Animals Being D***s

You must go look at this hilarious GIF-ladened blog of various animals being complete jerks to each other—each page is funnier than the last:

Animals Being D***s was submitted by Travis H.



  1. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    “Wha-at? Wha-a-aaat? I totally meant to do that.”

    *tries to look dignified*

  2. Lol, yes, they can be. I can also highly recommend watching parrot vs. turtle, siamese+roomba vs. pitbull, and I’m ashamed to say, beagle vs. tail-lift, over-and-over-and-over.

  3. Oh, dear. In Mod Land, Perhaps because I wrote tail instead of tailio?
    Pass the mini-croissants and tapenade.

  4. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    It would be prudent to point out that some of the images depict activity of a scandalous nature. Sensitive viewers, take note. 😉

  5. The page refuses to load…which probably means we just crashed their server.
    Witness the power of…..

  6. I stumbled on this website a couple of weeks ago and it completely cracks me up. Yay for Chief Sister Officer for bringing it to C.O.

  7. oaklandcat says:

    excellent advice! 😉

  8. load fail. i think we killed their server.

  9. The website doesn’t load 😦

  10. Yeah, the site won’t load for me either. That GIF is HILARIOUS though!!

  11. I got it by clicking on the blue, underlined link . Hysterical!

  12. belly laughing

  13. *snorting with laughter*

  14. Site not loading for me either…. maybe us cuteoverloaders have overloaded it already?

  15. Is being CuteOverload’d the new slashdot’d? i cant get the page to load either.

  16. Wow. We crashed their servers. Impressive!

  17. I did reach the site and sat there totally transfixed, laughing hysterically until tears came.
    The site is well worth a visit! Too bad about the site name, though – makes it hard to share with older and younger generations.
    There are rude clips, and one of the funniest ones was when the little girl leans down to see what her doggie is doing to her leg, and runs off screaming.

  18. Wow, usually I’m known for having a filthy mind, but I couldn’t understand why we were censoring a site called “Animals being DOGS.”

  19. It seem as if at least some of the photos are being hosted on Photobucket; here is the album!

  20. Are you talking about the pug ? (snerk)

  21. I haven’t laughed this hard for ages. The lab tripping over a toddler cracked me up completely. I can’t breathe…

  22. Yes, the horrified look on her face is the best.

  23. Fird Birfle says:

    Meg’s headline makes my mind wander AND wonder, when/ if CO might soon be treated to any new pics of …. “dik-diks” [the leetle tiny, dear deer kind] !!! 🙂
    We all pretty much lost our brains in multiple simultaneous explosions over those …

  24. Some were cute, some were just sad, and a couple were instances of humans being jerks to humans using animals as their unsuspecting pawns (dobie + laser pointer anyone? poor kid…)

    Good find, though. 🙂