Honestly, What’s the Big Deal?

I mean, it’s not like we ever see you actually use the yellow pages anymore. You have that beep-boop-beep magic screen on your desk for that now. And you haven’t needed a booster seat for the kids since the youngest entered middle school. So what are you yelling and screaming about? Sheesh!

“My dearly departed phonebook. My dogs Keaton and Grady. I guess they were bored.” says Kristin W. And when animals get bored, Rule 32 gets busy.



  1. Someone’s in the doghouse.

  2. Looks like Keaton got Bust(er)ed…

  3. Doggy on the left, “Hey you’re back!”

    Doggy on the right, “He made me do it. I swear on this stack of yellow pages, oh wait. I’m so ashamed.”


  4. lol, I love people that love their animals… to be calm enough to take a pic before starting clean up… 🙂

  5. Oh noes, my comment is stuck in moderations….



    It wasn’t that great of a comment anyway.

  6. Members of the jury – notice the cat(s) beds and scratching pole unit. Where were the feline members of the house and were they questioned? Where are the forensics proving my canine clients are responsible for this heinous crime? Pawprints? What, no Saliva/DNA evidence?

    Reasonable doubt, let the dogs out!

  7. Just be glad it was the phonebook and not a book book. Ya know?

  8. Culprit #2 can’t even look at the camera! #1 is a little too confident. If they could point at each other I think they would.


  9. Bad kitties! Obviously, it was the cats that done it!

  10. Martha in Washington says:

    The household cats do seem to be conspicuously absent. Hmmm…
    I vote for aquittal with apologies from the court.

  11. They do seem to be aimed at the scene. It could have been the starting point! # 2 is accessing the crime scene #1 just wants a donut. ;D

  12. We the jury believe it was the cat. Woof.

  13. The other thing i noticed is that the mini blinds behind the cat tree are not bent and mangled. How does that work??

  14. if the prints don’t fit, you must acquit!

  15. same here, ralf. let’s see if the poolboy can bring over some bloody marys?

  16. I do see a cat tree in that pic. Kitties know enough to hide!

  17. I don’t know, Grady (the defendant on the right) needs to work on his innocent face.

  18. I love the dogs’ poses in this–the black one certainly has a “hangdog” guilty appearance. However, I for one, smell a kitty. They are ALWAYS the instigators and always lay the blame on the dogs. Ha.

    At first glance, I thought that the chew toy in the right foreground of the shot was a highlighter (and some of the pages are marked in yellow) so I was going to applaud these genius puppies on their highlighting skills. Then I got a grip and decided it was in fact, just a chew toy.

  19. skippymom says:

    I thought it was a highlighter until you asserted that it is a chew toy.
    And, yeah, the guy on the right really needs to work on his “I didn’t do nothin'” look. He has guilt written all over him in black and white.

  20. Cute goggies are innocent and kittahs too. Phone book just ‘spoded on its own.

  21. I know! My pup chewed up a book book while teething. I replaced it and learned a lesson.

    Hee! I remember sitting on the phone book at my Grandma’s house . . . . What do people use for booster seats these days?

  22. They spend good money on plastic booster seats… everything has a specialized product these days.

  23. Is it like snow? Don’t eat yellow pages?

  24. Bad goggies … oh, you’re so cute, it’s okay!

  25. SheepishKitty says:

    i’m sure one of them is saying the cat did it.

  26. What is it with CO commentators and moderation angst? I think the people here are all awesome, but for those worried about moderation, have you ever been on Huffington Post? 30 per cent of the time, comments don’t make it online. In the analog era, it would take days or weeks for letters to appear in the papers…we all need some patience.

  27. And I bet the guilty cat is purring and winding around the owner’s legs trying to act all innocent and sweet while she frames the dogs for the crime…

  28. (In person sneaking into a theatre voice…) “Oh, I love this one. Surprise ending… the hamster did it!”.

  29. Personally, I use’em to raise the height of my monitor to a more comfortable viewing distance.

  30. What?

  31. Classic cinema pun for the win!

  32. victoreia says:

    Exactly! Your honor, my clients object to this slander! Mrrow!

  33. MochaTime says:

    wow somebody broke into that house and tore up the phone book. It is a good thing those dogs were there to chase them away.

  34. I don’t think that these two understand how PERP WALKS work.

  35. The jury should note though that the Destroyed Documents were the A’s throgh D’s. As in Animal Training and Dog/Canine Obediance.

  36. Goggie on the left looks pretty pleased with himself!

  37. ?!!?!!?!!?!!?

  38. That’s what I’m seeing too. And at first I thought the one on the right looked properly ashamed when lo and behold methinks he’s actually smiling! The nerve.

  39. I’m not even gonna say what I thought it was at first glance….

    chew toy — is that was the kids are calling them these days? 😉

  40. Grady wants another go at the Lawyer section.

  41. Yeah, they probably just think “Walkies?! Sweet!!!”

  42. Good doggies, you didn’t touch a single of the many print books, you went straight for the oversized useless free book. Well done! I agree, they should stop delivering these things and let whomever still wants them go get one at the phone company for free. Of course, in this house we will still go get them for free for the squee little doggies to tear up! (personally I give them to my parrots, not my dogs)

  43. Sammy2121 says:

    thats what i always want to do when i get another phonebook. 😀

  44. I too think the cat did it. If you really want to see destruction of a phone book, give it to some bunnies. Mine do the Bunny Dance of Joy when I give them the old phone books. It takes days to clean up the pieces but they have so much fun. It is better than watching TV.

  45. SlaveToCat says:

    I remember when Phone Books were used to look up phone numbers and people’s addresses. I won’t mention that your rotary phone came in a choice of colors, black or black. You could choose desk top or wall mount though.

  46. SlaveToCat says:

    Dogs and humans are just playthings in the paws of cats.

  47. I had a small cat that would only use the phone book for a scratching post.
    I spent way too much for all different types of scratching posts & Kayfabe ignored them all. I just figured as long as she didn’t use the furniture she could “recycle” all the phone books she wanted to . She used them till she went over the rainbow bridge due to old age years ago. LOVE YOU Kayfabe !

  48. Both pups are adorable, but I especially love the markings on the B&W dog. So pretty!

  49. Fird Birfle says:

    “What’s a ‘YOOT’????
    Are you mocking me???”

  50. victoreia says:

    Ah, those were the days…….

  51. victoreia says:

    My cats defended the house from the evil paper-towel monster years ago…….they’re so brave!

  52. I’m sure my Gramma had a beige rotary phone… probably still does actually.

  53. He looks so proud!

  54. It’s the dog version of Goofus and Gallant!