What a Ripoff!

I eat all the way to the bottom, and there isn’t even a plastic toy!

Man, I hate when that happens, Elyas B.



  1. Is it Tocktober already?

  2. Almost!
    : )

  3. Adrienne Woodward says:

    I know I left my keys around here somewhere…

  4. LOL at the hovertext! :mrgreen:

  5. Guess whut!? Dachshund butt!!!!!!!!!

  6. earlybird1 says:


  7. Which reminds me, I need to go get dog fud today.
    Thanks, NOMTOM! Early ‘Tocktober, I see. NIiiiice.

  8. bookmonstercats says:

    Phew!! I am SO relieved to have the privacy tailio in place.


  9. I was gonna ask what kind of tocks those were! 🙂

  10. So redonkulously silly! What a great way to start off my day. 🙂

  11. i bet those tocks LOVE getting scratched!!!! TUSHEEEEEEEEEEE SCRAAAAAAAATCH!!!

  12. I know this is what I’d call a perfect early ‘toctober present! Doch’s tocks…oooh, that’s fun to say… Doch’stocksDoch’stocksDoch’s tocks… OK back to work! *can tell this’ll be a SUPER productive day* : )

  13. Yes, waking up at the crack of dog can be unpleasant. 😉

  14. Sure, there isn’t a plastic toy, but who needs those when there’s a bag full of Doxie Tocks!

  15. Emmberrann says:

    @Earwig: Today is 1 Sept, not ‘Tocktober, but who cares? Cute is cute, any ol’ time, and this is Cute!

  16. Dachs’tocks? is that the doggie version of Birkenstocks?

  17. Doch’stocks? Is that the doggie version of Birkenstocks?

  18. oops, double post. Many apologies!!

  19. I can’t READ! Please give me what’s in the bag?!

  20. That looks exactly like my Puggle, right down to the dark-ish tail-io

  21. Maybe this pup has just watched too many Maru videos……

  22. I want to sneak up behind him and pinch the ‘tocks and tickle the chocolate chip cookie feet.

  23. What are birkens. and what do their tocks look like?

  24. It’s an empty bag of “Snips & Snails”… boys like ’em.

  25. “This plan is foolproof!
    1. Crawl into bag.
    2. Complain “dog food” label too literal.
    3. Get returned to dog food company.
    4. ?
    5. Profit!”

  26. Ham Hock ‘Tocks!

  27. I call matchingks! The doggerel must completely disappear into that floor when not in his food-bag “happy place.”

  28. Snort!

  29. Nothing cuter that doxie tocks!!!

  30. They tried to make me go….

  31. Mary (the first) says:

    Me too, I was just thinking there are lots of dachs experts here to identify them so quickly!

  32. Re-tock-ulously silly.

  33. *snerk*

  34. Silly goggie! The bad is the toy!

    [cat wanders off, muttering]

  35. I swear those are pug ‘tocks. Pug ‘tocks with tail uncurled, better for accessing far corners of dog food bags. Do we have a definitive answer as to whose ‘tocks they are?

  36. *schnerk*!

  37. I bet he’s licking the bottom of the bag. That’s where most of the flavor is when you eat bacon ranch Indiana popcorn. Maybe it’s the same for kibble. There’s a party for your tastebuds at the bottom of every bag.

  38. Dept. of Redundancy Dept.!!!!!!!

  39. I’m not sure what they look like, but we will have to make fun of you if you wear them with white socks. It’s the law.

  40. @kimmaroo: *giggle* My uncle (who lives in the Bay Area) does that. Even when on vacation in Hawaii.

  41. But black socks are OK, right? 😯

  42. bookmonstercats says:

    Now I have to scour my braincells clean to get rid of that image.

  43. jessicavye says:

    I think it is a pug butt. My pug concurs.