Strayche, Interrupted

The classic strayche has a beginning, a stretchy middle, and an end, but this sleepy kitty seems content to stop at step two.


  1. That pink bloated belleh needs kisses!

  2. You are so right Michelle!

  3. I agree and also the little head needs kisses :D

  4. I love how the peenkness of the blankeet breengs out the peekness of his skeen and toebeans!

  5. and mouf and nose!

  6. My human behbeh used to act just like that!

    Also, I would be remiss if I neglected to say PEENK!

  7. look at that fat belleh filled with meelks!!

  8. kibblenibble says:

    I KNOW!!! :-)

  9. AWW :D Now we can be happy knowing that little kitty is being well-cared for seeing that little tummy so round and full of kitty milk :D

  10. Fat stripey belleh looks like kitty swallowed a large pear whole.

  11. Emmberrann says:

    Wotta qte bebeh! Teeny tiny tabbeh tongue! Big, blotchedy, bulgedy, belleh! Maybe if I put my ear close to the screen I can hear his honkshu? No, computer is convinced it is deaf, although everything is installed properly…… *sending bebehkitteh happy bebehkitteh dreams*

  12. I think my heart stopped the entire time I was watching that. Cuteness kills, people. Cuteness KILLS.

  13. Oh yeah, this one definitely kills!!

  14. They should put a health warning, like they put on cigarette packets!

  15. Just getting ready to signal all those touchdowns the Bengals are gonna score this seaso… er, the Panthers are gonna sc… um, the Lions? …Jaguars?

    On second thought, it may be a rough year to be a feline football fan.

  16. Falling asleep in the middle of a stretch? What’s next? Dozing off in the middle of a yawn?

  17. You have GOT to be kidding me! Fat stripey belleh is too much!!

  18. Whoa, man, this is some good ‘nip, man… It’s like.. Whoa! Dood! Look at my haaaaands….

  19. Call a neurologist because my brain just flatlined.

  20. victoreia says:

    I would, but I just…..[ded]

  21. That peenk nose and lips— those stretched out feets… OMG! No, no, not a round stripy belleh too!! I need oxygen.

  22. Ooooh, he’s doing catlisthenics!

  23. This is a Japanese “Banzai” kitteh!!! Lucky Japanese owner. This kitteh/nekko belleh is a thing of beauty to be admired worldwide.

  24. So strecheeee and delicious!

  25. THAT BELLY! It needs… smooching! D8

  26. skippymom says:

    If I had that kitten, I would rig up some sort of harness by which he would be strapped to my head so that the belly was always in contact with my nose and mouth. Yeah, that’s what I would do.

  27. eeeeek that is the BEST IDEA EVER!!! Constant snorgle!!

  28. Yeah, till he weed on you.

  29. …and reality rears its ugly head…

  30. In moderation…again. (was it the word “_ears”?) Very sleepy. Where are the blankies and hot cocoa?

  31. Wow a new yoga move. Any ideas for a good name.

  32. Upward-facing kitten? long day, I got nuttin’!

  33. my fully-grown (but still my baby) cat does that, except it’s usually: sleeping, stretch to play with toy, become quickly uninterested with toy, go back to sleep, still stretched.

  34. DED

  35. Ehn!

  36. More like Eh…

  37. Well, I thought I’d make a comment but then I saw the video and now I’m sitting here glassy-eyed and drooling. Wasnt’ it already too cute without adding the lethal belleh?


    Why no pet? That kitty is sending you a signal and you are totes dropping the ball.

  39. Love, love, love the belleh, but I am obsessed with those feetles.

    I need some CLARIFICATION, PLEASE, regarding toe beans, etc.: Obvy we know that the little oval bumpular things are toe beans. But it that beautiful big bumpy pad (deliciously obsidian on this kitteh) just simply called a pad? Foot pad? Toe pad? Padderoonie? Podal pad? Pleasure pad? Puddy pad? Pudding pad? Custard cloud? What is the correct terminology, so that I may order up about 10,000 of them to line my bathtub?

  40. Someone say pudding? *SPLUCK*

  41. Emmberrann says:

    Oh, Theresa, you have got *that* sound down pat! Ah, pudding! I loves it.

  42. WHAT THE HEL-, aren’t those urban myths?

    Oh, BANzai kitten. Nevermind.

  43. :lol:

  44. What a cute little tummy!

  45. I’m so hooked, must keep replaying, rewatching with bigger smiles each time – now pudding face!!!!

  46. Dis is how I going to get beeeeeeeg!!!

  47. must…snorgle…belleh…irrisistuuuble…nom nom nom

  48. Okay The Blood rush to my head!!! I think I found my krptonite!

  49. flutterby says:

    I’m definitely littehtonic from that anerable belleh and *gaw* those toebeans and the puddy pads *gasp* ~ ded

  50. My tortie does this, but she rolls around on her back so that you cannot MISS the belleh, DEMANDING that her belleh MUST be worshipped, OR she will trip you!

  51. snoopysnake says:

    Impossible not to cursor-belly-rub it! Squee to the squee power, factorial!


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