The Seal of Disapproval!

We’re here with noted lettuce connoisseur BunLov, to taste-test Farmer Ignatz’s new “Like Buttah” Lettuce. BunLov, try a leaf and tell us what you think…

(And now BunLov is nibbling… Thinking it over…)

“I mildly disapprove!”

And there you have it, friends! Farmer Ignatz’s “Like Buttah” Lettuce has the taste even the most disapproving bunnies can almost tolerate! Try some today!

Nice Groucho ‘stache, Vanessa G. More pics at


  1. 260Oakley says:

    Attila the Bun believes that the sub-standard lettuce problem needs a-dressing. He prefers ranch.

  2. victoreia says:

    *golf clap* I prefer sesame dressing, myself.

  3. Digitoonie says:


  4. Groucho’stacheular disapproval…can.. no longer…continue… with my Monday…

  5. Fird Birfle says:

    “can almost tolerate” = HAW !!!

  6. bunny leeps! BUNNY LEEPS! *ded*

  7. I knoooooowww!!!

  8. zee leeps! zee leeps!!

    and isn’t there an old post with a bunneh making this face?? something about a new bunneh emotion??

  9. ahhh here it is:

    a “shocking” new bunneh emotion :D

  10. (The Original) Mel says:

    That’s it. I’m getting a Groucho stache and wearing it to work.

  11. Call me a PBS nerd, but I’d have named him Hercule.

  12. 260Oakley says:

    by Agatha Crispy?
    (I’ll save you all the trouble and do the groaning for you on this one.)

  13. Poirot ref. = win! Hi, My name is Rebecca and I’m not only a PBS nerd but I also have a daily NPR habit…

  14. Rebecca, I think you’ll find the support you need here on CO. You’re in good company, or so we like to think,,,,

  15. Aaaand ain’t nobody agooin’ to tell us diff’ernt!

  16. “Farmer Ignatz’s “Like Buttah” Lettuce…..”

    So very Linda Richmond. I LUV EET!

  17. Fird Birfle says:

    “Tawk amongst yuhselves. Ah’m verklempt ….” :)

  18. bunn – neeee mouf!!!1

  19. it’s Anton Ego in bunneh form :D

  20. I dunno…but in the first pic, BunLov almost appears to be smiling. (squints at picture) That can’t possibly be right…can it?

  21. Let me check… no, the world does not appear to have ended… so abvy that cannot be a smiling bunny ;)

  22. arrg, abvy supposed to be obvy.
    *staggers away, muttering about spell checking B4 hitting post*

  23. When I saw the title, I was hoping for a seal. You know, the flippered kind.

  24. Ditto. Seals usually look so happy, I thought a disapproving one would be pretty cool.

  25. BumbleBeeBunny says:

    I too was hoping for an actual seal…. it’s WAY PAST time that we’ve had a BIG blorp post around here. I could fill a BOX with all these cat and bunny posts.

  26. *noms the ears right off that disapproving bunneh*

  27. Except his ‘stache is above his nose rather than under it. :{^)

  28. He’s very self-conscious about that….

  29. Excuse me, I believe you meant this:
    Frowning Seal

    I mean, it’s a Seal. And it clearly disapproves.

  30. Well, of course. That seal is from St. Tudwal’s Island, fer Pete’s sake!

  31. Clicked on the link, and now I must apologize. I have no idea for what, but I am compelled.

  32. That last picture is a very rare occurrence of the elusive bunny “meh”.

  33. Those are the cutest leeps!! Smooch!

  34. victoreia says:

    “He almost likes it. Hey Mikey!”

    (Wha?? This isn’t the cereal commercial?)

  35. Omigosh! My sister and I were just talking bout that commercial tonight! Cool.

  36. EEEEE! He almost looks like he’s smiling in the last pic!

  37. Methinks this bun will be receiving some extreme censure from bun-friends who are shocked, I say SHOCKED, that he gave even the tiniest amount of approval to ANYTHING a hoomin did! (He can come hid out with me til the coast is clear! :-))

  38. …eh hem *cough*…that would be “HIDE out with me.” sheesh…

  39. Waiter, there’s a salad in my hare!

  40. Fird Birfle says:

    *admiring sounds from the audience*

  41. Aw. Isn’t lettuce bad for rabbits? I was taught that they enjoy it but it can be harmful to their health. Long-term, as well as causing some short-term diarrhoea action. (Likewise for cabbage, broccoli, and others.)

    Maybe the variety of lettuce being fed there is okay? *hopes*

  42. Iceberg lettuce isn’t good for bunnies – it’s high in water and low in nutrients, and can give a bun poopy-butt.

    Other kinds like romaine, green leaf, red leaf, etc are fine.

    Some buns have gas issues with things like broccoli of cabbage, so it depends on the bun – some handle them just fine. My late great PepperBunny had a cast-iron tummy and could handle anything – including soap. hair conditioner, toothpaste, candles, magazine return cards….

  43. good for disposing of the evidence, if it came to that.

    you know, as a backup plan.

    just in case.

  44. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Scroll pat the bun’s eyes on any of these pictures, and you have almost the same thing as that “Disapproval at a Different Level” post.


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