Sensing a shadow of doom, kitty looks up just in time to see Auntie Doozy’s derriere descending. Nooo, I’m sittin’ heeeere…

Puttin’ up pointy bits in poking position!

Sender-inner Eva P. volunteers at New York City Animal Care & Control.



  1. OMG toe bean splayage!

  2. bob drummond says:

    If I were Superman I’d rush in save the little guy from being turned into a flap jack
    or a kitten fritter . I hope someone else got there in time to save the little tyke !!!

  3. Paw-splosion!

  4. Those toebeans are MIGHTY pink, lol!!!! To match the wittle leeps. And the gorgeous aqua eyes are a lovely counterpoint!

  5. Moi, Actually says:

    Flower feet in a nouveau version.

  6. 260Oakley says:

    Beware, kitteh, for the (rear)End is Near!

  7. swampdiamonds says:

    Kitty toes!

  8. Fird Birfle says:

    moi, je concur.

  9. Yes! I was also going to comment on the peeenk and the bluuuuue!

    And let’s also notice the impressive whiskerage!

  10. OMG!!! The pinkest toe beans I have ever seen!

  11. What beautiful eyes! Love the peenk leeps, too.

  12. Beautiful eye liner.

  13. Jazz paws!!

  14. oh the wittle pink mouf!!! the toe beans so soft and pink and the eyes……
    must nom-nom that wittle kittie..oh so cute!!! truly an overload of cute…..

  15. horseypower says:

    LOL! Instantly reminded me of the many years of dance lessons! 🙂 & what an adorable little kitten!!!

  16. Oh those toebeans! They look so soft and squishy. And I love how beautifully the kitty’s dark coloring serves to highlight the gorgeous pastel eyes, lips and toes. Such a beauty.

  17. TOE BEANS!!!

  18. Fird Birfle says:


  19. The pink! the blue! the most beautiful kitten picture, and the cleanest paw ever

  20. dangerous high-five!

  21. I can’t decide which is cuter, those pink pawpads, the peenk lips, those lovely white whiskers, those baby blues that would make Paul Newman jealous or those amazing markings on that little face.

  22. What a fantastic picture! the pink leeps, the blue eyes, the tiny paw. Perfection in cuteness.

  23. Watch out Auntie Doozy. Those prickles look pokey.

  24. Stick ’em with the pointy end…

  25. Yes!! The lovely aqua-blue, the peachy pink pads and the candy pink lipsies! Those shiny little pad morsels are pure heaven.

  26. Looks like a case of Emergency Jazz Hands. Good thing he got the white gloves on in time.

  27. Somebody snapped an insanely great photo of this gorgeous kitty morsel!

  28. SlaveToCat says:

    The Red Sox signed a multi million dollar deal to obtain a new catcher from the Tigers.

    He has been sent to the PawSox camp, for training, prior to making his big debut at Fenway Park.

  29. WHAM!

  30. My Pointy Enz: I deploys them.

  31. My thoughts exactly! Excellent photo of a delectable kitten.

  32. First thing crossed my mind…

    “Oh, y ahora, quien podra denfenderme?” (Oh, and now, who will protect me?)
    (El Chapolin Colorado”) – “YOO”


  34. Oooh! Moderation station. It’s a little early for a mojito, but who am I to say no? *settles down, grabs the booze and a handful of popcorn* 🙂

  35. Oh noes! Two comments in moderation station. I’ll behave. Honest!

  36. Empressgoth says:

    I want to hug em and sqeeze em and kissing smootching..Okay I am getting carried away! Sorry..but Loooook!

  37. No, I don’t think so ! (stands in line behind you waiting for my turn)

  38. Is this the line to kiss and cuddle that sweet little kitty? (standing behind MudBug)

  39. Did you wash between your paw pads like I told you to? Hold them up and let me see. Okay, good, you can have your dinner now. (p.s. want that kitty!)

  40. STC, you leave me in ecstasy with your Red Sox references.

  41. halp! is there a mashup artist in the house?

  42. I love the little smile, saying oh so sweetly, Here, Auntie, I have something for you!

  43. hahahaha :))

    Now, seriously, the pinkness of the paws and lips added to the bluest of all ‘blueses’ in this kitty is just magnificent…


  45. Most precious kitten EVAR! Turquoise eyes!

  46. snoopysnake says:

    Jason Varikat?

  47. snoopysnake says:

    Gorgeous to the max! I want nail polish in this color, stat!

  48. victoreia says:

    “Your ability to terrorize me is insignificant next to the power of the Qte.” [/incongruous James Earl Jones voice]

  49. Oooooooooooh, you must’ve been very, very bad.

  50. goodness gracious what a beautiful kitteh! “pointy bits” lol!

  51. Perfect ca with a perfect paw

  52. I mean Perfect cat

  53. Yes, all of the above AND that adorable little black nose just begging to be kissed.

  54. omg WANT it’s too moishe. what a preshe kitteh

  55. victoreia says:

    We knew that. Don’t worry; the Qte will do that to you. 😛

  56. Them toe beans are mint, baby. My desire to nom them is certain to overcome the terror induced by those pointy things.

    Take my flesh, just give me dem toesies!

  57. PAUSE!

    (pause/paws, get it? xD )

  58. baby birdie says:

    “Oh, look, an alien spaceship. Hi, aliens!”

  59. furbabies says:

    The little, pink jellybean toesies! Just made for kissing.

  60. I’m THIS many !!

  61. Excellent picture! High five back atcha kitty! (love those eyes!)

  62. Ahaha, I love how the kitty’s expression Os just like that of a policeman directing traffic and holding out his hand to say: stop!