Baby Ferret dreams of CHANGING THE WORLD!

One day, [dreamily] ferrets won’t be seen just as furry knee socks with eyes, or hammock-dwelling, mischievous ne’er do-wells!


No! [shifts anerable feets] we ferrets will stand up and — Mmm, delicious blankie — lead other Pocket Pets by example!

No more shoe stealing, constant cat swiping or hiding under bed covers surprising humans when they least expect eet! —Yawn—

That day will come, Claire. It will.

This Encore Presentayshe was originally published on August 24, 2010.



  1. As a servant to 3 ferrets, this post makes me melt! Want to hug that baby so bad!!

  2. Squeeee! Baby ferret tongue looks like bacon nom nom…

  3. I think I would be more intimdated if my new overlord had say, teethies.

  4. Squeeee! Everything about this bebeh is prosh! Peenk tongue, tailio, feetz–toe beans!, ear nubs, ditter bitty teefs (3rd pic)! [off to bed to dream of cuddleh bebeh ferrets]

  5. Ayyyyiiii! Too precious! Can’t stand it.

    Tongue-hance, tongue-hance!

  6. baby birdie says:

    Why was this posted again?

  7. baby birdie says:

    This was originally posted to CO in 2010. Why did it have to be re-posted? That’s what I meant.

  8. Why not?

    It’s an encore presentayshe.

  9. A leetle yawn! *sigh*

  10. “No more shoe stealing, constant cat swiping or hiding under bed covers surprising humans when they least expect eet! —”

    Or falling into the toilet on America’s Funniest Home Videos . . .

  11. paulajeanne says:

    Just the perfect mouf full!

  12. Mary (the first) says:

    Ok, I think someone’s pulling my leg, because I check out the adorableness on CO every day. Every. Single. Day. (Sometimes several times a day.) And I don’t remember this, at all. And surely, I would remember this cutie pie!

  13. Mary (the first) says:

    Why was my comment italicized?

  14. Mary (the first) says:

    ack! There it is again!

  15. Righto, who forgot to add a /i tag somewhere?

  16. 260Oakley says:

    French ferret has come back to taunt us a second time!

  17. Yikes, I don’t remember dis bebbeh either. Maybe I AM getting old.

    Teensy peenk tonguelet, ear niblets, fuzzy tailio… holy smokes!

  18. Hey, I’m italicized too. I wouldn’t know how to do that if I tried. LOL

  19. And wow, I can’t believe it was a whole freakin’ year ago that this was up on CO before — it doesn’t seem that long ago. My, how time flies … sigh 🙄

  20. I agree with Marie – need to enhance that widdle peenk tongue! (And Marie, thanks for being the first to post this, I can never remember how to spell tongue 😉 )

  21. omg,y’all the entire website is italicized!! woah, I feel all weird and tingly inside…

  22. The little feets in the first photo…. *sigh*

  23. Where is that ferret now, and why are we in italics?

  24. I think it was me. 😦 I was sure I closed the tags, but . . .

  25. I can’t believe it either. I’m getting whiplash, time is passing so fast.

  26. The yawn kills me! Kills me dead! Kills me so fast I’m in italics!

  27. skippymom says:

    ooh, am I going to be italicized too?

  28. skippymom says:

    weeeeeeeeee, so exciting!

  29. Italics just seems appropriate for comments about a ferret. No wait–ornate cursive writing, all squiggly and curly, would be the most appropriate for comments on a ferret.

  30. Maybe all Encore Presentayshiuns are italicized.

  31. Meg, you’ve gone too far this time. Other peeps have already commented on some of the exceptionally adorable parts that make up the outrageously cute whole. (Did anyone mention the giant head?) If I look again, I might faint. So I better not. But can I keep from must one more little look….THUNK.

  32. Let’s try this.

  33. Nope.

  34. Check out the PEENK TONGUE action in the second picture! SQUEEEEE!

  35. furbabies says:

    I used to have 5 ferrets. I miss them so much. That bebehs teeny teefers – too cute!


  37. Just brilliant, Meg, this was one of my all-time fave posts. So happy to see it again.

  38. he’s dweeming of the day his wittle body can hold up his eeeeeeenormous yet weeeeetle head full of teefus!

  39. ma’am, do you know why i’m pulling you over today?

    well, it’s about the W’s. are you aware of the law regarding replacing consonants with W’s here on cuteoverload?

    well, i’m afraid i’m gonna have to throw the book at ya (see “Widdle”.)

    and let you go with a warning.

  40. My, what a big tongue you have! And such adorable feetsies!