Petite, Plump, Prosh Ponies

Grab your biscuits and clotted cream, ‘cause these tiny English ponies are about to GET ALL UP IN YOUR HIGH TEA

I love how they’re all about eating too much and stuff, Juliette E.



  2. I was thinking the same thing! I need to find more Thelwell books.

  3. My favorite Thelwell cartoon is the pony coming home with empty saddle, twigs in his mane and tail, looking smug, and the little girl’s mother glaring at him says, “What have you done with her THIS time?” See remarks below on evil ponies.

  4. I wants to be that adorable woman raising adorable ponies! Clearly I worked this life thing all wrong.

  5. Fird Birfle says:

    *Packs Pygmy Suitcase and books a flight to Misty Meadows*

  6. Right? How can we become “pony carers”?

  7. I’m pretty sure we all are…

  8. Shetland ponies are scottish!

  9. Those foals must be TEEEEENY tiny! Their moms are so small to begin with. Such wee little ones. Cheerio!!

  10. FAT PONIES! I also love the “Srsly?!”gesture when she’s reciting the pedigree names

  11. I was already rofling before she got to the wtf part of the reading.

  12. Name is longer than the pony, right?

  13. Mine would be Profiteroles Muffintop Delicious Fatty Baby Springboy Hallellujah

  14. Cubbybutt says:

    Hundreds of years ago when I went to college (hippie school in rural Massachusetts), I saw a little girl walking her pet mini pony across the street. The pony had barrettes and teeny shoes. Although it could have been all the mushrooms…

  15. Teeny shoes? Like Mary Janes? Hush Puppies? Sparkle Sneakers? I’m just trying to get a visual.

  16. Cubbybutt says:

    Little white sneakers. I think there may have been daisies woven into the mane, too. Brown body, blond mane and tail. Really cute!

  17. Service ponies often wear shoes so they don’t mess up inside floors ( Barrettes are a little beyond the pale, though.

  18. Or are they beyond the pate….

  19. *gasps* Sooooo cuuuute! Love-love-love ’em all!!! :-D

  20. Tail-twitching baby shetland ponies–OMG. I want them all. Then I call them “my little ponies.” Brain has turned to mush from the extreme proshness.

  21. I love how the “naughty” one is blatantly eating through her muzzle. I love even more how ridiculous the babies’ tails are- like someone played “Pin the squirrel-tail on the pony.”

  22. Uh… puking glitter here !

  23. I would totally put glittery clips in my tiny pony’s mane and tail too.

  24. I know I thought that too…. And ribbons and feathers.

  25. Lil’ Sebastian!!!!

  26. Tiggywinkle says:

    Shouldn’t that be they are going to all giddy-up in your high tea?

  27. bravo!!!!

  28. Sneaky ponies. Not unlike sneaky puppies. Anyone else met sneaky ponies? I was bit by one that was hiding in a bush on Assateague.

  29. A wild pony of Assateague? Jealous. lol, who knew they plotted and hid in bushes?! Ponies are totally evil. :)

  30. Assateague is filled with them. And with signs saying not to feed them or touch them. But they will stand close by and give you sneaky sidelong glances under ridiculously long eyelashes. The sneaky pony was standing behind a bush I was in front of. He/she nipped me stealthily before cantering away. So Stealth Ponies on Assateague. This has been a public service announcement.

  31. Fird Birfle says:

    *singsong voice*

    My mommie took me to (can’t remember) either Chincoteague or Assateague and I got to see wonderfully fuzzy gangs o ponies …..’way back in the Pleistocene (1970s or so) …. YAY

  32. One of my favourite memories of my brother is watching him ride a friends shetland pony called Mousie when we were kids. The horse was about 30years old and as cunning an old bastard as you could meet so of course we all loved him dearly and spoilt him rotten.

    Anyway one day my brother was riding him in a parade and tried to make him trot to show off to everyone. So in revenge for my brothers attempts to make him work Mousie pigrooted and bucked all around the ring at 100 miles an hour with my brother clinging to his fluffy mane yelling for help. Mousie finally stopped suddenly and shot my brother off over his head right in front of the most crowded stand.

    Ahhhh happy childhood memories.

  33. I’ve been brushed off, rubbed off, and clotheslined by sneaky ponies… every time I’ve ever ridden one… I’ve come to the conclusion that I have something that cries “Come out” to the sneaky gene in any pony. It does keep one on one’s guard.

  34. I, too, was constantly rubbed off by my nemesis sneaky pony, called [dramatic pause] ERASER!

  35. My dad has been rubbed off on a barbed wire fence by a cart-pulling pony, who sensed the change in weight once he jumped free to avoid the wire…. and then ran like the dickens with the cart.
    Hence the family motto, “Pony’s evil-tude scales inversely with size.” And if it wasn’t the family motto, it should be.

  36. If you ever find yourself in England, be careful with the words “my dad has been rubbed off on a barbed wire fence” as it might cause wincing and/or childish laughter.

  37. Pony’s ARE evil. In a very cute, fat little dumpling sort of way. i’m convinced their cuteness is an evolutionary advantage to lull unsuspecting humans into thinking they are harmless and dumb. They are SMART little evil dumplings.

  38. They are so adorable!!

  39. I’ve just decided I simply MUST have my own little pony, or my life will not be complete.

    Also, total win for the horse who eats despite her muzzle. “Muzzle me, will ya? I’ll show you, I’ll eat what I want!!” :D

  40. See, unlike those silly cartoons, you have to either peep through the ponies’ hair or shave them to find their cutie marks. A lot of people don’t know that.

  41. I require an apple-scrumping fuzzy piggy pony, which, erm, appears to resemble myself including that I would take the shock for apples, too.

  42. lol! “apple-scrumping fuzzy piggy pony”

  43. superboymom says:

    My favorite line: “awww . . they’re so fluffy at this age”.

  44. It reminded me of my sister’s favorite sheep cartoon that said “Ewe’s not fat, ewe’s just fluffy!”

  45. Okay and the wee my little pony cosmetic box for the pony and the purple rope and OMG is this not like some kind of grand my little pony game?

  46. really? that’s your best friend?

  47. The babies really look just like My Little Ponies!! Well, except for the less-than-pastel colorings, and lack of icons on their flufy tushies.

  48. FC, do not underestimate how good a friend a horse of any size can be.

  49. What’s with all the english references? Shetland ponies are SCOTTISH! I used to live in Shetland, and we had one of these bad boys in the field next door.

  50. Chantal Lyons says:

    They live in England, so they are technically English.

  51. Fird Birfle says:

    and, just b/c everybody else forgot to do this :) :


  52. Ded. Entirely ded.

  53. I love the intro with the kittens and cupcakes!

  54. Fird Birfle says:

    The kitten there almost precisely matches the kitten, who experiences quirky
    events each night, on my guy Craig’s show in the segment called
    “What Did We Learn on the Show, Tonight, Craig???”

  55. Perfectleh peaceful, peckish prancers…pretteh!

  56. Fird Birfle says:


  57. Stubbular! Nubbular!

  58. OMG. Is that woman literally grooming the ponies with a My Li’l Pony kit? The pink box, the pink brushes… I think so.

  59. Shetties are teh awesome. I wish they had put a small object next to the foalies for scale. Like, you know, a matchbox or a carton of meelk. :)

  60. johnack13 says:

    !!!OMG!!! PON1ES!!1!!!

    (i can’t believe no one wrote that yet)

  61. Fird Birfle says:

    (? I did, didn’t I?
    see 5:14 am, above ….although I didn’t use a “1” for the letter “i” in “ponies” …
    However, it can never be squee’d too much :) )

  62. holy shet!


  64. hahahhahahahahahaa… she jumps *with* the pony over the jumps. lol. You know that pony was like: oooohhhh, you can’t make me jump…. oh, fine if I have to you do, too!

  65. SO CUTE!!! i love those babies!!!!! AHHHHHH! THE CUTNESS

  66. When I was a girl, we all had ponies…
    (classic, lol!)

  67. There’s a pony at the house up the street from us, and everytime we drive by we do that schtick. “I had pony!!!!”

  68. Not unlike Kate Beaton’s Fat Pony Adventures!

  69. Lol, thanks! Hate Seinfeld but love her :-) No idea she does ponies; I only know her historical ones; the Canadian stereotype [#250] is a fave: the US president knows our weakness!

  70. MIttenkitten says:

    If you think Shetlands are small think again and go look up Fallabella ponies. Now they are miniscular!

    Having worked with horses all my life I have to say the smaller they are the sneakier they get and Shetlands can be the biggest bullies out there. Tonnes of fun though. I learnt to ride on one called Bunny.

  71. I love that they come with so many pretty accessories! A passport even!

  72. And the babies are nearly as big as their mummies!

  73. Where is this? Heaven?


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