Momular hedge with her bebeh hedgetots in their hedgearium (to be scientific).

Hedgehog hugs! Aw, lookit each one’s wee loving paw stretched out. OK kids, time to let mama curl up into a ball now.

Do mom hedgehogs crave ice cream and prickles, Jourdan S.?



  1. yay hedgelets! yay mama!

  2. I’m having involuntary suffocation reflexes looking for mamahedge’s head in the second pic… *gasp gasp*

  3. So cuddly… and so NOT cuddly at the same time

  4. “OK kids, time let mama curl up into a ball now.” You forgot a word, Pyrit. 😉

  5. Moi, Actually says:

    Same here. Love mama’s back foot in the top pic–looks almost human. And I recognize that look on her face of proud desperation. Breast is best and I can so manage!

  6. Seriously, where is mama’s hayd???

    And one of the behbehs is a different color – is that special?

  7. Gots to be albino!

    Tip re mama’s hayd: look for her hind footsie. 😉

  8. Poor Mama looks like a picnic blankie.

  9. I think they’re doing the hokey-pokey.

  10. Fixed! Thanks to Ant.

  11. Awwww……….I so want a hedgie one day! And if I pick a girl hedgie her name will be Nanny Ogg.

  12. Poor Mama looks like the whole picnic!

  13. LOL!

  14. where mama head at?

    lol. so darn cute!! squeeee!

  15. I love the term “hedgetots”!

    *shakes pom poms for word ‘hedgetots’, the hedgetots, and the hedgemom! Wheee!* (but quietly, or in another room so as not to disturb the cozy nursin’!)

  16. The second picture reminds me of skydivers in formation.

  17. Mama’s hind footlet looks like a hooman bebbeh’s fistlette.

  18. The second pic reminds me of kittehs making biscuits – do hedgie do that too?

  19. LOL!!!!!!!

  20. That’s right where I went Mint !!
    “You put your right hand/ foot/ snoot in.”……………

  21. Fird Birfle says:

    I’m gonna take everybody else’s word for it, that Mama Hedgie really is somewhere in that second pic …..

    Also, I would suggest that Mama Hedgie & sons/ daughters might need to sign up for BoxHab as soon as The Kids are weaned …. (Question comes to mind: are The Kids drinking some form of MILK — Hedgie Milk??? — at Mama’s tummy? That seems incongruous, what with all the pointy bits …)

  22. Hedgehog quills don’t harden until after birth, thankfully.

  23. Look at the guy in the bottom left corner – brown opera length gloves.

  24. I LOVE HEDGIES!!!!

  25. It’s an Itty Bitty Hedgie Committee!

  26. {bow in reverence}

  27. urchins…name for baby hedgies.

  28. you could even make her a wee pointy hat!

  29. skippymom says:

    Yeah, in the second picture I see her right rear foot, but the head just isn’t anywhere. I think the babies got carried away and eated it!

  30. Group hug!

  31. I have never even thought about hedgehog babies until today. And not just one, but a Whole Litter! That might be one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a long while. Such a delightful little pileup, and the Mom’s face in the first photo is adorable.

    Don’t even get me started on the wee ‘tocks on the little guy on top of the albino in the bottom picture… SQUEE!!!!

  32. WHEW!!

  33. I must point out mamahedgie’s beautiful bead-llke nose!

  34. I want…

  35. Finally, a species evolved with the neccessary reaction to the axiom, EAT THEIR OWN YOUNG.

    That and the syfy channel keeps playing BRade Runner. Imagine that, a marquee movie.

  36. Is one of the hedgies albino? he is all white where the others have some brown.

  37. Peanutcat says:

    Cuddly to look at, not so cuddly to hold . . . . .

  38. Poor hedgemama….she’ll never get her figure back!!

  39. kibblenibble says:

    Do hedgies really have that many babies all at once? Amazing!

  40. Best news all day. I can uncross my legs now.

  41. He looks like he is DELICATELY perched so as not to have his ‘tocks inadvertently pierced by his sibling as he scrambles for leche at the milk bar! (slurp, slurp, ow, ow, ow, slurp, slurp, ow)

  42. A ravenous pack of dwarf hedgies descend upon a lone standard-size female. They will strip her bones clean in only thirteen seconds. For her, hope was lost when the first dwarf spotted her.

    Well, maybe not really, but I’m sure it starts to feel that way after awhile.

  43. In the second picture I like the baby on the right… who is kinda upside down… with mouth open… HA!

  44. HA!!

  45. In the wise words of my grandmother, “It’s always fun until someone gets poked in the eye…”

  46. They’re mammals, so there has to be some milk involved somewhere. Every mammal species makes milk, elephant milk, whale milk, mole milk and hedgehog milk. And, from the photos, it appears the pointy bits are on the back and sides, but the tummy is normal fur. And that’s where the milk is. A species with spikes around the mammaries would probably go extinct in the first generation.

    What I wonder is whether the pale one is a true albino, or if hedgehogs, like some other creatures, sometimes have a color variation where they come out white, but are not actual albinos (an example is white tigers).

  47. Srsly!

  48. This is cute to the nth power!

  49. Lovely name! I feel urge to gently pat these urchins on their little heads:)

  50. Hedgepogs can be albinos, complete with the pink eyes. This could be a beenie or a white one – hard to tell as you can’t see much of it!

  51. A litter of seven survivors is pretty big!

  52. I never thought of hedgehogs as particularly adorable…until now. I wanna baby hedgehog now!

  53. valmblackwood says:

    Awww. What a good Mummy. And I spy a little albino in there.

  54. The second photo: I surrender!

  55. How about hedgelings? Sounds very Anglo-Saxon.

  56. My grandma said “It’s always fun until someone gets impaled on a rhinoceros horn.” 😛

  57. BEEP!

  58. “I’m nursing, dammit!”

  59. If you didn’t mean to type “hedgepog,” it’s still awesome. 😀 “Hedgepog.”

  60. 7 hedgie babies – that’s a lot for a mama hedgie to have. Wonder if one or two of the babies are foster babies. Breeders sometimes tuck a baby or two within a litter when the babies are not being cared for by their original mama. Baby hedgies are so wonderful to hold and cuddle up with.

  61. Fird Birfle says:

    Theresa, are you CERTAIN that none of the Three Stooges,
    nor the Marx Bros were relatives of yours????

  62. My first hedgie moved her babies into my bed, then would sit on my chest and stare at me until I woke up and watched them so she could go eat.

  63. How is it that hedge hogs can look so cuddly but are definitely not something you want to cuddle with?