Simon’s Cat (and Mouse)

THIS JUST IN: A new episode of Simon’s Cat where a persistent cat helps Simon finish his work.

Thanks to Sender-Inner Sara P.


  1. Mary (the first) says:

    Been there!

  2. I love how he captures the personality of cats everywhere, like when the cat presents his butt DIRECTLY in the human’s face. It seems like every cat we’ve ever had does this. We had one that we named Mr. Sphincter from that exact reason!

  3. Whenever one of ours does this, we let out with “Cat Aaaaaaaaasss!” They’re not stupid. Pretty much can’t ignore them then, can we?

  4. this guy really knows cats.

  5. This happened to me yesterday. I swear. Complete with mousal abuse.

  6. Ha ha–Mr. Sphincter.

  7. He knows cats because he has one. He has a picture of it on Simon’s Cat Facebook page.

  8. Would that be considered a catass-trophe?

  9. Arrrrrgah! So familiar! Right down to unplugging things and tapping on the keyboard from behind the monitor. Then rolling all over the keyboard. Can you believe that I still adore my Kiki?

  10. Espilonarge says:

    My old cat used to sleep on my CRT monitor, till I replaced it with a LCD screen. Never seen a cat fall so high from grace, that and the fur on it’s side grew back eventually. 😛

  11. I read somewhere, years ago, that when cats do that, they are acknowledging you as the alpha cat by granting you sniffing privileges. Seriously.

  12. Moi, Actually says:

    Simon’s creations have maximum spreadibility. You just can’t resist sending the link to others of the cat-owned tribe.
    My favourite moment is when he picks up the kitty and removes it from the desk. You can feel its soft pliability–and the total futility of the action. Been there, of course.

  13. Isn’t it amazing how we (catlovers, I mean) still put up with crap like this, just because they’re so fluffy and cute? My cat is ruining my sofa, eating through wires, sleeping on the computer keyboard, stealing food and driving me crazy by scratching at the front door and yowling when he wants to play, and yet I still want more of the damn creatures.

  14. Oh, now I feel much better!

  15. Me too, Mary, and I have video to prove it! Herewith, J.’s cat (Flora) in ‘Cat & Mouse (& Keyboard & Desk).’ 😉

  16. Oh, joy. I feel so very privileged.

  17. “Mousal abuse” *snerk*

  18. LOL! OMW I have so done this how many times?! I’ve got pics of my cats, old and new, hogging my desk and keyboard! Thankfully my lot can’t get behind to the cables (at least I hope not!), and they usually get turfed off the desk long before they can do any damage.

  19. This is my cat also except she also knows how to shut off the power strips my computers are on. She also would lay on my CRT monitor until i got a flat panel. The look on her face when she jumped onto it and there was nothing to land on was priceless. Now she checks out the monitor to see which one it is. I still have an older system with two CRT on it. She likes to jump from one to the other.

  20. Also, after watching for the third time, there is even a toy mouse on the computer. How like a cat to ignore the boughten toys and go straight for the no-nos

  21. Another solid gold piece of work by Simon

  22. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Yay! I finally got something posted!

  23. As far as I know, he’s got FOUR. Just like me and (as I have learnt from the comments) many other regular Cuteoverloaders 🙂

  24. I am too honored….gah!

  25. I guess he acquired more. The last time I checked his FB was a couple of years ago I think, right when he became popular. In the video where he explains how he got into making the cartoons, he says the “original” Simon’s cat was/is a black kitten.

  26. I can’t speak for others, but for myself, I “put up with crap like this” because for all their annoying/amusing habits, cats are a reminder that I really shouldn’t take the other stuff in my life so seriously.

  27. i finally got hold of the simons cat book.
    hilarious and true.

  28. Teresa in St Louis (formerly of KC) says:

    Rule #1 for young cats….

    Always walk on the keyboard.

  29. LOL! Glad to be of service.

  30. Yes, Violet. I can even believe that this is one of the many reasons why you love Kiki 🙂

  31. I’m with you, Kermit 🙂

  32. That is one seriously cute kitty!

  33. starlinguk says:

    Do I detect a teeeensy bit of sarcasm?

  34. starlinguk says:

    My wife ended up in ER with a cat scratch on her eye and a week’s worth of antibiotics! And did we punish said kitteh? Noooooo.

  35. starlinguk says:

    Cat-like typing detected.

  36. i hate to say it, but HP made the Touch Screen unusable, too.

  37. I can totally relate to this! I have photographic evidence of my cat scrolling on my laptop’s touch pad and laying on the keyboard… My goodness, cats and computers!

  38. Cute Things in Paint approves.

  39. i thought it was just something else they wanted me to clean!