Hovering Room Only

When Hurricane Irene blew into Virginia, she rudely sent the region’s hummingbirds into hiding. But when the coast was clear, they buzzed back for their nectar rush.



  1. Fird Birfle says:

    YAY Hummingboids!!! A CO fav-O-right!!!
    And evidently they somehow managed to remain sheltered throughout that massive system — whew!!!

  2. I have never seen that many humming birds in one place! It’s like a humming bird airport out there!

  3. Holy hummingbirds Batman. I have never seen so many hummingbirds in one place, ever.

  4. Oh, the hum-manity!

  5. …and can I get a slice of hum-ble pie to go with my nectar? Thanks.

  6. I’ve never seen so many hummingbirds in one place not dive-bombing one another. They can be feisty little critters.

  7. I feel so inadequate with my one measly feeder and my three regular hummers. Clearly, I need more feeders!

  8. *nods* Ours fight with each other for the five spots at the feeder. Each one insists on feeding alone; won’t let the other two feed at the same time. These must be SO HUNGRY, they’re willing to de-prioritize territoriality for the noms! 🙂

  9. It looks like they need an air traffic controller.

  10. WOW that’s a lot of hummers! I just so happened to see one little green hummingbird on my patio this week. I was looking out the window to see if i needed to refill the cat food and in swoops a single beryl jewelled winged critter, he hovered for a second, didn’t see anything he liked and then left! First one I’ve ever seen in TN since I moved here 5 years ago from KY.

  11. Why?! Why so consistently annoying w/ the ridiculous puns???

  12. Because the rest of us encourage her. GO 260OAKLEY! *waving pompoms*

  13. Some people have greedy bossy h-birds like we have yellowjackets. Life is just hamazing 🙂
    I’m sure this’s really what Daphne du Maurier had in mind for her story ‘The Birds’, but Alfred Hitch[malehen] and Tippi Hedren had this crazy idea . . .
    ‘Well, there must be a storm at sea, that can drive them inland, you know.’ bzzzzzzz zzzzz zzzzz . . .

  14. I was surprised too–the ones I’ve hosted have been really territorial.

  15. Why so cranky?

  16. Because a day without Oakley puns is like a day without sunshine !
    Besides , She’s SO good at it !!!

  17. that was wondrous. add the video of the ear-flapping pup and this was one of the best days on cute overload ever.

  18. I wish I could hug those folks with all the feeders ! Those little hummers need to refuel after a catastrophe (for them) like that. Can you imagine being that small & going through something like that? Especially after seeing how bad things are for the larger creatures (like people) Poor little things !

  19. Miguelsmom says:

    Where would they go to survive a hurricane anyway?

  20. I am so jealous. As a Floridian, I’ve seen ONE hummingbird in my entire life. How lucky these folks are to have so many.

  21. Sorry you’ve got your knickers in a twist, dear Diva. I know that can be painful. I’ll give you the same advice my mother used to give my long-suffering brothers: “Just ignore her if she’s bothering you.”

  22. Okay, exactly where in Virginia is this hummingbird convention being held?!? I live in Virginia and I have never seen so many in one place. This is really neat. I have all sorts of seriously cool birds in my yard, but have never had more than 2-3 hummingbirds at one time ever. Simultaneously jealous and amazed.

  23. This is the best movie I have ever seen.

  24. Because it’s o-pun season. And we’re gluttons for pun-ishment.

  25. You can tell it’s a real emergency in the hummingbird world here. I have one hummingbirg feeder, and the only time they will tolerate each other so that more than one can be on the feeder at the same time is when it’s really cold and they know they’ve got to eat RIGHT NOW.

  26. Why?! Why so consistently annoying with the hatefulness???

    Oakley, ignore this troll. We all love your puns!

  27. grammatoanna says:

    These were probably the only nectar feeders around. Thank you to whoever put these out. How about some seed for the other birds? I’m sure they’re around. Very kind and thoughtful gesture.This is the work of a real birdlover!

  28. Looks like happy hour at Sonic! Everybody vying for a spot to order their cherry limeade.

  29. Entropy's Bitch says:

    “The Birds: Part Cute. HUMMERS” In theaters now.

  30. That’s what I’m thinking. O_O We get about seven or eight at a time, at most, and they fight absolutely nonstop. They certainly never share a feeder.

  31. Because Oakley is miraculously gifted.

  32. Just to piss you off. Is it working?

  33. Sharon Wilson says:

    Why are they all females? Where are the pretty males?? Could the females not leave the area because they had to sit tight on their nests?

  34. Yup. That is one busy airport.

  35. As you can read, dear Diva, we’re quite protective of our 260Oakley. But we would welcome your puns, too.

  36. bookmonstercats says:

    Diva by name………..

  37. countessmara says:

    Pigs with wings, that’s what we call ’em. We refill 8 feeders three times a week.

    Once we hosted an international picnic with lots of people from Asia, Africa and Europe, in the middle of hummingbird season. Since hummers are only native to the Americas, we were afraid our guests would think they were big insects and try to swat them. So we moved the feeders a day or so beforehand so the birds could find them and our fascinated guests could watch them, had an incident-free picnic, and then moved them back.

    My idea of a good time? Coffee on the front porch during hummingbird season. In a red shirt. LOVE hummingbirds!

  38. bookmonstercats says:

    We are very fortunate, in the UK, to have mainly temperate (but dull) weather, although there are occasional catastrophic floods, and people who live near cliffs keep waking up to find that their back gardens are 300 feet down on the beach. However, the downside is that we don’t get to enjoy beautiful creatures like hummingbirds.

  39. I believe you make up for it with hedgepigs and kiera knightley

  40. Good Lord, I’m ecstatic if I see two at a time at my feeder(s). This homeowner must have massive flower gardens or be in an area that offers little sustenance otherwise.

  41. This video is awesome!!!! It’s amazing to see so many at once.

    We took in our HB feeders just prior to the worst of Irene (and felt so bad about it) and when the winds finally died down the next day we put them right back out. We usually have only 4 hummingbirds on a rotating basis and after Irene I was thrilled to see them come two at a time and not fight one another… although the bumble bee hovering around the feeder was chased mercilessly by both birds!

  42. hahahahaha nice one

  43. You’re using quite a broad brush, when painting all CO fans. Your statement would certainly have more truth to it if you exchanged the words “the rest” with “some”.

  44. I, for one, welcome our fluttering overlords.

  45. One day a couple of summers ago a hummingbird in my yard kept flying right up to my face. As cool as that was, I kept moving away from it because I was terrified that I might instinctively swat at it. Fortunately, the incident passed without incident.

  46. Looks like the approach at LAX.

  47. Awe inspiring. Brought a tear to my eye.

  48. Okay, how about this:

    “Most of the rest of us, except for a few humour-impaired grumpypants.”

    Does that work for you, Deb?

  49. yes, thank you for getting your feeders back up and helping so many teensy lil guys. looks like you still have stuff down in your yard too. looks like yuo may be the obly feeders around right now. hope you survived with minimal damage and a kudos to you!

  50. Likes the puns says:

    We call that “Miss Crankypants”.. 😀

  51. Mary (the first) says:

    And Colin Firth. *sigh*

  52. Even at Costa Rican park HQs with feeders, I’ve never seen that many hummers at once, though there they had numerous species and in the eastern US we have just one.

    The hummers without red throat feathers are females but also young males, and breeding males may turn a bit orange and less obvious late in the season.

  53. yeah, sigh

  54. And Richard Armitage. *sigh*

  55. It’s a busy day at the fuel depot for Humways, Bunway Airlines’ new commuter express division!

  56. Fird Birfle says:

    *Don’t forget Craig-y!!!*
    (yes I’m aware that he hails from Scotland….but it’s the AREA that you’re referencing…)


  57. Fird Birfle says:


  58. And Alan Rickman.

  59. Sorry i didn’t comment earlier, while i had power it was only about two and a half hours ago the internet gpt back on

  60. What about “statistically, all of us Cuteoverloaders just LOVE 260OAKLEY (those who don’t are such a minor minority, that they can be ignored)”?. Go, 260O and never stop amazing us! ❤

  61. And Hugh Laurie.

  62. wannadance says:

    just what i was thinking. look like big mosquitos..

  63. Annoying? Annoying??? WTF planet are you living on?

    Yes, we treasure our 260Oakley and all her glorious punnage. So there.

  64. wannadance says:

    amen. that’s the whole thing. she is fabulous…

  65. And Stephen Fry.

  66. wannadance says:

    all hiding all around a chimney? no flood, sturdy, can move around and around to avoid winds.?

    now i am all worried. does anyone actually know?

  67. wannadance says:

    yeeeee haaaaaa, what a great image…gasp…

  68. wannadance says:

    and, let’s face it, john hurt…

  69. Mom's Favorite says:

    Best moment comes at about 1:27 near the bottom right of the screen. 🙂

  70. Grasshopper says:

    It’s a veritable glittering, a bouquet, a tune, or, or, or … a symphony of hummingbirds!!

  71. And Derek Jacobi.

  72. bookmonstercats says:

    Thank you one and all. I think it is one of the most beautiful places on earth, even though we can’t boast anything as spectacular as eg Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon. And we do have all those amazinks people, as well. Not bad for a small island 🙂

    P.S. AuntieB, I’ve just watched (again) Derek Jacobi in the wonderful BBC production of Richard II. He embodied majesty, nobility, kingship, and great human fallibility all at the same time.

  73. And Plain Chocolate Hobnobs.

  74. agreed.

  75. Cholmondeley says:

    Did you know that a bunch of hummingbirds is called a charm? C’est charmant, n’est-ce pas? We live east of Richmond and Irene smacked us a good one – still no power as I type this 6 days later with the sound of generators filling the air. The whole afternoon of the hurricane our charm of hummingbirds, 10 or so, swooped madly around, apparently oblivious to the raging winds and pelting rain. We do have good sheltering eaves over our feeders. They certainly are piggy – we call them hummingbums. They have been back this week, but soon they’ll be heading off on their amazing journey south. I think the boy birds had already packed up and headed out before that wild night. Buh-bye, birdies!

    P.S. 260Oakley FTW.

  76. CariceLaur says:

    Probably juveniles, actually. Most adults have already left for further south, probably sick of their children. This also explains while they are more tolerant of each other. This doesn’t last very long, though. >>’

  77. Oh my gosh! I too have never seen that many hummingbirds in one location at the same time. How marvelous. And kudos to the kind soul(s) who provided the feeders! Bless. ♥

  78. Someone could use a little sip of sugar-water for an attitude adjustment.

  79. As much as I think these birds are lovely, I’d willingly trade them for a zillion Collin Firths in my back yard.

  80. Wouldn’t we all…

  81. I’ll take Derek Jacobi, please. And Patrick Stewart.

    (I remember watching a BBC production of Hamlet with Derek Jacobi and Patrick Stewart during my junior year of high school. [sigh])

  82. *golf clap*

  83. Richard II!!!! That’s was my first introduction to the wonderfulness that is Sir Derek Jacobi! I’ve been a huge fan ever since.

  84. It’s been said, but I must say it again: That’s a LOT of hummingbirds! 😯

  85. Oh thank you for feeding them!! (and for being educated enough to not use the red dye)
    You must be going through sugar in pounds.
    The Hummer Gods will reward you.

  86. Ah, that’s what I wanted to say! 👿

  87. And thanks to my Invisible Stable of Extra-Dimensional Husbands™, you can!

  88. Teresa in St Louis (formerly of KC) says:

    Hungry Hungry Hummers!

  89. anyone else think this is kinda scary? I mean, what happens when they get tired of sugar water and instead go for the eyes?! THE EYES!!!

  90. Why has nobody mentioned doormice yet??

  91. It depends a lot on what species of hummer you have.

    If your males have red on the top of their heads as well as their throats, they’re probably Anna’s Hummingbirds, which tend to be resident. That means you get small numbers of them, but they stay in one place all year round and defend their territory against other hummers.

    If your males just have red on their throats and not on the top of their heads, they’re probably Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds, which tend to be migratory. That means you’ll only get them for a limited time each year, but you’ll get large numbers who are more interested in refueling than feuding over territory.

    tl;dr – if they’re Ruby-Throats, the more feeders you put out while they’re migrating, the better. If they’re Anna’s, then there’s probably not so much point putting out more feeders, since they won’t attract more birds.

  92. hahahahahah *claps enthusiastically*

  93. Those puns are one of the reasons (apart from the cute of course) that I come here. 260Oakley has a wonderful talent that is to be enjoyed and appreciated.

  94. I know how you feel bookmonstercats. We have no hummers in Australia either. I’m so glad I can see them here.

  95. I wonder how long that food will last. Then the filmer must brave THAT to go out and refill all those feeders. If you’ve ever faced down territorial hummers……….

  96. Our hummers do that when the feeder is empty, to remind us to fill it!

  97. A friend of mine in North Carolina told me that when Hurricane Irene was passing, the hummingbirds were still out at the feeders, flying through hurricane force winds! Those are some tough little suckers!

  98. But you have all the OTHER birds that the rest of the world envies, like cockatoos, rainbow lorikeets, wild budgies, galahs, and those hoohoohoohahaha birds. 😛

  99. Aw, what did I say? Budgies?


  101. Like a swarm! I kept hearing “The Flight of the Bumblebee” in my head!

  102. Yea, Patrick Stewart! Yea, Colin Firth! (If you’ve never seen the 6 hour miniseries of starring Colin, you must see it pronto!)

  103. For some reason, part of my post was deleted! ” Pride and Prejudice” should be inserted between OF and STARRING. (Weird.)

  104. Can’t believe anyone could complain about 260Oakley’s wit and eruditeness!

  105. Those are some BIG (a$$) feeders. The front one must have at least 12 filling stations. The Hummers for the Hummers. The fuel they must go through. Is that really environmentally friendly? (LOVE this video!)

  106. YAY!

  107. “All Quiet on the Western Front” never had anything like this. 😯

  108. Sheeeeeit, if the Hummer H3 ran on sugar water, and could HOVER, I’d own a damn FLEET. Where the hell is my flying car, already?!

  109. True. 🙂
    Did you get sent to the mod lounge for that Theresa? Here, my lorikeets will keep you company and amuse you while you enjoy a nice dry martini.

  110. And every Doctor Who.

  111. Ask George Jetson.

  112. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Oh, it’s not just the hummers that are little piggies. We have scads of goldfinches right now with oodles of babies saying feedmefeedme! 2 feeders full of black oil sunflower seed get sucked down so darned quick!

  113. I’m in the UK too and sooo jealous of the hummingbird party!

    But wouldn’t swap our hedgies, choc hobnobs or Colin Firth. or Stephen Fry. Hugh Laurie anyone?

  114. I can’t believe it either. I read that and thought to myself: is someone really annoyed by puns? I mean yeah, I know the audience is meant to groan and roll their eyes or react with mock disdain etc… but that’s all part of the meta joke. Now I’m wondering if a person could actually be so humor-impaired that they’d feel compelled to attack someone over a pun. Xp

    Oak, I adore your clever wordplay!

  115. Oh, we’ve got plenty here in Tennessee. Feed them, and they will come!

  116. Fird Birfle says:

    oooooh YEH bebeh.

    [even with his statement about not being in the baby-making business….or something to that effect, from the film Peter’s Friends]

  117. LOL! Mamabear – that’s exactly what it reminded me of!

  118. Oh, Oakley is female? Weird, for some reason I always thought of her as a “him”.
    Yea, and joining in on the Oakley-love bandwagon. Though in light of recent findings, it is pure sisterly love 🙂

  119. Me! Me!
    Umm… could you just pack him up and go on sending him here, I’ll send you the hummers in return mail… Totally will… We, uhm, have so many hummers here in Finland… yea, we’re totally overstocked… So, uhm, send Mr Laurie over and you’ll totally get the hummers, ‘kay?

  120. OKAAAY! Deal 😉 Goes off for bubble wrap………whoaah wait a minute. Finland??? Darn, I was getting so excited then and was gonna get some of them bright red hummer buffet dishes 😉

  121. It was probably “hooha” that did it! “-)

  122. That is what I was thinking. They are such territorial little goomers. I’ve always heard that you are to keep the feeders so many feet apart because of that very reason.

  123. Ignore that comment Oakley…those of us who are punnier than the rest enjoy you very much!!!.

  124. LOLOLOL…love it!!!

  125. Oh damn, you saw through my cunning plan 😉

  126. T’was the [malehen]atoos did it. 🙂

  127. Oakley, your puns are the best! It’s truly a gift you have, and always makes me smile. In fact, I often go directly to 260Oakley’s comments first, because they’re so fun to read…keep it up girl!!!

  128. ditto!

  129. Exactly what I was thinking. Man the mosquitoes in VA are huge!!

  130. Alan Rickman…heavy sigh.

  131. And Orlando Bloom, and Tom Felton, and Rupert Grint, and Ian McKellan, and Charles Dance, and Bill Nighy, and Geoffrey Rush, and Jude Law, and Anthony Hopkins, and Sean Connery, and Stuart Townsend, and Gerard Butler, and Jason Isaacs, and Ewan McGregor, and and Hugh Grant, and Alan Rickman, and Benedict Cumberbatch, and Martin Freeman, and David Bowie, and Luke Goss, and Guy Pierce, and Colin Firth, and Sean Bean, and Cillian Murphy…

    Did I miss anyone?

  132. I believe you mean kookaburras (spelling?).

  133. Yes, i did, but I found the name “kookaburra” insufficiently silly. 😯

  134. Isn’t Guy Pierce Australian?

  135. Queen of Dork says:

    I have no idea what we’re talking about here as I have not read the whole comment thread yet. Are you guys talking about movie folks with weird names? Like Rip Torn?

  136. OMG Clive Owen anyone? ;p

  137. Queen of Dork says:

    Holy crap peeps! this has nothing to do with this thread but I was watching this show on Animal Planet about dogs. I’m more a cat person myself but WOW! Dogs are so cool! This show is showing some really, really, really cool things that dogs can do! Yay for dogs!! 🙂

  138. Queen of Dork says:

    *running tackle hug at Theo!*

  139. I loved having my bird feeders out on my deck – from finches to hummingbirds I just loved it. Then my…neighbor….complained to the apartment owners that “my” birds were pooping on her deck underneath mine and the management made me take me them down…despite my argument to the contrary…I mean, I live on the ground floor…there is no one living underneath me… I even sent a sarcastic note with pictures to the office and they called it hate mail and told me still no feeders cause I was attracting birds, ducks and geese (the apartment complex is on a lake…that has it’s own duck and geese but apparently I attract them so….) Can you hear the incredulity in my tone???

  140. I agree with MudBug. Jewels for their crowns for placing all those feeders out there for the traumatized (and obviously famished) hummers. I’m a hummer lover and would consider it a miracle and would be so grateful if I had that many hummers in my yard

  141. TrixandSam says:

    *shakes fist in the direction of The Management*

    Fie on them!

  142. an infestation of the cutest kind!! we have a few little guys i have been swooning over on our feeder all summer. i am very jealous of this high activity area!! i would love to be out there listening to all of their wings in constant motion. thanks for sharing.

  143. awesomeeEE.