Sneaking out on Caturday night…

Only to get… NABBED!


You are NOT leaving this house WEARING STRIPES, Miriam S.! Sand kitteh photos by Tibor Jager. Story via Zooborns.



  1. What a gorgeous sand kitty and what a good mommy.

  2. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh, I love it! I love mom’s snitch-snatch. She’s all, “Get your behind back over here!”

  3. A baby wildcat! Ocelots? Lots and lots of cute.

  4. My mistake! I had never heard of a sand cat. What gorgeously fierce little creatures.

  5. Surprisingly autobiographical [except WAY too much eye makeup instead of stripes]

  6. They are Sand Cats. My bf just sent me a pic of them yesterday. I’m soo in love with them!

  7. BUSTED!!!!!!

  8. Mary (the first) says:



  10. Have a nice Caturday!


  12. I bet that momcat calls that baby “Missy,” like my SIL calls my niece.

  13. “Missy!” 😛

  14. Fird Birfle says:

    good sub-headline!!!

  15. Queen of Dork says:

    *huge run and tackle at Theresa* HI THERESA!!

  16. Queen of Dork says:

    Hahahahaha! “Missy” is EXACLTY what my mom called me and my sister whenever we did something she didn’t like! Of course, we never did anything bad, just stuff that she didn’t think was cool! Hahahaha! (Well, we were actually, really, probably kind of horrible). 🙂

  17. *cues Bay City Rollers* On Caturday night, Caturday night..

  18. LOL Hovertexts!

  19. They are Sand Cats…. They live ( I believe ) in the deserts of the Middle east… Not much bigger than a housecat.. Aren’t they beautiful!

  20. And that will be enough of that, Missy! 😛

  21. Oh, yes, they are 😀 As I remember, I saw them on TV in a zoo where they are trying to build up the breed in order to release some back into the wild 😀 I hope and pray that they can in an environment free of humans 😀

  22. I mean “free of humans bothering them”.


    That sums it up! Such a sweet little kitten…

  24. Sand cats! ❤ I love them. They have such funny-shaped heads. 8D

  25. But, but … what happen to the Matchinks tag?

  26. My sister and I were always “young lady” when we were in trouble. “And just where do you think you’re going, young lady?” Once Mom threw in the middle name, we were in TAH-ROUBLE!!!

  27. Ha! We we “young lady” and when we were really in the doghouse, we got our full name first-middle-last. When we heard all three names we just started shaking…

    My dad used to make us stand facing the wall because “the corner is too interesting”.

  28. bob drummond says:

    How about a new name? What about bay kitty rollers ? wouldn’t that be the cat’s MEOW!!!

  29. bob drummond says:

    Trust me on this one guys, a wild cat is not a suitable pet !
    Try to aquire a domestic one instead. They’ll love you more
    and be alot less unpredictable !!!

  30. bookmonstercats says:


  31. Cute ,lovely mummy And sweet baby kitten.

  32. d’oh! foiled again!

    (beautiful cats!)

  33. The behbeh looks exactly like a typical domestic house kitten, except that the ears are larger and somewhat farther apart.

    I want it. NOW.

  34. Doesn’t the baby’s head kind of look like Stewie’s of Family Guy fame?

  35. I highly recommend going to the zooborns page for many more pickies! Omg…
    Squee! Momma looks like some kind of cartoon fennec fox–shiba inu–red panda… cat (with emphasis on cartoon). What a kewl little anipal.

    *in luurves*

  36. Queen of Dork says:

    I haven’t yet watced the video. I got too distracted and had to comment. I can’t help it. The kitty has Army Seargent strips on his arms. This completely blew me away and caused me to feint. I’m scared for us all! Peeps! A KITTEN has army stripes. What shall we do now?! Oh. I guess the usual. *5:00 am – Sir, yes, SIR! (salutes snappily and immediately) Yes SIR! Breakfast?? SERVED RIGHT THIS SECOND, SIR!!!*

    You get the picture, right?

  37. Wow, does this take me back — ya had to be there, young whippersnappers, ya had to be there (for those of you who are saying, Bay City Who???).

    Not that I’m particularly proud – I wish I’d been into Led Zeppelin instead of the Bay City Rollers when I was young. At least my musical tastes got better when I got older!

  38. Fird Birfle says:

    Round head is Round.

  39. Nonetheless, Saturday Night was a great song to roller skate to back in the day!

    (I’ll get my cane now, hobble to my rocking chair, and shut up now).

  40. Fird Birfle says:

    I approve heartily of Meg’s assessment that Mom is appalled about bebbeh going out (gasp!) wearing STRIPES !!!! and of QoD’s description of bebbeh having seargent stripes on her shoulders.

  41. Queen of Dork says:

    Nikki, my mom used to lay that on us also. It was all, Stephanie S—— and Leslie M—— !!! And so on and so forth like that. Yikes! That was some scary crap. (We’re in big, BIG doo-doo this time. Leslie! Why did you have to start that fire in the basement with your chemistry set??!! Now I’M in trouble too just because I know your name…)

  42. You just slap on your captain’s bars, and outrank him. 😛

  43. PS Did he just say “Stop in our cat house”? 😯

  44. OMG, you are right, Her Majesty! What are we gonna do?! *Shudders*

    I don’t wanna have to get up at 5 am and serve mystery meat in the mess hall! Oh, wait. the mystery meat is for US! Kitteh gets smoked wild Alaskan salmon for breakfast, of course! (Sorry sir, what was I thinking sir? Right on it with yer salmon, sir).

    This must be part of the kittehs’ plans for world domination – they’ve created a genetically superior feline to keep us all in control – yikes! (Of course, the qte alone would do that!)

  45. Breelliant, Theresa! Why didn’t I think of that?!! Then *I* can have the smoked wild Alaskan salmon for breakfast (see my comment below)!

  46. OMG Zippy, it WAS a great roller skating song! Every Friday night at the Roller Rink. They also played “Sugar Sugar” by The Archies during “Ladies Skate”. Haha. What a great memory!

  47. Snortlaff!! 😀

  48. Hahaha! “The corner is too interesting”, I’m totally using that whenever I have kids

  49. I always call striped cats “Sarge.”

  50. Little missy also has way too much eyeliner on!

  51. Couldn’t be an ocelot. An ocelittle, maybe… 🙂

  52. Theresa…. Yes…. yes he did. lol!

  53. Martha in Washington says:

    I think Thane ith (oh, thorry, iS) our next candidate for the Calendar!

    And also…OMG…the Sand Kittehs are soooo adorabuhls!!

  54. And they are— tineee tabbeees!

  55. anonymous coward says:

    really cute cats/kittens/42, here…
    i had to scratch my head a bit, as i could not remember how they were called when i was you… er, less experienced (yeah, that’s it), as it was a very cute/original name. then i remembered: in french, these cats are called “chat de Margueritte”, and maybe “chat Général Margueritte” (i’ll have to google that) but i’m not sure.

    i wonder if they can be kept as house pets, b/c not all cats can be tamed — and i’m not talking about big cats, here.

    is that other french-speaking peep that lurks around… er, around to confirm this?

    brb, have to mow the lawn before it rains…

  56. Queen of Dork says:

    He-he!! 🙂

  57. Really? That’s just too much. Even for a kitten that is too damn cute. It’s got the most perfect little eyes.

  58. Kallisto73 says:

    They have fur on the soles of their feetz? Can we see a pic of that? Pretty please?

  59. Queen of Dork says:

    Kallisto73, you saying, “on the soles of their feetz” reminded me Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes! Long live Paul Simon!

  60. omg how beautiful

  61. Yes!! I’ve been waiting for this to show up here. Growing up in Cincinnati, I’ve been in love with Sand Cats for a long time (see video above posted by EricaH). Now I have a sandy colored Bengal, which is almost like a housecat version of a Sand Cat. Anyway, this is the best post ever =D

  62. Skip the drama, stay with Mama! Mother knows best!

  63. Queen of Dork says:

    Well, Nikki. You knew I had to go there, right? You mentioned the song “Sugar, Sugar” so of course…well you know…

  64. You’re right; Zoo Borns has a lot of rlly neat fotos; I also luurve the “Fishing Cats” (who actually love water); but my very favrit are the “Pallas Cats” from Russia; they are so fascinating…….! 😆

  65. Queen of Dork says:

    Good grief. On REALLY watching that Archie Sugar, Sugar video, I think perhaps it’s kind of scary. That lady in the kissing stand must be some sort of a witch or something because she seems to have turned Reggie into a frog, Archie into an idiot looking bunny and then there’s that whole thing going on with Archie’s dog. Well, first off, it’s kind of strange that instead of chasing frisbees or tennis balls or something, he’s conducting a band and all. And secondly, there are other strange issues. The whole thing is kind of weird. The 70’s ROCKED!!

  66. Pallas Cats: “Unforgivable Floofness”

  67. The drugs were very potent, my friend. 😛

  68. Hee!

  69. When I got mad (usually because I was in trouble), my grandmother would say, “You’ve got the same britches on to get glad in.” 😀

  70. Oh, I don’t think anyone here is seriously advocating keeping these gorgeous wild’uns for pets. We’re just admiring them from afar. 🙂

  71. I’m…so confused. I hear drums, yet there is no one playing them!

    P.S. Was Reggie Glenn Quagmire’s dad?

  72. Whoops, didn’t watch the whole thing. Of course, Jughead is the drummer.

  73. also, sand cats require a very arid environment~they die very easily from respiratory issues, humidity in their habitats in zoos and such has to be very carefully controlled.

  74. Nassegris says:

    That looks like the world’s softest little head there. Covered with heavenly flufflefnuff, I’m sure. Touching that little baby’s head would be like touching perfection, I’m sure – everything from that point on will feel like sandpaper by comparison!

    I want to nuzzle that little kitty! I need to!

  75. Yay Queenie! That took me back to the roller rink. The 70s rocked.

  76. Fird Birfle says:

    @ QoD:

    slight clarifications:
    IF I remember correctly (?) the blonde gal in the kissing booth,
    is the ORIGINAL character called “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” & actually the fellow she turns into a frog, wasn’t ARCHIE but was instead REGGIE, the guy who DIDN”T have a heart of gold … Reggie and Veronica were the two who might be seen to do something unkind, manipulative or sneaky ….

    The More You Know …

  77. bob drummond says:

    OKAY, I stand corrected. From afar is totally acceptable. That sounds much better.!!

  78. It ain’t the Archies without that Jughead beat. 😛

  79. MJ Kneiser says:

    Sand Cats! who knew? They’re beautiful. I want one.

  80. I was seeing varsity-sweater striped sleeves on the kitten in the video. Oh, and squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. bob drummond says:

    Yes , seeing the ARCHIES again really brought back memories aplenty alright.
    Thank you Queenie for supplying the video. It was great reliving the past once again !!!!

  82. OMG! I love these beautiful cats! Save the sand cats!

  83. Same here. SIR YES SIR!

  84. They have a couple at BCR in Tampa, Florida, and they are aggressive little guys and gals, from what I’ve seen. Maybe not a good idea for a pet. Youtube has some nice videos from those folks of these hissing and spitting like little furry cobras.