Such Depth

1. You’re a suburban housewife who just discovered some undies in the warsh that AREN’T YOURS! Go!

2. You’re Jackie O, on a sunny day at the wheel of a Lincoln convertible. Go!

3. You’re a gunslinger surveying the Western hills for your dropped pack of cigarillos. Where are they!? Go!

You’re right, parrots CAN be cute, Shawna B.


  1. And parrots can apparently look pretty darned pleased with themselves, too, LOL!

  2. Thats somethong I especially like here, how happy and “im adorable, love me, praise me” these expressions are.

  3. PFFT as somebody who is owned by a cockatoo I can tell you that they ALWAYS look like that

  4. JustAnotherHeather says:

    What type of parrot is the little cutie? How did the scarf stay on? When I had cockatiels, I couldn’t get them to leave anything alone when I tried a photo shoot.

  5. I’m guessing some flavor of lovebird.

  6. On further consideration, I’m retracting the lovebird, and going with the dusky pionus or a lesser vasa.

    interesting handle you have there. 8O

  7. My vote is baby greater vasa …..

  8. i think it’s a coracopsis nigra

  9. you need the right personality and patience. this looks to be a baby, which probably helps too. erm… i meant bird personality, but mebbe the right human too XD

  10. hrhqueencat says:

    Haute Parroture :)

  11. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Anyway, he puts us up on the stage with our legs around each other, one in back of the other and he says: “Okay, we’re going to do improvisations. Now, you’re on a bobsled. It’s snowing out. And it’s cold. Okay… GO!”

    (That really shouldn’t be too obscure for this crowd, I think.)

  12. And I said…”Nothing,
    I’m feeling nothing,”

  13. And he says, “Nothing could get a girl transferred.”

  14. Oh my actual God and all things cute… this is WONDROUS! I love it!

  15. “THE WARSH” ha ha! My grandpa used to say that, and I think it’s adorable!! XD

  16. That’s where the Capitol is, Warshington, DC.

  17. Fird Birfle says:

    And that’s whar they pre-nounce it that-a-way. Thar and West Virginny.
    On a bad day, yew might also catch ’em sayin’ “terlet”.


    Jus’ sayin’.

  18. I thought that was from Hoboken (emphasis on the “bo”) or Joisey City! My Opa was from that part of Joisey and he used both of those terms. Frequently!

  19. At last! Writing prompts that are cute! Off to spin the tale of the gunslinger. (Erm where does a holster go on a parrot?)

  20. I believe the correct term in this case is gunwinger, as in “Wild Bill Peacock was one hell of a gunwinger.”

  21. :lol: *gigglefit*

  22. kibblenibble says:

    Good stuff, Meg! :-)

  23. Mary (the first) says:

    I especially love the little aqua polka dots! Sweet!!! (By “especially”, I mean, not counting the adorable parrots! It goes without saying that I love them!)

  24. Fird Birfle says:

    YAY you and I are in complete accord :)
    Those were the way my thought bubbles read too, Mary!!!

  25. #1 is more like a hard knock life.

  26. Meg, that’s awesome.

  27. 4leafclover says:

    This reminds me of “Oh, Spider-pig, you have so many looks.”

  28. I * think* this is a Dusky Pionus parrot. Pionus are wonderful birds, they don’t talk much, but make up for it with lovely personalities. Their eyes stay dark when they mature, so I am guessing its a Pionus.

  29. Thankyou ChrisW….I’ve been racking my brain trying to think what this parrot could be. Hadn’t heard of the Dusky Pionus before.
    What a sweetheart this little one is. :)

  30. Coracopsis says:

    These guys are Vasa parrots. Dusky Pionus’ have much more color to them.

    This is just what my greater vasa Houdini looked like when he was a baby :)

  31. Oh wow! A greater vasa! I wasn’t completely sure it was a pionus….but couldn’t come up with something better. They are pretty rare around these here parts. Lucky you to have one in your family.

  32. Thanks Coracopsis….I’m off to google Vasa parrots to learn more. :)

  33. Those are for sure Vasas I’m dying to know whose got three babies.

  34. Vanity Fair’s in character section never managed to be soo funny AND soo cute: exit celebs, in with the animals!

  35. I see, L to R:
    Hattie McDaniel in ‘Gone with the WInd’
    Gloria Swanson in ‘Sunset Boulevard’ and
    Mr. Creosote in ‘Meaning of Life’

  36. Fird Birfle says:

    Verr’ verr’ nahce charactererization, Mme./ Monsieur :)

  37. adorable, adorable, adorable = CO
    hope this trio makes it to the Calendar as they are
    Calendar girls the little posers!!!

  38. Gotta throw my hat in with the other commentors. Superb intro, Meg!

  39. Did anyone else think of The Three Caballeros? Just me? Well, that’s squawk-ward.

    Terrible puns aside, that parrot is ridiculously adorable.

  40. Ha! This bit of cleverness made my morning. And . . . “the warsh”! I love it. How many people did I know back in the day who said it that way?!

  41. PionusLover says:

    PIONUS!!! These are the BEST pet birds, if you must keep one as a pet. So quiet and sweet! Please, though, if you are considering a pet bird, even the most independent individuals require a lot of time and attention. About the same as a dog, I’d say.

  42. And they live for 30+ years too. Mine are in the will, lol.
    African Grays and Senegals are nice too, btw. Noisier though.
    And I once hand fed a Goldies Lorikeet that was a total sweetheart.

  43. Are they auditioning for Whose Line Is It, Anyway? I can just hear Clive Anderson giving those directions for the Props game.

  44. Fird Birfle says:

    PS: MEG NAILED THA Hoovertext heah, peeps!!!!111!!!

  45. baby birdie says:

    Cute birds? I couldn’t believe it at first.

  46. Silver Macaw says:

    I have seen her with FACEBOOK.
    It is a photographer of the parrot photograph specialty of Japan.
    Photographer’s name is Toumoto OPi.
    The parrot photograph that he takes is attractive, and the enjoyment of every day.

  47. Ohw I remember seeing this in what (I think) was the original posting of it in a girls blog. She called it Ramenshop bird Babushka bird and Hipster bird.

    No wait somebody else called it that but here is more pics of the bird. (After the peanuts)
    The last one is so cute!


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