should be next to the word adorable in the dictionary simply adds to its awesome!

  65. Wee transparent claws
    Nestled in warm soft cleavage
    It’s their happy place

  66. baaah hhahaha I get such a chortle out of C ‘n R posts!
    it’s just *this* side of NSFW 😀
    (folks need to lighten up a bit, too, eh?)

  67. YES!

  68. no evidence of those boobs, either! sigh…

  69. awesome story!

  70. I saw a joke picture once of a bra on what appeared to be a pair of huge boobs and it turned out to be tocks!

  71. Mmm, knees…

  72. Because, in the eternal words of Cornershop, “Everyone needs a bosom for a pillow”. Especially sweet orphan kitties. It’s aaaall cute.

  73. Dawwwwww….. poor lil kitten. Glad he found some hoomans to take care of him.

  74. Fird Birfle says:

    (Far be it from ME, to be uncooperative with THIS plan 🙂 )


  75. Meg likes the cats and racks pics the best for some reason.

  76. Like a butt crack, maybe? That’s what I thought at first.

  77. Well said, Annie. Love eeet! 🙂

  78. that Cornershop song, “Brimfull of Asha” was the source of my kitty’s name!

  79. Jackie Rose says:

    Too sweet for words! Bless the kind-hearted folks who are taking care of this tiny morsel of adorableness. And I don’t find this picture titillating in the least …

  80. Thank you. Everyone else was posting the word “boobs” but I get moderated – for what? Hmphh!

  81. When baby squirrels fall out of the nest (which is the only reason they’re on the ground so young) the mom usually can’t get them back up the tree–too heavy– and the babies don’t know how to climb yet, so this usually ends sadly. Hope that little baby made it!

    P.S. Baby squirrels are nearly impossible to raise. If you find an abandoned squirrel, take it to the nearest wildlife rescue or nature center where it will have a much better chance of survival!

  82. I ‘ve noticed CO likes to zoom-hance in on lots of pitcures……could we maybe zoom out on this one. 😉

  83. Oouch!!!!!

  84. I live in the Castro, where we have nude guys walking around with everything swinging in the breeze, and sitting their nude butts directly on chairs WITH NO BARRIERS!

    So “racks” are nuthin’! And so good for da furry babies!

  85. I agree. My 2nd cat was a rescue kitten from outside. She was a horrible bundle of nervous wreckage. The way we’d get her to sleep was laying her on my chest so she could snuggle and listen to my heartbeat.

  86. SharonK1973 says:

    I am convinced those are not racks… they’re knees. But the baby kitteh looks so comfortable and cozy regardless of whether its a rack or not…