The Chew Toy Was My Idea

Yeah, I was just getting tired of him nibbling on me, waking up with bite marks, you know how it is. So I figure, he gets what he wants, and I get some rest.

It’s Freckles and Tommy, from Lucy L.!



  1. skippymom says:

    A new post! Hooray! (jumping up and down)

  2. flutterby says:

    NTMTOM’s storyline and hovertext are pure genius, once again, as it truly looks as if teh kittyan iz akshully sayin’ that !! Luff it and luff the puppeh and kittyan !!

  3. WANT! *grabby hands* I don’t know which one is more ah-DOR-able (although I’m leaning towards the sweetness that is Tommy…Freckles being the freckle-faced pooch. You can’t go wrong with a marmie kitty.)

  4. Awwww Freckled-Nose-Pup!

  5. So is Tommy the one with the Idea? because it doesn’t look like little Tommy wouldn’t last one bit from Freckles.
    Another thing Freckles nawms is so loud Tommy can’t get any sleep.
    Poor Tommy can’t catch a break.

  6. skippymom says:

    I agree, Tommy’s face looks as though he is so totally saying those words!

  7. Bite not bit , Durp

  8. It took me at least 10 seconds to spot the itsy bitsy kitty!!

    My only excuse is that just when I was falling asleep last night my cat Penny (that’s her as my avatar) decided to chomp down on my big toe! I guess it was moving under the bed sheet to much for her taste. The little devil drew blood!! Took me a wile to fall asleep after that.

  9. Love bites 🙂

  10. e z reader says:

    I call Matchinks

  11. TrixandSam says:

    I bet Penny gave you a look of “if you’re going to move that toe and tempt me, then I’m gonna bite it!”, taking utterly NO responsibility for it.

  12. If not for those beautiful blue eyes, I might not have seen the kitteh. My first glance thought it was part of the dog’s leg.

  13. Yes!

  14. d’awwww…. bestest friends forever!

  15. I want to move in with them and snorgle them and admire them forever!

  16. Somehow, I don’t think Tommy is all that innocent. He just has a bigger chew toy – Freckles.

  17. flutterby says:

    I have the scars from my Bucky’s love bites all over my arms and even some on the toes. Same thing, foot moves at night and it’s kronsche time!

  18. Best. Crime-fighting duo. Ever.

  19. Beth covered in cat hair says:

    Penny reminds me of my Missy that passed away a year ago.
    Her love nibble was just letting you know that she was there =)

  20. Beth covered in cat hair says:

    I put this reply under Gigi’s remark…hmmmph.

  21. Beth covered in cat hair says:

    Bahahaha! And I bet that is true!

  22. I was just going to say… doggy freckles and Tommy, doggy body and the comforter, a lot of matchinks going on, how could that tag be missed?!

  23. Uh oh, looking at his position there, it looks as if Tommy’s in the line of fire from Freckles’ other end.

  24. My babies Freckles and Tommy who is all grown up now! ❤

  25. Heh. I used to tease my hubby, who is a big Def Leppard fan, by saying that they stole the title of their song “Love Bites” from Judas Priest, who had a song by the same name which I am fairly certain came out first.

    This is funny in this context when you consider the line from the JP song:

    “In the dead of night, love bites, love bites.”

    Okay, maybe you just had to be there. In my head, I mean.

  26. Well, aren’t they just peachy?

  27. Oh, and
    >beepBEEP< on Freckle's nose!

  28. Yes, I have to admit I wasn’t sure who was speaking about chewing whom/what. Then again, I am easily confused. I’ll just say this:

    Doggie with spots! Tiny kitty! that’s more my speed at this point. 😦

  29. How did that happen??? That was supposed to be >beepBEEP< on Freckle's nose!

  30. Nooooooooooo……….

  31. /furrowed brow/
    beep on Tommy’s nose and
    BEEP on Freckle’s nose!

  32. I think the marmie owns that dog. He’s looking pretty confident there. I’m also guessing he does more biting of gentle Freckles than Freckles does to him!

  33. Same here: in the summer when I’m covered with just a single bed sheet, my cat attacks my legs and feet whenever I move (she likes to sleeps near my feet). It doesn’t happen in the winter when movements are harder to detect under the thick comforter.


    sleepless in summer.

  34. skippymom says:


  35. BABY RED!
    I dreamed about marmie kittens last night.

  36. skippymom says:

    I think CO should start a category of Pets Who Have Pets. I think we’ve seen several posts that would qualify.

  37. We need an Extreme Closeup of the Marmie Baybeh!!!

  38. Love it! Those are some of my favorites. *Curls up with these two sweeties for a nap*

  39. ScoutsMom says:

    I totally agree with Kim. I think Kitty is saying, “Hey, leave us alone. Can’t you see I’m trying to nap with my puppy.”

  40. skippymom says:

    My cats are always begging me to get them a mouse or a bird for a pet.

  41. Kitten’s facial expression = pure adorable eeeeewil!

  42. My very first cat, several decades ago, was a marmie kitty I rescued from nasty kids playing ball with her… I still miss her. “sniff”. Tommy would fill the spot..,,

  43. My cats have a guinea pig, but guess who ends up having to clean its cage? Hmph! Darn irresponsible kids…

  44. skippymom says:

    I’ll bet the Acme Lid Closer Kitty would clean its pet’s cage. Some cats actually have a sense of responsibility!

  45. I love the kitten. It’s like it got caught JUUUUUST about to do something extremely naughty to the dog and is all: “What? Oh, no, not me. Just lying here. Yep, just lying here on top of this claw hammer and bottle of Nair.”

  46. jlamusings says:

    ((hugs)) I know what you mean. I’ve had many pets over the years & I still miss ’em all. One was a sweet, slightly slow marmie. *takes hat off* Here’s to all the awesome pets of our pasts!
    I also now have an insane marmie named Malcolm who fills the spot. I think I shall always have a marmie. 🙂

  47. victoreia says:


  48. Mary (the first) says:

    Looks like the marmie baby has found himself a new “mom”. Reminds me when I got my kitteh (now 21 yrs. old, thenkyou) and she decided my existing male cat was her new “mom”. He wanted none of it but she persisted with this same look on her face: “I’m too cute, of course you want to adopt me!” He finally gave up and they became bff. I miss him. Snf.

  49. victoreia says:

    Yes! Matchinks!!!!11!!!!

  50. victoreia says:

    YES! PLEASE give us “Pets Who Have Pets”!!!!!

  51. skippymom says:

    21 years old, that is awesome! Skippy is 14 and a half so still just a youngster, I guess. Here’s to all the long-lived kitties!

  52. Most every CO post is comment worthy. Sadly, I often I don’t have time to do so and very rarely will I pass one up and say: “meh”.

    On this one, I saw the dog not really doing anything special and went “meh” and scrolled on down to see the next one. Then I noticed that it had gotten lots of comments. So I went back up to see if I had missed…”Heeeey! Look at that kitteh!” THAT’S what I missed.

    I really wonder how many “meh” (again, it’s so very seldom) moments I have just missed out on something full of awesome sauce!

    BTW am I the only one who, once they get a paragraph written is ported back up to the top? Am I doing something wrong, or is it CO’s way of saying: “Heeey, isn’t this post a leetle long?”

  53. My sister’s shih tzu named “Freckles” (for his pink & brown spotted highly beepable nose) crossed the rainbow bridge 3 wks. ago today. He would have turned 15 on 12/26/11. Everyday, much to Freckles’ delight, the 3 kittehs in his life used to make biskits on him to their hearts’ content. When friends and neighbors come over, they all remark about how much they miss him. Oh, we all miss Freckles so much!!! *sniff sniff*

  54. “…..just lying here on top of this claw hammer and bottle of Nair.”


    you funny

  55. Years ago, I was in the market for a kitteh and went to the Humane Society with a marmie in mind. Alas, no marmies at the shelter that day and I ended up with a tiny (5.5-lb.) female adult tuxie who picked ME. I named her “Daisy” after my great grandmother who lived in the Ozark Mountains. Daisy was just about the sweetest kitteh I’ve ever known. She loved anything peppermint and used to try to French kiss me after I brushed my teeth. Someone once gave me some peppermint foot lotion as a gift and Daisy used to go wild trying to lick it off my feet, especially between my toes. I had her for around 13 yrs. and it was tough to get used to not having her around after she was gone. We used to play “tiny tender tickle toes” at bedtime almost every night. I would say that to her in a baby voice and she would spread her toes apart as far as she could, purr nice and loud(ly), and let me rub her toe beans. The cats I have now freak out if I even look like I’m going to try to touch their toes and they pretend to have no idea what “tiny tender tickle toes” means. I get no respect from them!

    Eek! A novel. Stick a fork in me. I’m done.

  56. I’m amazed that your cat is 21 years old! Are cats living longer these days? I’ve been hearing about older and older cats all the time.

  57. are you being ported back to the top of your comment box? or back to the top of the window? i know there is definitely a limit of twenty-eleventy nillion words on comments.

  58. But such a fabulous story line! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  59. ((hugs)) to you, kimmaroo. We never seem to get as many years on this earth with our fur-ever friends as we would like. Know that the peeps here at CO understand and support you in this loss.

  60. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! They are adorable Lucy L.

  61. That is incredibly sweet!

  62. Pure sweetness!

  63. My cursor gets ported back to the top of my comment box.

  64. But don’t we love the Marc Anthony tag??

  65. We need an updated pic to see how big they are now!

  66. Riiight…….that kitten is just ooozzing sweetness as he plots the world’s demise…..the dog on the otherhand is totally clueless, like, oh yeah another toy!!!

  67. Can we get a zoom in on tiny’s face?

  68. Yeah 😀 and I bet that Freckles will make sure no one touches Tommy 😀 because Tommy is Freckles’ baby kitty 😀

  69. Oh wow C.O, I think this is my fave of all time, doggular cuteness to the max further amplified by masterful hovertext – bliss!

  70. Thanks so much, Wend!