The Amazing Blackie!

For my next illusion, I shall require a volunteer from the audience… thank you, madam.

And now, I shall place you inside the cabinet and make you… DISAPPEAR!



  1. mandeeeen says:

    holy moly check out teh lion!!

  2. I love how the white cat looks so nonchalant when she stepped out of the box.

  3. Mary (the first) says:

    I was hoping for a Maru-like “ka-sproing” out of the box once the lid was freed up. On another note, how the heck many kittehs do those people have?? Or is it a kitteh day care, perhaps?

  4. OMG I was there at Nekobukuro last year!!!! It´s one of the cat cafés in Tokyo!!! See this video I did while there featuring the Lion Cat, but with all his fur! 😀

    PS. Great magic trick, btw. 🙂

  5. victoreia says:

    “Let. Me. Out!”


    “That’s the last time I fall for that trick!”

  6. She’s all, “Meh. Nothing that a good head shake can’t fix.”

  7. Looks more like stupid kitty in box wondering why lid is stuck and even dumber kitty wondering why seat is all jiggy!

  8. crazy cat lady is more like it

  9. See my comment below – it´s one of the cat cafés that are so famous in Japan. And I was there last year on my birthday! *bounces*

  10. I love that lion! Roar!

  11. Cats’ lack of object permanence cracks me up. “MOO HA HA! I shall stuff you in this box and sit on it! …Hey, why’s this box moving? That’s weird. Oh dude, there’s a cat in there!”

  12. I don’t know what’s more entertaining – the little meanie or the funny little lion!

  13. It’s the ghost of Wilford Brimley, not a lion!

  14. Entropy's Bitch says:

    *derp derp derp*. Dis is fun ride. Wish Spot were here. Where he go? Derp derp….OMG, A LION!

  15. Jack: Kate, we must get back to the island. This is all wrong – Esau is supposed to be the one stuck down there, not Jacob!

  16. Hahaha I love the appreciative pat on the shoulder when the box cat finally gets free, “Thanks for participating, pal!”

    And ooooh want to cuddle old-man-lion cat!! He looks so wise.

  17. “Where did he go? Where did he go?” Thump thump thump under butt. “Oh. There he is.” And love the lion kitty!

  18. skippymom says:

    Hey ceejoe, is that your house?

  19. LOL great comment

  20. Kitteh Day Care – I want that job –

  21. And, “Gee, that was fun. Now, what else is there to do around here besides GETTING STUCK IN A BOX???”

  22. The other videos of this cat are of him grabbing other cats’ paws and telling them to “Stop hitting yourself”.

  23. Simba gotsta check out the sitch!

  24. Get in the car!!1!

  25. Aww, I was gonna mention that pat! At 1:17, that’s EXACTLY what he’s doing: “Good job, sport!”

  26. I love how the cat in the box just sinks down when the lid is closed. Doesn’t fight it at all. Then the kitty on top is totally baffled when the box starts moving. I’m not even sure the black kitty was aware that he trapping another kitty when he closed the lid. “OMG! IT’S ALIVE!”

  27. eternalcanadian says:

    Hahaha! So funny, especially when the grey cat sat on the box! That looks like a really cool cat daycare. And whoa at that “lion” cat. I guess people do fix up their cats like they do dogs? 😉

  28. wildviolette says:

    MASSIVE love for this comment. MASSIVE.

  29. I wonder if he’s groomed that way or if he’s a breed whose fur grows that way. I’m guessing there’s human intervention in the form of an electric razor rather than genetics. He really looks quite lion-y.

  30. And when the white cat comes out of the box, Blackie’s all “How did you do that???” :mrgreen:

  31. The appearance of epic lion-cat at :38 is my favourite bit xD

  32. Kitties EVERYWHERE…I love it! >^.^<

  33. too many awesome things going on in this one video.

  34. cats are awesome. look at how cute the white kitty is, and how he disappears, and how curious that grey kitty is, and the thumping box, and OMG LOOK AT THE LION!!! run away! run away!!!

  35. LOL!! I like the way you think!!

  36. Dagnabbit! I was just coming to get Meg’s address so I could send her this and here it is!

    I absolutely love the little lion kiteh!

  37. (The Original) Mel says:

    Lol. Thanks for that.

  38. I used to have a little kitty tent. It looked just like a miniature pyramid-shaped nylon tent, and would pop open, and had a hole in front. When Murphy would go inside the tent, Niko (who was larger at the time) would go push it over and sit on it, with Murphy inside. This scenario would repeat itself numerous times. 🙂

  39. He’s a longhair that’s been put into a lion cut. We do that to some of our longhaired shelter cats so that their coats don’t mat and for some relief during the summer heat.

  40. Love the paw on the back to the cat when it comes out of the box like “Hey man. You know I was just kidding right?”

  41. Unfortunately the people at Tosh.O found this clip as well. While I usually like their snark, I reject their characterization of these clearly curious, totally trapped, and likely leonine cats!

  42. Get in the Plane.

    But sir, it’s only a model.

    Get in the Plane.

  43. From the back he looked like a high maintenance lady with an apartment on CPW in her winter coat. Telltale Fendi high collar.


    Seriously, though. I love how Lion kitty comes over to see what all the fuss is, and to help Blackie figure out why the box is moving.

  45. BRAVO !!!!

  46. Grey cat: “So are the rumours true?’

    White cat: “Yes it is a time travelling device! I knew it! Your turn.”

  47. Love the lion. And the flasher.

  48. T H A N K S !!!!

  49. Georgiabelle says:

    I like to think that it was more like a, “Oh hey, that’s where you went!”

  50. Moi, Actually says:

    Yeah. Where is this wonderful place with herds of wild lion-kitties and friendly two-legged staff? Wanna go live there–or at least visit.

  51. 3 hours of sleep last night. Needed that, thanks!

  52. Flowerfanatic says:

    He’s a Persian with a LION cut!! Easiest way not to have to deal with a cat with a heavy coat. They think they look equisite!! The walk is even more regal than before. 🙂 I speak from having Persians for 25 years.

  53. A Spruce Goose gag… You win comment of the day!

  54. LOL – no lion kitties at my house…
    I was gonna say though, that I want to work there!

  55. Why do you have to call the kitties stupid and dumb? Maybe they were just kind of having some fun in a cute way?

  56. First of all, Barbarella, you’re pretty adorable your own self. But those kitties are to die for!! Thanks for sharing. *hug*

  57. bob drummond says:

    I am surprised that the liberated cat didn’t smack the grey one after he/she was freed from the box . And ,yes , I too was taken back by that kitty with the Lion style hair cut.
    Very ferocious looking too. Yuck,yuk,yuk !!! As for the Flasher, you never know when one’s gonna pop up and shock you !!!!

  58. Emmberrann says:

    I dunno…. Some people say that the long hair acts like a protection against the heat. Are we hoomans projecting our reaction to the heat on the feelines? Never had a longhair that would sit still long enough to get shaved, so I dunno….

  59. What kind of a-hole shaves a cat like that?

  60. TrixandSam says:

    It’s definitely a relief for the long-haired kitty. My sis had a sand-colored longhair and she’d take him in for a lion cut. Between his size (huge) and his gait (slinky) and his coloring (aforementioned sand) he was absolutely regal in his cut. He flaunted it! The undercoat of a kitty is velvety and he loved belly rubs where he could really feel it.

  61. TrixandSam says:

    Lovely! The sheer joy on your face, Barbarella, is as much fun to watch as seeing the kitties. Thanks for sharing!

  62. TrixandSam says:

    Michelle, some people just make dumb comments, that’s why.

  63. TrixandSam says:

    Take a look at one of your old grade school pictures. You know, the one that makes you cringe. Now ask your question in context of that.

  64. TrixandSam says:

    Hmm, that’s supposed to be in reply to Austin.

  65. The owner of a long-haired cat who lives in a hot climate (Japan in this case). It’s called a “lion cut” and is done for the cat’s comfort. It doesn’t hurt the cat at all, and makes it not only physically cooler, but less prone to fur-matting.

  66. Sharon Wilson says:

    This totally reminds me of the episode of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” where the toddler closes the lid of the sandbox while another toddler’s inside!

  67. I’m sure it wasn’t as cute though, if it had actual human children in it. Ewww. 😉

  68. Sasha's Mum says:

    People people, you are interpreting this *all wrong*! It is in fact a new form of boxhab — run by cats, for cats. Studies have show that kittehs are far less likely to fall off the box waggon when their treatment is homospecies.

  69. I think they say long fur is protection against the sun, not the heat.

  70. The cat equivalent of a high school senior stuffing the freshman into a locker.

  71. Same here 😀

  72. 😆 I agree 😆

  73. Dang it, no lion cat when I went. *pouts*

  74. I may be the only one here that doesn’t get the bullying vibe from this. At the very start of the video, the white kitty tries to pull the lid down on himself, & the grey one comes up all “here, let me help you with that. . . “

  75. My long-hair tortie spends the summer on top of her favorite air conditioning floor vent. Then she joins me in the loo from time to time and asks for a drink of cool water from the sink faucet. I also put ice cubes in her water dish but mostly they just make messy toys for my GBCWBGE tom.

  76. Well, it’s quite the stunning ‘do for a Persian!

  77. Thanks for all the great info on the “lion,” everyone!

  78. If I ever hit Lotto, that’s what I’m going to do as my 9 to 5. And I’ll donate my earnings to a shelter.

  79. If that ain’t wholesome family entertainment, I don’t know what is!

  80. I can’t believe that no one has mentioned the epic display of “junk” at 21 seconds. I guess when there’s so much else going on with lion cats etc, those things get ignored.

  81. LOL!

  82. remains of the day says:

    OMG, old man cat looks like he has a Santa Claus beard at :38 even more than a lion cut. Much higher qte factor than box cats IMO.

  83. Thanks 🙂 Lots of my friends are still upset at the ending, but the show’s greatest strength is its characters, the way it shows how, even though from moment to moment people think they’re acting out of 100% free will, they’re still to a large extend bounded by wounds from the past, and all the anger, regrets, longings, etc that come with it. The more important thing for many of them really is that, in their efforts to deal with the challenging situation they found themselves in, they found healing, either through people or circumstances, and was released mentally from those injuries, and can go on living healthy, fulfilling lives. Story wise it’s not that important they explain what the island is, and whether people got off it.

  84. I noticed it only because my tabby with the exact same coloration has the exact same black ‘area’ that she loves to flash everyone with (and yes I think that kitty is a girl, not some post-nuter boy bits, though I could certainly be wrong).

    For half a second you think it must be her butt but NOPE. And yes she’s of course fixed I think she’s just too dumb to realize she’s letting herself hang out. It probably doesn’t help that it’s randomly the only dark spot in that whole region either, or that she’s a champion butt-to-facer, lol.

    Somehow all the other cats are much more respectful, including her sister, who is a total ninja master of the modesty tail.

  85. starlinguk says:

    Long fur serves as “air conditioning” by basically creating a breeze.

    But in shelters it’s really hard to keep up with grooming long-haired kitties, and then it’s more humane to give the beasties a lion cut. Roar.

  86. starlinguk says:

    I dunno, my cat really *is* dumb. I wish he’d grow brains.

  87. starlinguk says:


  88. 0:56 Simba… TO THE RESCUE!

  89. Space Cowgirl says:

    And that’s how the box habit gets started. The first one is always free.

  90. OMG. Lion cat totally stole the show. Must have cat NOW!!!

  91. Tee hee, thanks Rachael! 😉 *head swells*

  92. That´s cause I was in *heaven*! I visited two cat cafés in my week in Tokyo, my blog post, pics and videos are here if you´re interested: (Nekobukuro cat café)
    (Calico Cat Café)

  93. *gigglesnort2* 😉

  94. Flasher! LOL! 😉

  95. Our Janelle, who is a golden shaded Persian like the lion cat in this video, also gets a lion cut during the summer here (hot temps between 30-40C on our islands).

  96. Actually, two people here did! They said they liked the “Flasher”. 😉

  97. okay, here’s my offer: you pay the expenses and i’ll let you fill all my empty suitcases with anything you want. 🙂

  98. I was really hoping for a “POP! Goes the Kitteh!” there…