Raised By Ferrets

The little orphan child, who mysteriously appeared one day, was taken in by the local ferrets and raised as one of their own. They take baths together, followed by a bedtime story, then steal some jewelry, hide dirty socks and tunnel under the rug. Just like a real family.

Angus & Trouble are all rub a dub-dubble trub, Stacey J.!



  1. Do they foil evil cult leaders together like a family too? (extra cookies for those who get THIS geek reference)

  2. Oooooooooooh……a tub full ‘o’ cute.

  3. I never had bath toys like that when I was little. 😦

  4. I can barely stand eet! The baldness juxtaposed with the furry paper towel tubes. I am going to bed now on that happy note!

  5. Reminds me of Beast Master…;)

  6. freetomato says:

    Nice marmots.

  7. Wow, I was taken in and raised by WASP’s, this looks like more fun.

  8. Bottle Green says:

    What I desperately want to know is were the ferrets put in there, or did they get in there themselves?

    I feel like ferrets go wherever they wish.

  9. I wish I was raised by ferrets. 😦

  10. Rubber duckies, fuzzy ferret, it’s all in a days work for baby.

  11. ROTFL!!!!!

  12. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    Where are the hawk and black tiger? and the dude in a loincloth?

  13. Pretty much they do what they want. Ferret motto: “How messy can this get? REALLY messy? Count us in!”

  14. This picture is coming out again on prom night, I just know it. Hee!

  15. Timing is everything, AB.

  16. These furry dyer vent hoses look like way more fun than my Littlechap dolls ever were.

  17. Ferrit’s Bueller’s Day Off…

  18. So many geek cookies to pass out.

  19. bookmonstercats says:

    Well yes, I AM jealous that I wasn’t raised by ferrets, since you ask ;).

  20. Oakley? Is that you?

  21. Andrea T. says:

    This is so incredibly irresponsible for CuteOverload to post this photo – especially considering that earlier this year ferrets chewed the fingers off a baby in Missouri and they have a reputation for attacking babies. They mix them up with prey. Google it or just read it here: http://blogs.riverfronttimes.com/dailyrft/2011/01/missouri_ferret_attack_not_isolated_incident.php

  22. *spitting coffee* Needed a laugh this morning. Thanks!

  23. Me too! I’m sure I’d be a totally better person if I had been. 🙂

  24. bookmonstercats says:

    I once nursed a ferret back to health, in my bathroom, after he had been winged by a car. He was very neat and tidy, to my surprise.

  25. bookmonstercats says:

    Is it too early to ask how it’s going, over across the pond? It sounds dreadful. I gather winds are up to 115 mph, and there has been loss of life. My thoughts and prayers are with the eastern coast of the USA. We mentioned you all in our prayers in church this morning.

  26. 260Oakley says:

    It would not be ferret all for me to get credit for ^oo^’s witty remark.

  27. Andi from NC says:

    The best part is that the bebeh seems completely oblivious of and/or accustomed to the ferrets. Bebeh is like: “Yeah, yeah I bathe with ferrets, doesn’t everyone?? I think I’ll just reach over here…”

  28. hee. adorable~can’t help but to remember that my ferrets LOVED pooping in the tub though, and now I’m all “oooh, ick.”

  29. Well, to be fair, so did all the babies I babysit, so they’re even…

  30. This isn’t cute, it is mostly child endangerment.

  31. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    LOL! Good one!

  32. Hey, the kid’s just saving on the water usage, wahsing the fuzzy knee socks at the same time as bathing! Way to be environmentally friendly! 😉

  33. AIIIIGH! Giant weasels and a helpless baby!

    (Just kidding, this is adorable. But I admit my first thought was CHOMP.)

  34. Fird Birfle says:

    heh heh….

    That is All; Over & Out…..

  35. Fird Birfle says:

    “DON”T GO DOWN into the cellar !!!!!” 😯

  36. cellarmouse says:

    those are some big-boy ferrets … my grandferret li’l darlin’ could’ve swum in that water…

  37. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    It’s true that they kind of smell, but you get used to it after a while. And the ferret smell, too.


  39. anonymous coward says:

    you owe me a new keyboard.

  40. luvstehQte says:

    all i can say is, that must be at least the third child in the family: first child is protected at all times from everything by parental force field; second child brings introduction of the 15 second rule; third child just gets thrown into the bath with the family pets and whatever else might be handy.

  41. Andrea T., obviously a grown-up was supervising this baby and these ferrets. Otherwise there wouldn’t be a picture of them.

  42. See my comment above. THERE WAS A GROWNUP WITH THEM; someone had to take that photo. If the ferrets had behaved aggressively I’m sure they’d be out of the tub in a second.

  43. One of these things is not like the others…! 😉

  44. Bumble The Bunny says:

    i’ll trade them for my rubber duckie!

  45. bookmonstercats says:

    How very, very true. My grown-up children delight in telling all their friends about how eccentric their upbringing was (they liken it to the Addams Family), compared with the ever-present parental force field everybody else lived behind. However, they will be wildly jealous that they didn’t get to share their bath-time with ferrets. I will just have to explain, apologetically, that I simply didn’t have any ferrets to hand at the time.

  46. If this is irresponsible, than so is posting pictures of babies with dogs. Dogs sometimes attack people, and yet no-one complains if pictures of happy babies and dogs are posted. Posting a picture of a happy situation is not irresponsible.

    It’s great to see all three of these ‘critters’ enjoying their bath time!

  47. Yes, I agree! Look at all the bite marks, bruises and scars coupled with the terrifed look on his face…

  48. tigerbunny says:

    Actually, if you read the comments on this article, http://blogs.riverfronttimes.com/dailyrft/2011/06/parents_charged_in_ferret_attack.php , in which the parents are charged with endangerment, there are very compelling arguments that the parents were very likely blaming the ferret for injuries caused in another manner. I recommend trying to get a complete story, rather than relying on one, sensationalist article. No pasickies here.

  49. Aquamarine says:

    this is kind of you, BMC. here in sunny and once-again-hot-as-hell central NC, we only had lots of wind and some rain. a few trees down. apparently the end of the pier at atlantic beach got chewed off, and one of the highways to the outerbanks is washed out.

  50. But how do you know I wasn’t, in fact, raised by ferrets?

  51. LOL, Kar. I was too. I’ve joked often that I was born into an Italian or Jewish family and switched at birth. I always felt I was adopted….don’t know what that says about my level of security and maturity as a child. However, my parents only let me bathe with cats, never ferrets.

  52. Especially the dude in the loin cloth…Oh I really meant the pretty kitty he hung out with. 😀

  53. Mine is the same situation as Aquamarine. North Carolina is repairing the damage and the governor says we’ll be back open for tourism business in a week or two. It could have been a lot worse. Thanks for asking!

  54. baileysgrandmom says:

    Mmm…most of the children I encounter these days appear to have been raised by wolves. Maybe ferrets would be an improvement!

  55. TheWardenOfHouseSimsimTheCat says:

    I second the idea of this being a very grave lapse in parental responsibility. Babies are well documented to take great pleasure in chomping on kitties’ tails. Imagine what monstrosities might take place. The sweet ferrets will be scarred, or at least bent-tailed, for life. I’m reporting this to the authorities and will demand that the custody of these furry babies is transferred to myself as of NOW.
    *sits in a quarter filled tub, thumb twiddling, awaiting impatiently*

  56. At least they are clean or wet or both.

  57. Fird Birfle says:

    @ bmc:

    it’s Sunday night as I’m writing this and the weather system is still drenching people somewhere in the farthest Northern states but it is no longer a hurricane system; winds gusting are less ferocious now that it has chewed up & spit out some stuff over land for about 48 hours now. Lots and lots of debris and some serious large old trees collapsing and crashing and about a gazillion people w/o power … the last time I had heard there were indeed approx 8-10 deaths likely attributed to / resulting from some aspect of the conditions. At two different locations, at two different times, I heard news anchors specifically state that drenching, continuing rains occurred (sp?) at their two cities for OVER 30 consecutive hours without letup. 😯

  58. Fird Birfle says:

    ka-CHING!!!! WINNER!!!!!

  59. Well, I was adopted hence the joke. I’m not caucasian so at the time it was unusual.

    My father promised my mother that if she delivered the first baby, he’d deliver the second one. And he did.

    She was laid up after a back surgery so he went overseas alone to pick me up. Where he promptly indoctrinated me with a bottle of Coca-Cola. I’m still drinking the stuff.

  60. The ferrets are totally “Ew, there’s a primate in our soup!”

  61. parental forcefield *ROFL*

    about endangerment, the only beings that have bitten me (so far) were my nephew and my dwarf rabbit…and to be fair, I was going after the rabbits carrot.

  62. bookmonstercats says:

    Thank you all for reporting back. I’m so glad that you’re all safe and well. The clean-up is going to be ghastly, but I suppose it could have been worse.

  63. I have to agree with Andrea, it was very very irresponsible of the parent(s). A baby bathing on the same water that animals are being bathed on are not sanitary. These pets, as cute as they may be, are carriers of worms, bacterias, fungus, etc, that can be very dangerous to the baby. It was disturbing to me to see the baby’s genitals in contact with water that the animals are swimming on. Not cute.

  64. Cirocco J says:

    Children should be kept safe in force fields, fed through sterilized tubes, and housed in steel cages a mile underground (encased in bedrock). And, of course only subjected to cultural data your neighbors and people in the grocery aisle consider appropriate.

    Get a life, people.

  65. Oh for gawd’s sake. ’nuff of the nuffing already! Kids play with pet cats, dogs, ferrets, hamsters, rats, and gerbils. Kids grab tails and stuff them in their mouths, grab kibble and nom it, sleep with pets, eat with pets, and yes, bathe with pets on occasion. Farm kids, like my mother, came in contact with pig poop, cow poop, horse poop, chicken poop… and they’re FINE.

    Parents are NOT irresponsible for letting their kids have contact with animals. CO is NOT irresponsible for showing a photo of a happy baby in a tub with a couple of family pets. The kiddo looks pretty big, pink, healthy, and obviously comfortable with his pets!

  66. Nice marmot.

  67. My two sisters and I were raised by/with ferrets (although not bathed with them, as far as I can remember). They never once showed any aggression to my sisters as babies. Also, if bathed regularly, ferrets are fairly clean animals. I think as long as there is adult supervision, there is no danger here.

  68. Thanks for the sanctimommy comments Flavia and Andrea! Can’t just post something cute without some self appointed child police jumping in, now can we? Why don’t you go be superior on other pages, where someone cares!
    (my ferrets are cleaner than most kids this age. but you don’t care!)

  69. Amen.

  70. Sorry Staceyjw, I’m not going to “other pages” just because you don’t like my opinion. Re: your ferrets being cleaner than most kids, I guess it’s ok letting kids eat off of pet’s dishes too, right?

  71. Aquamarine says:

    This may seem off-topic, but did you know it is next to *impossible* to buy a real pinata anymore? You have to buy this fakey kind, that the kids pull strings from the bottom of, to release the goodies. They are called “safe” pinatas–no hitting necessary.

    Anybody care to join me in barfing over this state of hyper-protectiveness?

  72. Any one ever see that badger scene in the Salton Sea? Sorry, I’ll go sit in the corner/moderation.

  73. Babies tend to have a smell about them that make ferrets think of prey. In fact, what parent would leave their young child unsupervised with any type of animal anyways?

  74. I guess you aren’t a fan of going to the beach either then?

  75. Whaaa? Ferrets are the only known animal to ever EVER harm a child … Pitt bull attacks are a conspiracy by the AKC. Cat-scratch fever is a myth! …. excuse me… I’ve typed too long without lathering myself in Purell. . . . besides, I’ve got some other battles to fight; my neighbor claims her daughter is allergic to bees and still lets her play outside… since this is a clear exaggeration, I’m going to steal her Epi-pen.

  76. give me a break, funny how ppl only read 1 side of the story. Those irresposible parents are now jailed for neglect. I suppose you dont let your kids outside either in case they catch a cold……the baby is cute, the ferrets are cuter and together they are awesome. Get a life!

  77. Oh my GAWD. Can we call a meeting and all agree to dispense with the ridiculousness?

  78. Better yet, why don’t you go lecture her about keeping her kid locked up in her room where she won’t come in contact with any bees.

  79. I can’t decide which probably stinks more: the sweet furry animals, or that THING without fur…..

  80. Well, you guys obviously haven’t seen children suffering from worms they caught from animals. When I was a kid I unfortunately experienced that problem first hand, and it was not fun. And I caught it from playing on the beach, where many animal enthusiasts took their beloved pets to play as well. I have nothing against pets. I love them and had many throughout my life – birds, dogs, fish, you name it. But pets are not humans, they have their own needs and health issues as do humans. Pets should not eat our cooked food – which can seriously compromise their health, and certainly, babies should not bathe in the same water that the pets do, which as cute/’clean’ as pets can be, they urinate, salivate, etc on the water which could do serious harm to the baby. I’m not advocating locking up a child and not allowing contact to pets, but some basic hygiene can go a long way. That’s all.

  81. Jazza, I LOVE the beach, actually, always did. Thanks for asking. I’m still not fan of babies bathing with ferrets, though.

  82. remains of the day says:

    The point being missed here, is, the baby can’t defend itself against the ferrets, and the ferrets can’t defend themselves against the baby. Therefore, they don’t belong in the same tub.

  83. The very fact that they’re being photographed tends to imply that they aren’t unsupervised.

  84. In a Post-Big Lebowski era, I feel that ferrets and hoomans in bath tubs is a scary subject.

  85. The only thing I can think is that if this is a boy baby one of the ferrets is going to see a worm and go for it XD

  86. That is one muscly baby!

  87. weasel wardancer says:

    I miss my ferrets. Damn that lymphosarcoma.

  88. I bet more children get hurt from bicycling than get bit or sick from ferrets.

    Bicycles are not hygienic and should be outlawed!