OMG your shag carpet is to die for

Really, it’s gorgeous. [Stares down]

Rivals my own fur even.

We admire your work Rakam & Cupcakes.



  1. Ah, and I was just looking to get a new powder puff.

  2. kibblenibble says:

    Interdigital flooftacular!

  3. you sure that cat only go under the name of shag carpet? I think I saw this kitten on August 16th:


  5. Didn’t we just have this one recently?

  6. 🙂

  7. Ha ha! When I first read your post I thought it said, “OM GOM GOM,” which would be the noise I’d make after popping such floofy feets in my mouf.

  8. Fird Birfle says:

    Ear Tufts, people. It’s ALL about the Ear Tufts this season.

  9. OMG, toe-hawks the reverse view!!

  10. Yes, Fird. My cat Sparky is begging me to get him extensions.

  11. This one was definitely posted earlier.

  12. Glass bottom boat

  13. Is it just me or does this floofball have sleepy kitten faces on the bottom of her front paws?

  14. Fuzz.

  15. Momof13cats says:

    Yes, yes! I see them too!

  16. It’s a cat scan.

  17. Whoa. We have to go deeper.

  18. The pawsies, the pawsies, need to eat the pawsies!

    Need a glass-topped table again too.

  19. It’s Monorail Cat’s little brother!

  20. Look… sure, it was cute the first time, but there are so many cute cat pictures out there! We can’t afford reposts!

  21. For real though.

  22. Phenomenally cute but yes, this is def a re-post … booo.

  23. Perhaps the QA department was on autopilot when this one sneaked in twice. hah

  24. Stanley Steamers Make Your Carpet Cleaner! 😛

  25. Oh, I so want to snorgle that kitty 😀

  26. Moi, Actually says:

    Moi aussi. I mentioned these the first time this gorgeous feline appeared. It still looks as it she’s wearing some infant apparel with face-decorated feetsies.

  27. bob drummond says:

    Yes, I can see em too.! How weird can you get ?

  28. bob drummond says:

    Now that was funny !!!!!!

  29. bob drummond says:

    Stand in line please . We want to cuddle this guy/or gal !

  30. Yes, the pawsies are killers, but OMG that wide exapanse of floofy tummy!! And the floofy tail draped on the side!! *grabby hands want to get buried in floof*

  31. Sleepy kitten faces? I thought it was the Virgin Mary.

  32. Sure, I don’t mind taking turns snorgling that kitty 😀