Someone Clearly Didn’t See “Wall-E”

Because if this cockatoo had, he would have remembered its most important rule: When you see a laser spot on the ground, don’t grab it — run like hell.



  1. nice dance moves… 😉

  2. ok, that was truly fascinating.
    makes me want a bird even more!

  3. He followed the light really well. He even looked under the table for it.

  4. Awwwww, cutest thing ever!!! I wanted to give him a treat at the end for being such a good spot, er I mean sport!!

  5. That was great! I do that with dogs and cats, tried a bird once but it was afraid so haven’t tried a bird since.

  6. I REALLY hope they gave that sweet bird a treat after that!

  7. onionpencil says:

    oh, he didn’t mind, i don’t think he felt misused at all, just unsuccessful in his quest for the red shiny thing. still… a treat is never a bad idea.

  8. I had no idea cockatoos had almost opposable toes; the delicacy at 0:07 and 0:11! 🙂 Like a baby with a Cheerio!

  9. Parrots are very grabby, with claws and with beak. When you go into a parrot aviary, they make you remove or cover up watches and jewelry, because they will try to pull them off you. They even suggest you cover up moles or other skin markings, because they will try to pull those off you!

  10. Eyeroll. Cooling my heels in the Mod Lounge, possibly for using the word malehen-atoo.

  11. Oh poppycock!

  12. HAW! Now you have company! 😆

  13. baileysgrandmom says:

    Poor deluded bird…

  14. baileysgrandmom says:

    Oy! How did I get in moderation for THAT comment? Would someone please toss some chocolate chip cookies and a bit o’ cold milk in? kthxbai

  15. Now that was funny. I’ve never seen a domestic bird chase a laser pointer before. I hope Kiwi’s human righted all that frustration with some nummies.

  16. i love the birdie-shuffle. That’s how i walk in the morning when i mistakenly put on my husband’s slippers and go looking for coffee.

  17. What a smart birdie! I’ve never seen them do that before!

  18. This is so cool. I always visit the parrots (assuming this is some type of parrot) at the pet store. They are so smart!! Want!

  19. Cute birdie… it’s actually a Corella btw.

  20. Gorgeous, gorgeous, Moluccan or Umbrella ‘too…..can’t tell from the vid (plus I’m not that smart). He/she is almost as smart as my lorikeets. 😉

  21. Tosses milk and cookies through open mod lounge window.

  22. 😯 Ow.

    Glad to see you survived, Theresa!

  23. My cockatiel tries to preen my moles and one of his favourite games is to try and pull out my nose stud and run away wih it.
    He ever plucks my leg hair stubble for me, probably to let me know its time to shave them again.

  24. It’s happened. The day is here. The cutest thing EVER has been located and my quest is over.

  25. kibblenibble says:

    My little Conure, Scout, would NEVER let me wear a band aid. If I had one on, he would become obsessed until he had grabbed it and pulled it off.

  26. Hahahaha… That is hilarious! I thought my cat was funny when she chased the laser dot half way up a wall, but this is even better. Who needs milk and cookies with something as sweet as this?

  27. My dad was birdwatching a couple of years ago, and ran into a guy who was toting a macaw around (yes, a MACAW. Large bird.) The macaw jumped over to my dad, and started trying to pry his watch off his wrist. It looked right at my dad, said “Hello,” and went right back to trying to steal his watch. 😆

  28. I have a video somewhere of me putting two macaws in a pet store into a doze by stroking their beaks, which apparently makes them sleeeeeeeepy. 🙂

  29. I love the deliberate, slow claw clutching.

  30. SlaveToCat says:

    Random Memory
    Tossing milk and cookies out the open car window after a night on the town.

  31. SlaveToCat says:

    He must have remembered how tasty those lightning bugs were from his young jungle days.

  32. Hahahahahah!

  33. So cute! I wish our bird liked laser pointers, but he’s afraid of them. He’s afraid of a lot of things. Once he started screaming after spying a packet of sweet and sour sauce that was on the other side of the room…

  34. maybe he’s a closet geek. packet loss is a serious problem.

  35. *snarfle* That’ll learn ya! Heheheheh. *runs away giggling*

  36. Sorry Ness, not a Corella, wrong kind of beak, eyes and crest for a corella. (See my comment below….not that I necessarily have it right).

  37. *snerk*

  38. I also love the slow, calculated claw motions Kiwi uses to try to grab the elusive dot ~ a most enjoyable video that absolutely made my day!

    I know my Bucky cat will entertain me tonight when we play laser dot or “get the bug” he loves so much!

  39. i feel like i need to nuff a little here.

    when i see clips like this, i always wind up hoping that the humans shower their animal with love after they torment them with the ungettable thing

    sigh….i know.

    it just bothers me.

  40. As a non-closet geek myself: *snerk*

  41. My first thought were those too as well. I used to have a Moluccan an my friend had an Umbrella… (to my inexperienced eyes) it’s hard to tell without seeing the crest colour (orange for Moluccan, yellow for Umbrella) or size comparison. My sweet Shelby was huge compared to other cockatoos!!

  42. I read a book once about wreck-diving. Some anthropologists were diving some ancient wreck and rescuing some awesome treasures when they were interrupted by an octopus who had been living in an amphorae (that’s a kind of ceramic storage jar the ancient Greeks used). The octopus didn’t attack them or seem to mind their presence, but it did keep grabbing at them and trying to steal their watches. They named him “Fred” and he was there every day that they worked that wreck.

  43. Is tossing milk and cookies essentially the same as tossing cookies? 😯

  44. I’m with the give-him-a-treat crowd. Something about the slow persistence was so pathetically cute.
    claw hands! Sqeeeee!

  45. Martha in Washington says:

    Are there any other legitimate uses for a laser pointer besides playing with pets? Just curious…

  46. Have you seen this? Octopus grabs a guy’s underwater camera and takes off with it

  47. I know – I could only watch ten seconds – it was a bit too cute-or-sad for me! Must be having a senstitive day 🙂

  48. Alice Shortcake says:

    I’d like to try this with every member of the animal kingdom including sloths.

  49. That is one brave owner. There is nothing more intent on revenge than an annoyed cockatoo. They are worse than elephants, they never forgot and live so long you are never going to escape their wrath. The person with the laser pointer better sleep with one eye open from now on.

  50. I love how gentle birdie is 😉 reminds me of the African Grey we used to have.

    Shows what a great home he has that he’s not scared of the ‘scary red dot’.

  51. same here. 😦 we could be mistaken. obviously the birdy is cared for, it’s just tough watching him trying and failing. especially with that side-eye action.

  52. This fellow-non-closeted geek just snorted with laughter…HA!

  53. oh, that’s a familiar shuffle. even without the slippers.

  54. I like how he carefully extends his leg1!!

  55. Ayup.

    The large parrot at my old exotic vet’s office would always go for my mom’s skin tags if she stood too close to him.

    Any my friend who’s quite the bird owner let her ear piercings grow over because she couldn’t get one of her birds to stop trying to get them (little ones he’d sometimes ignore, but anything bigger than a tiny stud was an interesting toy)

  56. Megumi's Mom says:

    time travel to visit a 1930s-1950s scifi author or the publishing house of scifi comic book…. In the 2000s EVERY household will have a pocket laser or two (or more)… and people will use them to amuse their pets.

    yep, we give lots of treats around here too. It keeps the young humans and the boy cat out of trouble for several minutes at a time. 😀

  57. Birds are so intelligent. I have an African Gray and at one point I had a vet that made house calls. After a visit he would sit and talk. One day he was there for a while, and the Gray was listening intently. As I watched, the bird eased down the cage until he was at ear level with the vet, paused for a couple seconds and then said in a decisive, incredibly articulated voice, “SHUT UP”. And the vet turned four shades of red and left. BTW, the lovely tree in the background…we wants one.

  58. i’m generally against people owning birds for the most part, but look at that neat tree thing they have for the bird! so much better than a cage.

  59. LOL! I thought only cats play with those. Great Tai Chi demonstration there, bird.

  60. Emmberrann says:

    It’s a clever birdy, and so beautiful. He was giving the side-eye to his owner at the end, as if to say, “yew’ve been ‘avin’ me on, ain’tcha! Yew’d bettah watch it, mite!” (said in broad Australian accent)

  61. Emmberrann says:

    Laser pointers are good for use when giving PowerPoint presentations to meetings, to be sure that the audience is keeping up with the text on the screen, or to point out interesting features of whatever else is on the screen. That’s all I know…..

  62. Wow. Maybe CO should have a category for klepto-critters. There’s this YouTube star, of course. 😛

  63. I was once in a big bird store where a lot of the parrots were uncaged, and one African grey landed on my shoulder and went to town on one of my ear studs. 😯

    There was a kitten in the middle of the floor, surrounded by nosy, assertive birds, very bewildered, and a little intimidated. When I returned to the store some months later, and the kitty was grown up, he was looking very chill surrounded by birdie-pals.

  64. It didn’t occur to me that some people might find this a little on the sad side of cute. I thought this beautiful ‘too looked curious and engaged. I believe with all my heart that my own parrot and other birds love these kinds of chase games. When they don’t want to play, or find an activity frustrating or pointless, they simply stop participating. And all of my birds have a slow and methodical approach to these tasks – in this video, it might add to the appearance of pathos, but to my eyes, it was just a bird who was thinking his way through the game, and trying to avoid the parrot-sliding-on-hard-wood-surface problem that might arise if he tried to move quicker.

  65. Reminds me of the story about the late great Alex, when an accountant was left alone with him in his lab to work on the lab’s taxes.

    “You want a nut?” Alex asked her.
    “No, Alex.”
    He persisted. “You want corn?”
    “No, thank you, Alex, I don’t want corn.”
    This went on for a little while, and the accountant did her best to ignore him. Finally, Alex apparently became exasperated and said in a petulant voice, “Well, what do you want?”

  66. and looked on his own flank, found it there. smarter than my cat who leaps a few times then goes back to sleeping.
    i loved this, really really did…

  67. My mom has a cockatiel named Bobby. Bobby likes to pick at her moles while she is on the treadmil. She’ll say, “Bobby, stop, don’t do that!”. Well, one day while she was doing some work at the table, Bobby was walking around on the table, and my mom rolled a pencil at him. and kid you not, he said ‘stop, don’t do that’.
    The same birds meows and says ‘here kitty kity kity.

  68. Alex was truly an amazing CAG, he is still sorely missed. *sniff*

  69. Ditto, Birdcage, my birds love these games too so I saw nothing but fun and joy while watching it.

  70. Quiet Desperation says:

    Actually, I have a couple moles I *want* gone. A parrot aviary, you say?

  71. wannadance says:

    grandfather taught parakeet to say ‘birds can’t talk’

  72. wannadance says:

    pretty much agree. tied with the kitten and the tennis ball one, which i have stashed (somewhere) and watch over and over. this one right on up there. to be such a graceless appearing bird, there is tremendous grace of movement. and i love its ability to look sideways, or eye is on the side or something. useful evolutionary detail i wish i had….

  73. Parrot is like: “I must geeeet eeeet” 😛