How Now, Dow?

Well, if I’m going to ride this roller-coaster market, I’d better do some reading…

Let’s see… Making the Most of Bull Markets, see page 92… Surviving Bear Markets, page 107… Investment Tips for Bad Times, page 210… for End Times, page 666…

Heck, I might as well hide my money under the mattress and hope for the best…

Sell, Dorie H., sell!


  1. Yah, the market’s gone to the dogs alright …

  2. Fird Birfle says:

    — but such PRETTY dogs, that I don’t feel TOO grouchy about it :)

  3. that last pic is totally my friend’s fiance as a dog :)

    also, sorta reminds me of the insurance commercial with the dog putting his bone in the safety deposit box at the bank

  4. I love that commercial — the dog is so sweet! And I LOVE the song.

  5. So, tracylee, that’s the pic you were looking for? If so, leave to NOMTOM to find it for you (and of course, create clever verbiage to go along with it, too)!

  6. yes it is! NOMTOM’s the best (obvs.)

  7. May I say, your friend’s fiance is very cute! :D
    Also, yay for CO apparently taking requests now!! Ask and ye shall receive XD

  8. what was the request?

  9. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Short version: This picture appeared in another post briefly, post was unpublished (not sure why), Tracylee asked where picture went, I wrote new post with picture.

  10. you left out “the wife queue gets longer”

  11. victoreia says:

    @tracylee: *snerk* (waves from the queue)

  12. Check out the comments under the proposed new rule of cuteness post (the cat napping with her tail over her eyes). Tracylee was looking for these pics.

  13. Thanks, Mie and Mike! I can’t believe pix of my pup were actually requested! I’ve always known how cute he was — not just cause i KNOW but bc i get stopped ALL THE TIME and asked about him. even recently by Steve Martin! i’m glad the world gets to enjoy him now as well :)

  14. Investing has gone to the dogs.

  15. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Buff-colored Cocker Spaniels are just so gorgeous. Such shiny, fluffy blonde hair. I LOVE IT. Girlfriend should do shampoo commercials :)

  16. There’s a stunning chocolate cocker across the street from me. He’s so beautiful you could just sit down and cry, and he’s crazy as a bedbug. 8O

  17. Peeps, what kind of world is this where mentioning the breed of the dog can land you in moderayshe? I ask you. *huff*

  18. No one escapes the Spaniel Inquisition!

  19. Nor expects it ;)

  20. Oh wait, that was meant as a reply to Oakley’s post.

  21. Yeah , mine too Mie

  22. Thanks! ;)

  23. “Amongst our weaponry are items such as slobbery kisses, head baroos, and puppy dog eyes.”

  24. DOH ! (head slap )

  25. HAW!

  26. JohnnyJohnny says:

    Bring in…The Comfy Chair!

  27. victoreia says:

    @JohnnyJohnny: “Send in…..the Nuns!”

  28. It’s the curly ear-hair that just slays me.

  29. Fird Birfle says:

    (Will this get me banned?)

    — TRUE (altho’ admittedly not as cute) story: My Dad had one very eccentric curly hair in one of his eyebrows …

  30. õ.O

  31. *Snerk*

  32. Just one? My entire eyebrows are composed of eccentric hairs, sort of like this guy:

  33. I had one when I was young. Sweetest dog ever. But alas….I miss Amber.

  34. Well your Amber lives on in my Boston (the dog featured in this post)… he’s the sweetest as well. Especially given he was an abused rescue. Look at him now – all reading books and being cute!

  35. Probably does. And a rescue to boot. Bless your heart and Boston’s too.

  36. NomTom that was financial advice war priceless. Especially those last few pages. ahahhahah!!!

  37. Sorry, I can’t type, spell and laugh at the same time.

  38. Dog is thinking: I hope somebody lets me out soon. I need to make a “deposit” in my hedge fund.

  39. cellarmouse says:

    okay, 260o, i must applaud … my admiration has overcome my embarrassing attempt to never laugh at loud due only to curmudgeonly jealousy …

  40. Puppeh could always get a loan from the Ca$hcats.

  41. SlaveToCat says:

    That little puppy doesn’t have a chance against all the Fat Cats on Wall Street.

  42. “end of times page 666” lol

  43. bob drummond says:

    Right on Baby !

  44. Does that mean pg 42 has the answers to life, the universe and everything?

  45. It must!! Because the answer is 42.

  46. victoreia says:

    Yes, it’s true: my age is the meaning of life. (Well, in a couple of months…..)

  47. @ jen: That was my favorite part, too! :-)

  48. thats my dog! his name is Boston and he’s the sweetest, cutest thing EVER! he’s a 13 yr old cocker spaniel i rescued about 8.5 yrs ago. thanks for posting, Cute Overload. His adorable-ness should be seen by the world! :) <3 Dorie

  49. He might be the most adorabuhls example of quite possibly the most adorabuhls breed of all goggies! A blessing on your head for rescuing him….

  50. bob drummond says:

    The way things are going at the Stock Market , maybe we should have some animals take over the market and maybe they can straighten things out better than the morons , jerks and nincompoops can who are in charge of the financial fiasco we are having around the world and in this country !!!!!

  51. Fird Birfle says:


  52. Third!

  53. Hoard gold, food, and weapons! Good advice!

  54. “What kind of financial advice is that?” Sounds like Colbert. Don’t forget the chickens. :P

  55. Fird Birfle says:

    The *only* possible way to increase the value of this post, woulda been if the adorable doggeh reading financial news, had happened to be a Chow breed.

    “Chow: How Now, Dow????” ;)

  56. and in response…
    “Dow: How Now, Brown Chow?”

  57. I wish Floofy McSpangle here would just take over the world’s banks.

  58. Looks like he’s already cornered the market on gold.

  59. I want to nom on those big floofy paws….

  60. Is it just me, or has that doggie got some Trump action going on in the first pic, you know hair-wise? If you look at it right (that is, throught my eyes), that totally looks like the Trump combover.

  61. It’s totally a Trumpesque comb-over! It’s quite becoming on the goggie. :o)

  62. hee… he’s so blonde on top that it often looks like a little toupee. and the longer it gets, the more trump-like he looks! but soooooo much cuter than the donald!!!!

  63. I guess we all hit the “post comment ” button at the same time ??
    Does that count as a “jinx”?

  64. Yes. We all owe each other artisan-crafted beers.

  65. bob drummond says:

    Make mine a blueberry ale !!


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