I would not believe it unless I saws it with my own eyes, People. Will you please check out these anerabuhl sloths slurping each other:

Sender-Inner and photographer Halie says: “I managed to capture a really adorable moment between three baby sloths who were just reunited in their box after baby time (when we take them out for walks around the garden.)” OMG STOP IT.



  1. I can’t think of anything to write that won’t get me in moderation. 😯

  2. *looks at floor and shuffles feet*

  3. *shifty eyes* Well isn’t that um… cute? I saw something like that in a movie once…oh, um, nevermind.

  4. Where is this wondrous place where one can take sloths for walks in the garden??

  5. What’s the matter, Theresa? Does this post have you all hot and slothered?

  6. “Baby time”? OMG that is adorable

  7. I believe sloth tasting parties are all the rage among members of the slow food movement. (All a bunch of crock-pots, if you ask me.)

  8. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

  9. earlybird1 says:


  10. My guess:

    Yes, I am saving money for tickets to Costa Rica, why do you ask?

  11. earlybird1 says:

    Huggle. My new favorite word!

  12. sloth walks in the garden?! please call me next time that happens! squueeeee!

  13. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:


  14. kibblenibble says:

    Check out the eye capsules! 🙂

  15. baby birdie says:

    We need a sloth tag.

  16. baby birdie says:

    And I think we could add the “Gee-ross!” tag to this too.

  17. *snicker*

  18. Those must be very slow and take a long time, those walks around the garden.

  19. ahahhahahah.

  20. Okay, that’s just brilliant. Just brilliant.

  21. Go Oakley, go!! (-:

  22. Okay, so when I get my mortgage sorted out, I am officially moving to this magical place. “Baby time” that doesn’t involve actual human babies, and garden-centered sloth walking? Sign . . . me . . . up.

  23. sounds like an oxymoron to me, taking a sloth for a walk!!! OMG, they were
    prob collapsing after the human tortured them with a WALK!!! and love the
    huggle they are cute!!!!

  24. Emmberrann says:

    Slothino1: So, you’re ok? You back from de Big Adventure in de garden?
    Slothette2: [slurping Slotheto3] Um, yurp, you, too? Anyt’ing interesting out dere?
    Slotheo3: [slurping Slothette2] Aw, missed you guys, glad y’made it back to de nestbox…..

  25. Emmberrann says:

    Slothino1: guess it’s time for de nap when we get cleaned up here. Hey, get your slurper out of dere!!

  26. OMG. He’s like the Charlie Sheen of Sloths and those are his Goddesses. It’s creeping me out! *runs and hides under the bed*

  27. That’s not three babies. Clearly little one in the middle-back is the baby. He has that: “Ewwwwww…no mom and dad, please stop…PLEEEEASE!” look on his face. (And his tongue is most noticeably missing from the “trio”.

  28. This is so unbelievably adorable, my brain has turned to mush and I can’t think of anything but baby sloth garden walks, and stare at this pic!

  29. Tastes like chicken.

  30. Like Ringo’s hit:
    “I’d like to be/Across the sea
    In a slotho-bebbeh’s garden in the shade/
    ‘I’m from C.O.!’ / They’d let me go
    In their slotho-bebbeh’s garden in the shade.”

  31. Underaged sloth menage a trois!

    Won’t somebody think of the children?

    ::clutches pearls::

    (Actually I haven’t seen anything this cute since the otternkitten that I was SURE would be here today.)

  32. Moi, Actually says:

    On target, as usual.
    For some reason, this picture reminds me of a teen advice article I encountered somewhere back before everything had an App. The magazine article was about first dating advice, and I took it very seriously. Its most useful piece of advice was the following: “Never kiss with your mouth full of cake.”
    Now just add sloths to the scenario and perhaps you can see the connection. Perhaps not. Oh, well.

  33. Possible caption: I missed you more. No, I missed YOU more!

  34. That’s why they’re all so happy to be together again 🙂

  35. bob drummond says:

    Three’s a company , Baybay!!

  36. bob drummond says:

    Actually ,ther are slothes which can go for walks in the garden – Giant Ground Slothes or Megatheriums Or even Mylodons , neither of which has been seen by anyone in over a couple of thousand years . Sorry to disappoint you all !!

  37. Two that need to get a room, and one that needs to get pay-per-view!

  38. GAH! What was that feeling?!


  39. Was about to say the exact same thing. I mean, they must have been practically newborns when they last saw each other!!

  40. Love this!

  41. One great thing about sloths…. They give you time to find the camera!

  42. they have a Slothpital.

  43. Queen of Dork says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! They’re hugging! How sweet!

  44. Miss Kitty Fantastico says:

    OMG. Those guys need to get a freakin’ room.

    That room should be in my house.

  45. Who ARE you?!!!

    I am always amazed at your gift of humor and punability. I feel like we have a famous comedian here and we’ll never know that identity. I read, with glee, the comment section whenever I am able because I know that there will be a ton of laughs there too. (especially of Oak has posted) 😀

    *Begins working on acrostic for: “260Oakley”*

  46. LOLz!

  47. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    I know. Eye capsules are the best.

    These little guys just look so blissfully happy AND sleepy… 🙂

  48. Queen of Dork says:

    Miss Kitty Fantastico??!! WOW! What a great name!!! I love that! 🙂

  49. Sloths go for walks? Do they go voluntarily? Do they go potty? Obviously, the sloth walker is guilty of exhausting these poor bebehs, who are licking each other for the pure joy of being able to get back to their naps.

  50. GROUP HUG!

  51. (The Original) Mel says:

    I always kiss with a mouth full of cake. Always.

  52. That is a Buffy, reference, yes? I am am a HUGE Joss Whedon nerd, and I definitely named the stray cat that hangs around my neighborhood Miss Kitty Fantastico, after Tara and WIllow’s kitty.

  53. anonymous coward says:

    even after re-reading the “under the picture” text, i still keep reading “…after bath time”. is “baby time” really a good expression, shouldn’t it be “outside air time”, rather?

    and, damn, this trio is “mighty cute” indeed.

  54. I surrender. I’ll never be able to come close to Oakley’s level of wit.

  55. “I shall leeeeeck you and you and you!”

  56. baby birdie says:

    Charlie Sloth?

  57. baby birdie says:

    I love it when people say “Won’t SOMEBODY think of the children?!”

  58. baby birdie says:

    Oh yeah, we need the “I shall leeck you” tag on this post.

  59. oo! peenk licky tongues!

  60. Perhaps during the rest of the day, the garden is full of adult sloths. Maybe it is called “baby time” because that’s when visitors to the sloth rescue actually get to see the babies, and the rest of the time they have privacy in the nest box. Just guesses. I was curious about that too.

  61. Oh gah! Those nosecicles and clawses !! This photo iz just too much cute all at once…[ded]

  62. Good thing I finished my tea or it would have been all over my screen!

  63. *snerk* 🙂

  64. omg – Oakley I think I love you.

  65. *snerk*

  66. “huggles” – I LOVE EET!!

  67. the only thing uglier than sloths….monkeys

    i am going to burn my monitor now

  68. Alice Shortcake says:

    Fellow Buffy fan here (I completely missed it the first time round and have only just finished watching the whole thing on DVD). My ambition in life is to own an albino hedgehog named Spike.

    Oooh, Spike…*drifts away into Fantasy Land*

  69. Alice Shortcake says:

    You don’t come here often, do you?

  70. bob drummond says:


  71. Miss Kitty Fantastico says:

    Heh. Nice! You are the first person to recognize that. Yep. Its from Buffy, of course. My favorite show of all time… and everything else Joss has done comes a close second. 😉 I’m definitely a huge nerd for him, too.

    I think an albino hedgehog named Spike is a genius idea… albino hedgie… Spike’s hair… that’s just perfect! 😀

  72. This does not compute. But yeah, you probably should burn your monitor. 🙂

  73. Aquamarine says:

    Am about to watch the very last episode of “Firefly.” Have been putting it off for weeks because I CANNOT BELIEVE IT IS THE LAST ONE!!!! What fools chose to pull the plug on that fantastic all-too-short series??

  74. Aquamarine says:

    Mel, I am going to start doing this just because I love your avatar (correct usage in this case?) beyond words. Sargent is one of my ALL. TIME. FAVORITES. EVER. OF ALL TIME. EVER, EVER.

  75. Let this be a lesson for DRINKING in moderation.

  76. Queen of Dork says:

    Hi Aquamarine!

    Well, I guess maybe I should check out Buffy sometime. I myself played a marathon of Pulp Fiction this weekend.


  77. Aquamarine says:

    Hi QOD! For some reason I cannot reply to you, so I’m replying to MYSELF.

    Oh, yes, awesome movie, also one of my all-time faves. I guess I am going to have to yield to Buffy, too, just to continue to get my J.W. fix. I’ve heard the first season is not so great, but gets amazing and wonderful after that.

  78. I knew you would.

    Aquamarine, how about some love for Burne-Jones? 😛

  79. “Your slurper” snerk

  80. Aquamarine says:

    Oh, THAT’S who yours is! I knew I’d seen it before. It looks like “The Beguiling of Merlin,” which I recognize only because it was on the cover of A.S. Byatt’s “Possession.” A very apt choice to grace that book cover, I must say. Oh, yes, here’s lots of love!!

  81. Miss Kitty Fantastico says:

    Firefly – Hoo boy, don’t get me started. 😉 The people at Fox are idiots. The show was constantly moved and preempted for football, so no one knew when to find it. The episodes they did show, they showed OUT OF ORDER so it didn’t make a lot of sense. Put these things together and if you were a casual watcher, you were never going to get into it. Then the DVD comes out and sells huge and the Fox idiots are shocked and confused. *shakes head*

    Buffy – The first season is pretty mediocre, but its only a half season and after that its just genius. Season 6 is the most intense, emotional, awesome television I’ve ever watched.

  82. Moi, Actually says:

    For the oh-so-original Mel, a question:
    Sponge, fruit or devil’s food?

  83. They call it baby time for the volunteers, meaning it’s the time of day when volunteers at the sanctuary get to carry the babies around outside so they can smell all the plants and climb some branches! But it really is “outside air time” for the babies!

  84. That’s the place!

  85. Fox no-imagination, don’t-know-great-TV-when-they-see-it, short-sighted idiots, that’s who! The first worst thing was that they made the “genius” decision to make the first-aired show NOT be the pilot, but the 3rd episode!! This was amazingly confusing, as references were made to things viewers had no clue about! Then came the Easter-egg hunt of when to find it!! [takes deep breath and starts calming mantra] Whedon’s “Veronica Mars” was also too short-lived. Thank ye gods that “Buffy…” had many seasons! [leaves to find a rabbit to cuddle]

  86. LOL! 🙂 Apparently, since the monitor would have long since been trashed!