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Elizabeth V., you are a TRENDSETTER



  1. Not to be overly complainy, but I do sort of wish there was a way to click through all of these instead of having to click, press Back, click, press Back, ovar and ovarrr. Maybe das jus’ me?

  2. Kitties are cute. I remain ambivalent about both owling and teapotting …

  3. So many kitties. Always makes me feel better.


  5. bookmonstercats says:

    In relation to kitteh perched on the deer head, I am working my way through Lillian Jackson Braun’s “The Cat Who….” series (serious problemo, I can read a book a day). The eponymous cat is Koko, the Siamese, who spends his time when at his human’s log cabin, perching on a moose head.

    Cats can get into such “ouch” positions.

    I approve of owling and teapotting. It appeals to me in a strange way.

  6. If only cats could figure out how to relax! 🙂

  7. Pshaw, I was into teapotting *way* before it was kewl (I was four . . . ), but I see the jackel god Anubis beat me to it by millenia.
    My faves: pic#3/kat4 and 11/kat18 catsnracks; the white floofball in 13/20 doing a Garfield; and n+1 cat in 16/20 occupying n-space.

  8. Teresa in St Louis (formerly of KC) says:

    Is that “Kitten Planking” or “Kitten Plonking”?

  9. Balthesia says:

    No! 🙂

  10. hello rabbit says:

    Cats aren’t just ahead of the curve, they’re lying on top of it.

  11. earlybird1 says:

    Did you see the kitteh hanging in the hangers?! HOW??!!! My brain can’t feegure it out!

  12. The waterpipe straddler (orange pic), a.k.a. monorail cat… LULZ. H o w is that comfterbuls? Maybe it’s the hot water pipe… Aaaaah. Never mind then. 🙂

    Also, want to call people’s attention to the amazeballs toilet and sink combo… Woah! Never seen that befo’.

  13. TrixandSam says:

    Cats are so weird. I loff them, but they’re weird. How could any of these positions possibly be comfortable much less sleepable?

    *…goes off muttering hoping the couch is clear of dogs so comfy napping can commence…*

  14. There is, actually. You can always use tabs, but it still pisses me off. :c

  15. SheepishKitty says:

    from the top: 1, 6, 9, &11 = WIN!

  16. Fird Birfle says:

    Waiter, I’ll have one of EACH!!! Thank you so much.

  17. kibblenibble says:

    😕 <————- Me, confuzzled by the owling and teapotting.

    🙂 <—————Me, unquestioningly enjoying the strangeness of the kittehs.

  18. cavykatie says:

    It’s not just you. And I’d say it’s only a little eensy bit complainy.

    Love the photos. I probably have at least 5 more I could contribute. 🙂

  19. So many monorial cats; I think I’ll need a transfer, Driver.

  20. I read that as ‘Plan Kittening’ and that seemed like a good idea- plan your kittening so that the kittens in your day are uniformly spread out, for continual enjoyment.
    All the kittening at once = fun now, sad later.

  21. Aquamarine says:

    yeah, i read that too, which of course made me think of Planned Parenthood, which is ironic since of course that’s the LAST thing cats do…..

  22. oaklandcat says:

    not just you! Slide show please! 😉

  23. Fird Birfle says:

    LOVE. the. spelling. 🙂

    Wil.yum. Shat.ner.

  24. Fird Birfle says:

    @ earlybird1:

    and THAT’s why you AREN’T a kitteh 🙂

  25. Have you gotten far enough yet to where Koko has a Siamese companion?

  26. Emmberrann says:

    During a previous point at a previous post, I dun tol’ you, competitive catnapping ain’t so competitive to the cats, they be past Master Champeens at napping in obvy places and weird places, and posishes, normal and strange (legs up the wall? Srsly kids!). We’re the ones who are flummoxed by what they do, they don’t care, obvy. They think they’re comfy, and they just go on nappin’, never payin’ us no mind. Honk-shu, they says, honk-shu to yu.

  27. Love “The Cat Who…” books.
    As you were…

  28. I’m so Canadian I’d never thought before that Captain Kirk’s last name could have landed him in ModLounge4everLand. Colour me Maple-Leafy Red!

  29. Kittens manage both at the same time.

  30. Phrannest says:

    It’s Planck’s constant. A quantum of inaction.

  31. Mary (the first) says:

    I second that! I want to see them all close-er-upper! sigh.

  32. bookmonstercats says:

    Yes, Yum Yum is adorable, always stealing and hiding objects and snuggling into Qwill’s lap.

  33. Well, CO has educated me again… I can now add planking, owling, and teapotting to my vocabulary…

  34. I wish I had gotten a picture of the raccoon planking on the rail of my deck last week. It was hilarious.

  35. intrepidsilence says:

    When is CO going to start using a decent photo gallery viewer plugin? There are plenty for WordPress. Come on guys, improve the site functionality.

  36. oh man does that make me Canadian too? don’t tell anyone, k? 😉

  37. to the Max!

  38. I have never before heard of teapotting or owling.
    I believe, the Wesht of Ireland is missing out…

  39. 😆 The orange tabby in the dresser drawer acts just our dark tortie, Badger, when she gets into a dresser drawer and will just lay there 😆

  40. joools in PDX says:

    Sho is the Wesht of Oregon, or maybe it’s jusht me. I’m a teapotter from way back before it was cool (assuming it actually is, now). But only in moments of stress.

  41. or mebbe to the Manx?!

  42. WIN!

  43. My question is, HOW did that ketteh get into the coathangers and my next question is How will that ketteh get out of them???

  44. mrowbecca says:

    These pictures epitomizes why I love cats. So weird.

  45. “catsnracks” – *snerk* – the SFW version!

  46. Cats do the darnedest things!

  47. My comment written days ago got lost in the ethers. Huh?

  48. Just right click each link to open each pic in a new tab. Then you can close each after you look at it.

  49. is that for reals?

  50. But that’s so tedious, she’s got an awesome point!!

  51. that sounds like another case of “cats ‘n’ racks,” without the nuffbait!

  52. By popular demand, the “Gallery” treatment was updated to a slideshow treatment, no more laborious clicking!

  53. thought you should know…this same slideshow and a few other things on this site are also on perez hilton’s animal website you should probably look into that and try to get a little credit at least…if he did take them from you and not just coincidentally from the internet.

  54. So many neat and sweet comments – I am living on the other side the pond I love C/O to pieces this is what I look for first in the morning.
    Pot’s on – Coffee Anyone ? Cappuccino – Latte – ?? I have a very fancy pot – does all those and have chocolate cookies to go with coffee – but there is a firm rule – no one without a Kitty as an escort – ever gets past the door.

  55. Excuse me Sharpy I did not intend placing my comment before yours – eugh that makes m e look so darned pushy – I checked the Teddy Hilton site – and it’s good but it has some very sad stuff – SOME people need locking up – the way they treat animals – sending my best to all here – hope to hear more from this site

  56. Thanks!

  57. baby birdie says:

    Uh…what’s planking?

  58. Ah yes, when you spell Shatner’s last name the way he reads, it makes the software think you’re using the first four letters of his last name as a word, a word that is synonym of a certain palindrome that starts and ends with ‘p’, with 2 ‘o’ in the middle (try to figure that one out you moderating software).

  59. “Hey lady, my eyes are down here!”

  60. Moi, Actually says:

    Okay, that settles it. Kitties definitely don’t get pins and needles.

  61. No Hon! Kitties do not need pins nor Needles – they got clawsies at the ends of their pawsies,

  62. ok, elephant in the room…..what is up with the cool toilet sink? where do you find one of these??