Is This a New Rule of Cuteness?

Jennifer H. proposes a new rule of cuteness: When you cover your eyes, it’s cute.

And for Exhibit A, she offers: “This is a picture of our cat, Tippy (so named for white tip on the end of her tail). She sleeps like this all the time and it cracks us up, so we caught it on film!”

What say you, peeps? This picture rules — but is it a new rule? Vote below!


  1. Either a new rule of cuteness or a variation on Rule #26.

  2. That might work for this particular photo, but what about other photos of animals covering their eyes? I think a new rule of cuteness is needed!

  3. *patents kitty eye masks and makes millions*

  4. Looks like the eyes have it.

  5. …though this photo does give one paws…

  6. WendyLady says:

    groan :)

  7. …it appears that this cat has quite an ear-y tail to tell…

  8. Methinks Tippy might be a bit tipsy – or maybe she was tipsy yesterday, and is now recovering from it…

  9. I’ll ouch my next comments carefully…looks like the voting has reached the “Tippy” point…ok, just furrget I said that…I promise I’m done now…=^..^=

  10. so cute…my cat used to use her paws this is one cute & clever kitty

  11. WendyLady says:

    Usually, I am not up for new rules, but this is definitely the cat’s meow! :D

  12. I voted no, since I think it should be if you cover your eyes or nose, it’s cute.

  13. I voted “yes,” but posted to add this same thought!

  14. Bumble The Bunny says:

    Or ears! my rabbit tries to do that, but ends up on his back!

  15. Jackie Loves Animals says:

    I voted yes, but one of my cats covers his nose when he sleeps too, so I agree with “Not That Mike The Other Mike” that the rule should be for “covers any part of the face with tail.” It’s all cute! Wish I had a built-in sleep mask. =^..^=

  16. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Good point; maybe the rule should be “if you cover your face,” which encompasses both eyes and nose and then some.

  17. The fact that Tippeh sleeps like this “all the time”, that it wasn’t just a one-time cute dealio? Seals it. [Bill Maher voice:] New rule!!!

  18. totally and completely unrelated:
    I’m looking for a picture I saw a few weeks ago (may or may not have been on cuteoverload) of a spaniel dog (I think?) reading a finance or investment book on a couch. the book was red. the dog might have had glasses.

    I need to find it again because the dog looks like my friend’s fiancee. (yeahh… I know…)

    not a lot to go on, peeps, but can you help a girl out??

  19. I doubt it was on CO, I went back all the way to the beginning of June (yeah…), and found nothing. Maybe if you show us a pic of the fiancee to have something to work on?? :p
    Or maybe it is one of these?

  20. oddly enough, there are better results on than when I search the US version :)

  21. Lol, guess we here in Finland have more of them literate pupsters :) Lucky us :)

  22. Mie: You pretty much rock. There is a pup there for nearly everyone’s fiance!

  23. Did you try looking on hipsterpuppies?

  24. yeaahhh… nothin. guess finance isn’t hipster enough :)

  25. Hi Tracylee, I know exactly which photo you’re talking about and it was indeed posted recently but for some reason, I don’t see it up right now. Let me talk to NTMTOM and Pyrit. I wish I could just repost it in the comment.

  26. yay! y’all are my heroes :D

  27. just to clear up any confusion: the original post was published just long enough for a few of you to see it. NTMTOM then UN-published it to make some changes. that’s when it became unfindable. we all huddled and try to figure out how to unscramble it all and NTMTOM went into his secret chamber of creativity and returned with the goods you see before you.

  28. I appreciate it – so does friend + fiance
    they agreed and busted out in an uproar of laughter that yes, the resemblance is UNCANNY.
    I’ve been smiling since yesterday :)

  29. Oooh! Thanks Miriam!!
    (whew, for a second there I thought I’d gone bonkers…)
    (well… prolly did… but… uh… you know…)

  30. OMG – that’s right – it was posted by JustAllison and then it was gone the next time I came back!!

  31. YES! I remember that now – no one knew who Allison was : )

  32. something weird’s going on – when I searched “JustAllison” it came up with a link, but when I followed it, I got a 404 Error!

    wacky, man. Help us, NOMTOM, you’re our only hope!

  33. Tracylee – That is my dog!!! His name is Boston. If you want any other pix of him, I’d be happy to send along. If you can believe it, I have even CUTER shots of him :) He’s a little angel. Taken from shelter life and abuse and now living the good life.

  34. Sweet little Tippy! I’m partial to a tip-tailed cat, myself.

  35. but shouldn’t it be if you cover your eyes with your tail

  36. Fird Birfle says:

    that was the version that came to my mind; use of the tail is the cute factor for me.

  37. My cat sleeps with one paw curled over her eyes, and it’s the cutest thing ever!

  38. My bunny sometimes covers her eye with her lop ear when she does the “death flop” (she’s fine, just totally relaxed). I’ll have to take a picture soon!

  39. Beth covered in cat hair says:

    Love to see that!

  40. My new little brother kitteh (a sweet Russian
    Blue name Luca) does this too, only he also
    Gets his back feet involved as well… Which
    Makes his yummy mauve toebeans ripe
    For keeses!

  41. Please post a pix! It sounds irresistible!

  42. YES & I present this bun as further evidence:

  43. pinterest rocks, btw. thanks for the link!

  44. Oh, Dear God, I never really thought I’d say this, but my head just exploded from that bunny pic!!!!!!!!!! Hwhewww……

  45. That is the quintessential eyes-covered photo!

  46. Wow. Multi-tasking privacy talio in action.

  47. Fird Birfle says:


  48. My cat does this whenever it’s too bright in the room. He flops his paw over his eyes like “Do you mind? I’m trying to catnap here!”

  49. I want to propose my own definition for C.O., but don’t exactly how or which section to email that idea. For those of interest, it’s M.P.M: Mighty Powerful Mews, when a kittehns mews break the cuteness sound barrier.

  50. The one that gets me is when one of my cats gives me the pathetic silent meow. He gives me that eyes-open-wide look and mouths “meowwwwww” but no sound comes out and his bottom lip quivers ever so slightly. He’s a shoe-in for Drama Club president.

  51. OMG the bottom lip quiver… ROFLMAO! The visual of this was just too good not to laugh at. I too ma suseptible to the SILENT MEOW!

  52. Yet another advantage to having a tail: nature’s built-in sleep mask.

  53. Cirocco J says:

    Hell yes.

    Otherwise known as the wormie i’ the tail!

  54. When our cat covers her face with her paw we always say “…bright……so very very bright….!”

  55. I think we have a new rule!

  56. my cats sleep with paws over eyes.

    off the subject – anyone see the pbs show on ferrets?
    super!! i want one or two.

  57. Yes! It is very very tempting. My cat Goober probably plays too rough for a ferret, though. He likes to pounce on the other kittehs (and until recently, the shi tzu) in our household and clamp his jaws down on their neck. He never breaks skin but still, it sounds like ferrets are just way too delicate for surviving that.

  58. Ferrets have really thick skin and play rough, biting each other a lot so they would probably be fine. A small dog on the other hand might get bit if he sticks his nose in the ferret cage (I know from experience).

  59. Then you should know better than sticking your nose in the ferret cage human – or is it the small dog instead who typed the experienced comment above??? O^O

  60. the cats living with the ferrets on the show seemed
    totally ignored. cats should never live like that.

  61. YES!

    Here’s my sweet departed Stinky. It looked so diva-like when he did it, so “Will you people PLEASE leave me alone!?”

  62. Fird Birfle says:

    *waves pom-poms enthusiastically for Theresa and the anti-paparazzi Stinky*

  63. what a pretty kitteh! your description is perfect.

  64. That position is the hallmark of a professional lone napper.

  65. Note also the one back paw tucked up inside the front paw in front of the face. That’s flexibility, folks.

  66. :lol: Your dear departed Stinky looked like he also said “Wake me up at noon.” :lol:

  67. Well color me surprised this wasn’t already a rule but yes I stoated for this being a new rule.

  68. Colour me unsurprised and put a question mark above my head – why am I the oly (apparently) person to realise that a dark / shaded environment pleases a cat they are night hunters and sleep during the day more often – perhaps they cover their lustrous eyes and maybe there was a bright TV screen with in their view – go figure
    Hey Mudbug – good for you I second your proposal – it should SO be a rule – of course may be kitty is shy!! – well my Sammy – was an arrogant littl mad-brain – and I still feel sad he is gone, not all cats are as arrogant as he

  69. But why do we see photos of kitties seeking out and sleeping in sunbeams – without benefit of covering their eyes? I think some are more sensitive, like people.

  70. Christabel says:

    OMG. Cat twins! Looks just like my Connie.

  71. My kitty has a very fluffy tail, which doesn’t really reach to cover her eyes, but she sure does like to hug it while she sleeps. Tails are the best things ever!

  72. I know! I wish I had one!

  73. flutterby says:

    Theresa…thanks for sharing a photo of Stinky! Just wondered why you called him that.

    My caregiver calls my Bucky stinky all the time. When I huff him, he smells just fine to me. Maybe I’m just nasally challenged !

  74. Stinky had no smell in reality, either, Flutterby. He actually had been around for a few days (as a foundling kitten), and I was racking my brains for a name for him. It was just that the resident Queen, Tiny Mimi, made this face of epic disgust every time he came near her. I could practically hear her saying “Why have you brought me this stinky kitten?” So he became Stinky Kitten, supposedly as a place-holder, and it just stuck. He was so charming and sweet, it was clear the name was affectionate. :D

  75. Kind of like Shtinky Puddin’ in “Mutts”, eh?

  76. kibblenibble says:

    Oh Theresa, thanks for sharing your memories and picture of Stinky. What a sweet little guy. He was lucky to have you, and vice versa! :-)

  77. My flying squirrel always uses her tail to cover her eyes. Cutest thing ever.

  78. My cat Buddy used to sleep with his paws over his eyes all the time.

    Here he is.

    Also my friends cat sleeps this way too. Check out the tiny tongue! :)

  79. flutterby says:

    Thx Theresa, was just wonderin’ is all…

  80. kibblenibble says:

    After viewing this pic (and voting yes,) I tried to use Minnie’s tail to cover her eyes as she was sleeping. She woke up, stretched, and sprawled out with her back to me and her tail was no longer covering her eyes. Ya just can’t force teh Qte. :roll:

  81. Zombie Tomato says:

    I totally vote YES because of when my kitteh beast doesn’t want to wake up and I insist on petting her. She’ll wrap both arms/paws around her head and curl up.. It’s SO FREAKING CUTE.

  82. What?! Why isn’t this a rule of cuteness already!??

  83. eggsactly my ??? TJ – is there a list of all the rules?

  84. Fird Birfle says:

    @ Lynn:
    I believe you can see them in two ways.

    1: Look up at the *very top* of your CO screen. There are about six yellow “tabs” there. One of them is called “Glossary”. Click on that & the CO silly glossary will come onscreen. Alphabetically go to the “R”‘s and find “Rules of Cuteness” & settle in for lots of enjoyable browsing of all the different examples.

    I’m not convinced that every single # has a rule … but the Posts which claimed a Rule of Cuteness are there.

    or 2: Look at the left margin (toward the top or the center) . Written in blue are various “Tags” or descriptive phrases. I think “Rules of Cuteness” is one of those Tags also. You can click there as well.

    You’ll get all wrapped up in browsing, I’ll bet a nickle!!! Enjoy!!!

  85. @ Fird Birfle

    awesome! thanks so much

  86. Hi gang, I’m Jennifer, Tippy’s mom…. and I can’t tell you what a thrill it was to log on this morning and see my Tipster on C.O.!!! Wow! Thanks NTMTOM!

  87. Yes, I vote New Rule! I melt whenever I see one of my furry kids cover their eyes, and the effect is the same if it’s with their tail or paws. :)

  88. For those undecided: I present to you Ira from IBKC:
    Shy Ira

    How can you not vote “yes” after seeing that?

  89. Any cat or dog that used its tail, or paw, or whatever…. to cover its eyes while asleep is VERY CUTE. Especially if this is done while said dog or cat is lying on its back.

  90. My cat Potato does this all the time with his paws when he curls up! I think it’s the cutest thing ever and my husband gets sick of my squeeling “Aww, look, he’s doing it again!”. It gets me every time.

  91. I suggest “Shy Eyed” for a new petegory. Hide eyed?

  92. :lol: Jennifer H., your cat, Tippy, looks like she is about to say “Ten more minutes, Mommy.” :lol:

  93. My kitteh does that and it’s painfully cute! Yes it should be a new rule, and I will provide photos to fill out the tags. I caught him stretching his paws up in an X over his face. I need to get a photo of this.


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