Maru Mystery Solved?

Many readers have remarked on how clean the floor is in Maru’s home. Now at last we may know the secret: Keep Maru annoyed by moving his box, and his swishing tail does all the work.

Posted to our Twitter feed by Ketira.



  1. I want Maru to come and clean my floors!!

  2. I call splayage! not to mention a heavy dose of bun-like disapproval. “Dudes. Really.”

  3. I knew it!

  4. I think there’s some irony there, that the box is labeled Small, when Maru is decidedly… err… not small.

  5. LOVE the convenient head and paw holes in the box!

  6. He’s just fluffy!

  7. also, speaking of Maru – The Box Maru Can’t Enter! Caution – may be too shocking for sensitive viewers.

  8. heh heh.
    I had my piggie into the vet the other day, to have her toenails trimmed, and the vet said, in regards to her weight, “Well, I’ve seen bigger…” Very tactful. 🙂

  9. what kind of kitteh is mr. maru? I want one!!!! 🙂

  10. Yes, I had to snerk at the “Small” label also. Cutting out the one end was definitely a good idea–makes it ‘one size fits all.’

  11. Maru is a big fluffy ball of beautiful cat! Love him. Wonder if he sheds?

  12. cyberpunkrocker says:

    Just imagine what Maru could accomplish with a Roomba…

  13. Good theory, but I offer another… ever notice that you never hear a TV in these videos? I propose that people who don’t watch a lot of TV have cleaner floors. I offer for evidence of the reverse my own house where the TV is always on and the floors are, quite frankly, disgusting.

    Love the closing shot of Maru’s head and paws poked through.

  14. And big boned! 🙂

  15. Where there’s a will… And, Maru certainly is willful when it comes to boxes.

  16. Love, Love, LOVE Maru! I would love to have him padding around my house looking for something to hide in. Sweet kitter-cat.

  17. he is scottish fold, only without folded ears:)

  18. LOL. Oh, indeed, the five-second-rule does NOT apply in my house. Bleeecccccchh.

  19. It made me cry to watch Maru struggling so hard to get into that box.

  20. Is there a market for the Marumba, perhaps?

  21. I have too many comments!!!! You know if Maru could slam his bedroom door, he’s be doing so.

    And how we love to torture our kitties. Lovingly, kindly, adorably torture, but torture nonetheless.

  22. Well, I dunno… we’d have to add some variables for my house… I hardly ever watch tv, but I have 10 cats, which equals alot of shedding…

  23. I’ll take two 🙂

  24. he’s a plush kitteh!

  25. I don’t have TV, and my house is filthy. Four cats and four litter boxes in a small cottage, not to mention the puking…

  26. Is that the “maroomba” floor cleaner?

  27. I’d take one if it will also play the marimba

  28. All I know is that when I see Maru I want to snuggle him he is so fluffy and soft looking and I already have 2 cats of my own…
    Maru may need Box HAb but I think I need Maru Hab! 😀

  29. hrhqueencat says:

    nasty box dividers !!! must destroy dem …

    there – done

  30. 1:49 the real secret to Maru’s box obsession, Maru IS the box.

  31. 😆 I agree with you 100%, kzgz 😆

  32. Teresa in St Louis (formerly of KC) says:

    The owner keeps moving the box.

    Evidently he/she doesn’t know that you can’t out-stubborn a cat.

  33. Thank you guys, you make me feel so much better! I thought I was the only one with dirty floors. I wish Maru could teach my four cats to sweep the floors because I sure can’t keep up with them.

  34. They do have a TV

    I think the real answer is multi-fold
    1) They’re Japanese, so they take their shoes off by the door.
    2) I think Maru must have either pine-based or some other dust-free litter.
    3) They mop on a regular basis.

    Crazy, I know.

  35. Fird Birfle says:


  36. It scary how much I want to eat Maru’s paws.

  37. lolol VERY tactful.

  38. Fird, that’s the best political comment I’ve ever seen…any time, anywhere.

  39. 🙂

  40. I love that look on his face when the box is moved. It’s like he’s thinking “hmmm, I’m not in the box anymore”.

  41. leaves of cat grass says:

    the real secret is his fluffy, microfiber fur…

  42. Yours or theirs?

  43. and a really big can of Endust…

  44. Maru’s done it again. Found a nice cozy box that he’ll fit in just right. He looks like a “box” turtle when he’s inside this box. ;-))

  45. I could watch Maru playing with boxes for hours and I would never tire of it.

  46. and well-proportioned!

  47. cuteismyporn says:

    My kitty Minxy is not a boxer. I tried to teach her to box and she is completely not interested. The same goes for paper grocery bags, no interest.
    I wish she liked boxing.

  48. The Boxer Rebellion.

  49. I’ve never seen Maru look so confused–he even has to go to his owner for comfort! Poor baby!

  50. DITTO!

  51. Is Maru’s owner named Spielberg perhaps? Cuz I dug the confident film technique here. And that twist at the end? Whoa, c’mon. *sing-song* Geeen-iiius!

  52. faithbenedetti says:

    I too have remarked that this is the cleanest freakin’ apartment I have ever seen! Does Maru travel internationally to clean homes?

  53. …Or does the Rumba! 😀

    (Am I punny enough yet?)

  54. Mop?! Shoot.

  55. He’s not fat or fluffy, he’s well marbled 🙂

  56. Hmm. I believe I first brought up the Maru-tail — clean-floor connection over at (another cat picture captioning site) on Tuesday at 5:08pm. Wasn’t well received there! Either way, I wish I could have a SwifferKitty!

  57. Love the tail action.

  58. Queen of Dork says:

    *grumbles and mumbles something about some day renting a steam cleaner or something. raises hand* Crap. Yeah. My floors are less than stellar. Certainly not as pristine as Maru’s. Danged rented house with the danged carpeted floors instead of hardwood. Dang.

  59. According to USA Today…”Born on May 24, 2007, Maru is a 12-pound Scottish Fold without the breed’s typical folded-over ears.” But he doesn’t have his own private jet so won’t be touring anytime soon 😦

  60. I think Maru is auditioning for the next Metal Gear game.