THIS JUST IN: Hotties With Hedges

When are we going to do that Cute Guys with Animals Calendar? Meet Mr. March:

Pirate Jenny predicts ‘there will be nuffing.’



  1. “When are we going to do that Cute Guys with Animals Calendar? ”

    Well, Meg, if you don’t know, we certainly don’t. *tapping toes*

  2. Poor hedgehog. He doesn’t seem to be enjoying it, but the human seems to be caring enough. It was sweet.

  3. I will buy 5 of those calendars, please.

  4. Hey! That was MY toothbrush! As in WAS.

  5. kibblenibble says:

    Hedgie is making a tiny motor sound! I don’t know much about hedgehog care, but this seemed like a sweet little ritual. I’m sure I’ll learn more as the comments roll in…

  6. OH MY GOD he makes a sound like a little motorcycle when he’s mad! So cute!

  7. You want to go out next saturday? Um, no, I can’t, I have…to uh…wash my hedgehog

  8. Obligatory comment about the man certainly not being afraid of needles…

  9. monkeygirl says:

    Glad to see no one else has posted dibs yet. MINE.

    Not the hedgehog.

  10. I want one of the calendars! Wouldn’t mind one of the hedgehogs, either…

  11. Criminey, Cute Overload, if this doesn’t make the calender, I don’t know what would. Nose to nose and smiling at the camera – sheesh. My birthday is in March. March would be good. Just sayin’.

  12. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

  13. D’AWWWWW!

    My boyfriend has a hedgehog that looks just like that. He doesn’t have the cool arm tats, though.

  14. Fird Birfle says:

    Hedgies = wiggly, prehensile lil’ nosies !!! 🙂

    (not “NOISES” — “nose-ies”)

  15. I love that the man rocks the little hedgie to calm him down when he protest about being washed, so sweet!

  16. Sadly Max (the hedgehog) is no longer with Alan. He passed away a few months ago. 😦

  17. Exactly! Meg, just send up the Bat Signal if you need help with the calendar and with the NTMTOM Coffee Table Book. We’re here to help!!

  18. OMG at 2:04ish the little Hedgie SNEEZED!! How adorable is that?!?! Bless you wee little hedgie.

  19. Aaaaaand there’s brain matter on my laptop. All of this cute is really going to my head…

  20. SheepishKitty says:

    Hedgehog thinks “I’m SO clean!!!”

    there is an animation call “Hedgehog in the Fog”. This must be the sequel.

  21. awwwwwwwwww…..i WANT ONE

  22. Yes, where IS that Cute Guys with Animals calendar?!

    I would buy that AND a standard Cute Overload calendar. No joke.

  23. This guy is going to be a great dad!

  24. Do they have a salt grinder in their medicine cabinet?

  25. JohnnyJohnny says:

    ME TOO!! Also, I want a hedgehog.

  26. FifthSonata says:

    that is EXACTLY what I was thinking!

  27. I don’t know what you saw but I believe it’s a deodorant stick… o_o

  28. Let me out the bath! My tootsies are getting prunny!

  29. thelibrarianne says:

    That’s definitely a salt grinder… I have the same one. A man with tattoos, a hedgehog, AND easily-accesible salt grinding? My dreamboat!

  30. No it is a salt grinder…

  31. SlaveToCat says:

    Hold on there handsome Don’t flush don’t flush!!!

    Oh its a sink…..

  32. How do you know he’s mad?

  33. SlaveToCat says:

    I want a baby kitty and a baby hedgie snorgling on this bare chested cutie. Throw in a 6 pack and I’m all set for the winter.

  34. Haha, I was wondering the same thing!

  35. kibblenibble says:

    I am amused that the hedgie-cleaning brush is stored with all the rest of the toothbrushes. (Unless, of course, the others each belong to their own leetle hedgie…) Notice how the guy grabs the wrong brush at first? 😆

  36. In the followup video, he says he keeps rock salt in his medicine cabinet for piercing aftercare. (Piercing like body modification, not like holding a hedgehog too tightly.)

  37. SlaveToCat says:

    If you want a face shot he has other videos out on youtube. He does give some good advice on owning a hedgie, body piercings, and tattoos etc.

  38. Oh that is too cute, I want one aswell!!! I promise to take good care of him, and kiss him and and hug him, and wash him and brush him.

    Oh, nice hedgehog too 😉

  39. LunaChickFringe says:

    awwww…I just jumped over to Youtube and they state that Max (the hedgies name) passed away. He had to be put to sleep due to cancer….I haz a lot of sad now….

  40. *thought bubble* – “On second thought, maybe I will use my brother’s toothbrush this time.” *

  41. Nothing better than a gentle tattooed man. Thankfully I have one of those at home. Could do with a hedgehog, though.

  42. Salt likely if he [the human] has piercings.

  43. Ha ha I was just thinking… why…is.. there…sal…OH! DUH for the bath? I keep Epsom and froofy bath salts but I guess all salt will work!

  44. The huffing and snorting is a general hedgie displeased noise. it was not very happy (but who is to get a bath) But if the hoglet was REALLY upset, there would be mohawk fluffing of the spines at her/his head. All in all, that was a displeased but not traumatized or frightened hedgie.

  45. I know. It’s so hot to see a manly man with babies or animals.

  46. I want one of those calendars NOW!

  47. OMG I am laughin so hard Tears are coming to my eyes.

  48. Sometimes the roughest toughest looking guys turn out to be the squishy ones.

  49. I think its sad. Who said he needs a bath. Is that egocentric or what?

  50. Miss Kitty Fantastico says:

    Hooo boy… I don’t usually go for that many tattoos on guys… but I’ll make an exception for this one. 😉 Him being all gentle with the hedgie and checking the water temp and making sure the hedgie’s face is covered under the faucet… makes me a little faklempt. 😉

  51. Space Cowgirl says:

    Why the heck would there be nuffing? That was made entirely out of win. That was the cute equivalent of a gasm. I am a very happy woman, thank you.

  52. KikiDeeva says:

    I’m in love! So sweet to watch – I would buy a calendar of just those two!

  53. Seriously! As a relative newbie to CO, I am astonished that there is no Cute Overload
    BOOK! Not only cos of the pics, but because of the outrageous, hysterically funny and imaginative WRITING that runs rampant on this site!! From authors AND commentators. 🙂 There are plenty of “episodes” that I would love to have collected into a book to read/gaze at anytime I wanted! Please, please, please… **on knees, begging with sad puppy eyes**

  54. Hey! I’m in moderation lounge for the first time! I’m looking for the brownies, but they seem to have disappeared!

  55. Mary (the first) says:

    That was my first thought, too! Cute guy selects a brush.. “Let’s see, should I use this one? No, that’s Steve’s. Ryan’s? Tom’s? oh wait, this one looks good”. (names are imaginary roommates who don’t know they sometimes share with the hedgie.)

  56. anonymous coward says:

    well, hedgies do seem to have an attitude.

    at first i thought the rumbling was some sort of pump or something, then i realized it was the little prickly one.
    whoa, they make that sort of noise?

    well, today i learned something new.
    bravo, co!

  57. anonymous coward says:

    welcome into the club.
    it happened to me too (not today, though).
    maybe we should have cards made, or maybe t-shirts?

  58. and don’t forget moderators who get to stomp on everyone’s fun. i’m part of this thing too, you know. 😦

    it’s a hard life, being a moderator.

    maybe a charity?

  59. We love you Sharpy!
    Oh yes we do!!!
    When you’re not moderating us, we’re blue! (. . . and we’re stuck in the Mod Lounge but I digress . . . )
    Oh Sharpy, we love you!!

  60. Don’t be sad . . . for long. Obviously the sweet hedge had a wonderful loved life. What a fortunate wee creature. Max, we salute you!!

  61. Fird Birfle says:


  62. Oh, we had quite the infestation of debbie downers and newfers; however, they seem to have been vewy vewy quiet of late: hurrah1!!1
    And ROFL at the thought of *cutegasms*: now THAT’s a calendar! Much better than all the heads ‘sploding and brain goo on laptops that seems to be going on ’round here.

  63. What a lovely man to make sure that wee thing feels safe and loved whenever it begins its little ‘displeased hedge’ motorcycle revving noise. A little vroom vroom results in a quick repositioning, a nuzzle and a reassuring word. So dear. I also loved his followup video. Great commitment to rescue — such a gentle soul. I’m a fan!

  64. Just the fact that he totally gave that hedgehog eskemo kisses makes him a hottie in my book. how cute!

  65. aww, so sorry 😦 RIP little Max

  66. My thoughts exactly. This is was makes a man sexy to me.

  67. It IS a bit warm in here. Oh laws yes! ( waves fan at flushed face).

  68. Space Cowgirl, I think it’s because there’s a disagreement among hedgie owners about whether they need to be bathed or not. (Hoping I don’t start the nuffer’s up.)

  69. Ugh, my ovaries just exploded again.
    Quit doing this to us and put the calendar out already! Sheesh!

  70. miss elizabeth says:

    I’m not sure if you’re serious, but hedgehogs get VERY dirty. They like to poop while they run in their wheels, and it gets all over them. It’s really gross, and daily water baths are a must to keep them healthy. They usually don’t like the bath, but it doesn’t hurt them, and with a handsome, gentle man like this doing the bathing, well… I certainly wouldn’t complain!

  71. Francesca says:

    Yeah that was salt.

  72. Francesca says:

    That guy is going to be one heck of an awesome dad. So Gentle. HAWT.

    I’m glad to see that this hedgie had a very sweet life before he passed. Poor sweetpea.

  73. Alexandra Noel says:

    OMGOSH!! So cute. Cute to see a guy take such care of an unusual pet, and the little hedgy was just plain adorbs. the nose twitches, and of course the Nose Nuzzles…..*SQUEE*
    I want my guy…whomever he is. to have a pet hedgy 🙂

  74. Guuuurl. I’m so with you! ;D

    What the h*ll is taking SO LONG??! Gimme, gimme!

  75. I was thinking that “Love is sharing a toothbrush.” Still though, I love that hedgie has his own.

  76. Wowza! That was fast. Lol!

    I saw this yesterday and even though I was a puddle of goo somehow managed to send it to numerous people. I was wondering/hoping if I’d see it on CO eventually so everyone can enjoy – and here it is! I’m crazy about this guy. He just seems like such a gentle, sweetheart. I hope he has lots of children and spreads that sweetness around this planet. And raises many more (loved) hedgies.

  77. Yeah, I was thinking that too, although I was more horrorstruck than anything else. Hedgehogs get all kinds of poo and filth on them, so handling one and then fiddling with the heads of the household toothbrushes makes me gag a bit (even as someone who has owned a hedgehog and is FAR from germaphobic).

  78. Hedgehogs love to run on wheels all night, and most hedgehog wheels are smooth on the inside. As they run, they also poo, and it just stays in the wheel. As a result, they get incredibly filthy and smelly and gross. Unfortunately, bathing a hedgehog is generally pretty necessary.

  79. I will take one of each, please 😀

  80. so how dirty does a teeny hedgehog get??

  81. Hedgehogs LOVE to run on a wheel. They have to have enclosed plastic wheels(not metal wire ones). They poop and pee while running on their wheels(odd, but it is just a natural thing they do). Add that all up and you figure out how dirty they can get.

  82. Cuuuute! Little hedgehog is definitely not too worried about his bath. Even though he was making those grunting noises, if he was REALLY upset, his spikes would be vertical. And if he was very fed up, BALL FORMATION. This little guy makes me miss my hedgehog! His name was Spike-adelic. Or Spike for short. He is in the big hedge in the sky now ❤

  83. There are so many thoughts crossing my mind at the same time that I can’t possibly keep up! OMG how cute / what a moist nosicle / what an earth is that noise / he’s so sweet and gentle! But also Are You out of Your Mind using a someone’s toothbrush? What about salmonella..?! 🙂
    Still, freaking adorable.

  84. someone’s, not “a” someone’s

  85. Dude is so punk, even his pets have spikes.

  86. bookmonstercats says:

    I’m married, but if I weren’t, I would SO stalk, pursue, harrass and have to be served with a restraining order by any man who told me he couldn’t go out with me because he had to stay in and wash his hedgehog.

  87. bookmonstercats says:

    Max is now immortalised on the pages of CO.

  88. bookmonstercats says:

    Where?????? I shall try inputtingt “man and hedgehog” and see what comes up.

  89. bookmonstercats says:


  90. Blonde_zilla says:

    So…. he touched ALL the toothbrushes after touching Max before choosing the Max-Brush… No sleepovers for me!!

  91. I was going to ask about the salt, too, but thank you for clearing this up! 😀

    -Cute Avenger (who is, again, too lazy to log out of WordPress)

  92. Whaaaaa?! I must have missed that. Darn… Guess I’ll just have to watch the video again. What a shame!

  93. Yes, please, please, please: A book with pictures and the best of NOMTOM (and then some). I would so buy 3 copies at once.

  94. earlybird1 says:

    I doubt that was a hooman’s personal toothbrush. Notice how he carefully selected it out of the cup; obviously it was meant for just this purpose. 😀

  95. Want.

  96. using your roomate’s brush…..clever
    by the way the cute guys with animals calendar is a must

  97. I thought the li’l hog was kinda enjoying it; he seemed quite relaxed anyhoo! And his dad had obvy done the bath thing before; he seemed very practiced. Hedgies are a dour lot usually – maybe it’s because they don’t have tails to wag it’s hard to tell how they’re feeling sometimes ;o)

  98. I would buy a Mod Lounge T-shirt. 🙂 After all, I have been stuck there several times.

  99. 😆 You’re adorable! 🙂

  100. bookmonstercats says:

    By the time we’ve got NOMTOM’s coffee-table book, The Men of CO Calendar, a calendar entirely dedicated to Theo and his marmies – not to mention the usual CO calendar – “Sharpy – the best of things wot I have moderated” hand-book and “Theresa’s Almanack of Mod-Lounge Cocktails and YouTube clips”, we’re going to need some serious space in our houses.

    Just sayin’.

  101. hedgie was clearly extremely pleased, patient, and watching his beloved human with interest. I’ve had one of these pets and to see this much interest in what the human is doing floored me. Mine was dull and disinterested. Mind you, mine was a rescue with bad memories.

  102. I don’t think this hedgie was huffing displeasure, I think he was purring from such extreme pleasure and joy that he could not contain himself and thrummed with joy. I heard joy in those growls and snuffs, not annoyance, and he never made one single effort to get out of the water or turn away or anything.

  103. most likely for piercings as a sea salt water solution is the best way to clean them.

  104. reply FAIL. i just saw that everyone and their mother had answered this question. oh well.

  105. sigh and hearts and stuff.

  106. Benson Hedges, Private Eye has a partner? I always thought he worked alone!

  107. I don’t think there’s anything I can say here that hasn’t already been said, but yes. Salt grinder. Hot guy. Nose nuzzles. Squeaky clean hedgie. Sigh.

  108. if this guy’s in it, you get both. see the tat inside his right bicep?

  109. Check out the recommended video on the bottom right after this one plays. That’s the guy talking about his body mods and about owning a hedgie.

  110. ZeppthePug says:

    Indeed! I used to work in a pet store, and one night, a 6-foot-something hulk of a man came in: full biker leathers, tattoos on every visible bit of skin, beard in a braid, the works. He goes over to the guinea pig enclosure, picks up the smallest one, and starts cooing and snuggling it. “Who’s a precious little piggy? Who’s the sweetest leetle peeg?”
    I was completely floored. Best. Customer. Ever.

  111. haha 😀

  112. What do I love more? The brief hesitation while selecting the correct toothbrush? Or the fact that a sink is being used to clean something which looks like something which ought to be used to clean a sink?

  113. /agree!

  114. Mary (the first) says:

    I’ll make room.

  115. OUCH!
    I mean, salt in a piercing wound… *shudder*

  116. I haz 2 thinz to say.
    1. The only cute thing in this clip is the hedgehog esp. when he’s waitin to see what the guy does next. Do not include the human in any calendar! Not pretty at all.

    2. the toothbrushes! “Ooops! That’s my one. Wouldn’t want to use that on my grubby hedge. Ah here’s Matt’s I’ll use his!” WTF????

  117. Sign me up for one of those calendars! And love those tats! The hedgehog was cute too. 😉

  118. It doesn’t hurt. It’s very soothing. You put in just enough in warm water so that it mimics the natural salinity in the body. Like your body’s tears, basically. Warm semi-salty water will soothe and draw any impurities out of the wound. Alcohol or any “ear cleaning solutions” will kill any good bacteria in the wound and only succeed in irritating it further while ruining your jewelry.

  119. Oh dear Lord that is the most adorable mental image I’ve ever had lol

  120. Those were the two things that were over the top for me too! So adorable.

  121. OMG I almost burst into a pile of glittery fairy dust imagining this

  122. I’ll have what she’s having. ^_^

  123. Uh, there doesn’t seem to be a designated space for the toothbrush/hedgehog cleaning equipment…the way he dug around for a toothbrush – sure hope he picked the right one. EEWWWWW!!! :-p

  124. FYI. From YouTube video description:


    Max passed away July 2011. He was battling a cancerous lump on his jaw and unfortunately putting him down was the only humane option. I miss him everyday.

  125. T-shirt, definitely!

    Hottie with tattoos showing extreme care for his animal pal?

  127. Har!

  128. You mean you *don’t* love the taste of hedgehog in the morning?

  129. I’ll take the hedgie! And I’m sure his former owner will want to visit him…. {evil grin}

  130. Holy cow! Forget the hedgehog… I’ll just take the owner instead. lol

  131. I miss my hedgie 😦 Mine wasn’t as tame as this one, although she loved laying on me and flattening out, while I scratched between her quills with my nails..

  132. I may have asked man at work who has a hedgehog whether he’d let me watch him bathe him. Think I’ve scared him…

  133. I was a little troubled at the difficulty Mr. March had in choosing a toothbrush. I like to think I would have a *specific* readily identifiable toothbrush for scrubbing my hedgie.

  134. Cirocco J says:

    Yup. He’s adorable. Both “he’s”. And, RIP Maxie.

  135. Eh, I think it was more likely that he was all “now where IS the darned thing? I know I put it here somewhere…ah! There it is!”

    …Not that I would necessarily want the hog-brush to be right next to the other toothbrushes.

  136. HA! Thanks to your comment I almost had oatmeal raisin cookie come out my nose. 🙂

  137. I laughed ’til I cried.

  138. The nose, the nose!!! Sooo cute.

  139. Imagine driving to work to see this big burly man over at a local pond and feeding these precious little snow white ducks, beaming at them like a proud daddy and scaring off the mean geese that tried to pester them… it was so sweet

  140. Pirate Jenny says:

    Eeeee, I didn’t notice this went up over the weekend 😀

    And I’m glad to see I was mostly wrong about the nuffing. Whenever I see this many comments I’m afraid to look!

  141. Baroo! Sorry to hear this, he looks like a cutie-hog.

  142. We used to call this “poopy boots”. Yona was pretty clean most of the time, but boy she could get poopy boots from her wheel.

  143. Where did you get the hegie im thnking of getting one

  144. Is THAT what the kids are calling it these days?

  145. That just totally made my day. I love the tattoos on the guy and I think its just so sweet how gently he was with the little guy, he obviously cares about him. I think its sexy when cute guys handle little creatures with gentle care and love. It was absolutely adorable the way he kept rubbing noses with the hedgehog. Made my day!

  146. Cute guy + Tattos + Hedgie = c’mon, this video is made of so much win that my head is gonna explode!

    Although that hedgie sounds pissed. “Hsss hsss Y U BATH ME hsss hsss”.

    My hedgie seems to have her wires crossed the wrong way 😦 She hates baths so much, the minute her belly touches the water, she poops. Seriously, wtf?

    And the guy, so sweet how he handled and played with the hedgie. AAAAW.

  147. pinkglitterybunny says:

    CUTE!! everything about this is cute.. ! men being kind to animals = heart melt!! xoxox

  148. I’m not a fan of tattoos, and a guy with this many would creep me out. However, he seems very gentle and loving with Max. But the facial hair is definitely NOT good.

    P.S. RIP Max

  149. Dear Hedgehog-guy,

    My hedgehog is the one in the measuring cup, also found on this site. Please go look at her and figure out a way to stalk me and then contact me and then we can have hedgehog play-dates. I think we’d be a pretty swell match.

    Mehself 🙂