THIS JUST IN: Eeetch Aaaacth Urrrgtch orf BleeeEEEeeeAAAaaarghhh!

Zookeepers at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo got their first look at four Tasmanian Devil joeys born a few months ago. According to Zooborns, the lone girl in the litter will play an important role in breeding efforts to save Tazzies from extinction. Keepers say the young will be sawing through tree trunks and boulders in a few months.



  1. I lof the Hollywood Squares effect when one person holds all four. Also their noises of disgust as people prod their modesty areas.

  2. Very sweet little things.

  3. Mary (the first) says:

    Who knew they were so cute!?! Very happy for the proud parents and zookeepers.

  4. BEST HEADLINE EVER!!! Congratulations, NTMTOM!!!

  5. Did anyone else hear the narrator channeling Murray Hewitt from Flight of the Conchords?!! His accent, of course, but his cadence and inflection too!


  6. fish eye no miko says:

    I agree! I saw it and thought, “What the crap?” but then I saw “Tasmanian Devil” on the first line and it made sense… (-:

  7. 260Oakley says:

    Did they hatch from deviled eggs?

  8. judith simons says:

    more jermaine clement please

  9. I love how the one on the top right is grabbing the bottom one’s ear.

  10. Stressfactor says:

    Yay for people trying to perserve the species!

    Also, since no one seems to have done it yet…..


  11. I’m all for a Conchord reference whenever possible, but I think the guys would note that the Kiwi accent and the Australian accent are nothing alike – you know, Aussies are like “Where’s the car?”, and Kiwis are like “Where’s the car?” 😉

  12. Alice Shortcake says:

    They’re cute, they’re stackable, and I want one to go with my sloth so I can be sinful and devilish!

  13. They’re so cute, but they will be so very noisy and quarrelsome when they grow up. Still, it’s good to see the conservation efforts.

  14. so much cuter than those awful looney toons tattoos!

  15. flutterby says:

    Good one 260O! Deviled aigs, indeed!!

    Taz is my all-time favorite cartoon character !! Great job capturing the essence of Taz-speak, NTMTOM !!

  16. i love how five of their six ends are VERY pointy

  17. hrhqueencat says:

    *snerk* 🙂

  18. SheepishKitty says:


  19. Fird Birfle says:

    Alternatively, I read the headline and (before scrolling for the visual)
    thought that perhaps Mike had captured a kittaye doing battle
    with a Fax Machine ….

  20. I’m always amazed at how cute and affectionate these little guys are. I saw a documentary where one of the zoo guys was fostering them at home and they’d actually cuddle and sleep with him in his bed.

  21. Did you know that baby Tasmanian devils are also called imps? More about the little fiends here, from National Geographic’s digital nomad Andrew Evans:

  22. kibblenibble says:

    Please notice that when they are checking the gender of the female, she very helpfully holds her back foot out of the way weeth her leetle “hand.” 🙂

  23. Indeed, very remiss of us all, Thank you for correcting that lapse. 😉

  24. How verrry evil of you, Alice Shortcake. Me like. :Evil:

  25. Fail, me go to be now. 😦

  26. Practicing for the Ob/Gyn checkups to come, no doubt.
    (hoping that’s not TMI for anyone?)

  27. Cute leetle devils!

  28. If someone woke me up and yanked me out of my cozy den to prod at my nether regions I’d be snarky too. 😛

    Can’t believe what’s happening to the Taz Devils! We’ve come so far in cancer research for humans can’t the same be done for these cute bebehs? I’ve always believed every single specimen on this earth is there for a reason from bees to whales, and it is up to us humans to step up to the plate and prevent extinction of yet another species.

  29. She’s all “If you must, allow me to help!”

    She is especially precious for the breeding program. The poor devils have such troubles right now.

    And I love it that the babies are called imps (from an earlier post) – it just makes them all the more lovable.

  30. I love that the zookeepers are so happy that the momma is defensive with them. Go Momma Nina! Take care o’ dem joeys!

  31. …and his leeps….;-)

  32. bob drummond says:

    That may not be a good idea ! Animal Planet listed Taz. Devils as the smelliest animals on the planet even more so than the skunk !!!

  33. bob drummond says:

    I still like the Warner Bros. TAZ ,much better. He’s the kind of guy you’d like to have on your side any time/ any where !!!!!

  34. I love taz devils! They are one of the weirdest critters, IMO. And the bizarre sounds they make! I so hope they are able to keep these weird little critters from going extinct, and figure out the cancer that is killing the wild ones.

  35. they had better watch that top left one…..he’s a flirt- he winked at me @ 00.59 😀

  36. thanks mama bear, that just made my day! I love the conchords so much 🙂


  38. So interesting and cute little devils! I didn’t know anything about them. The Wikipedia entry says “they do not respond to affection” but in the National Geographic video the man is holding and petting a bebeh devil who seems quite calm and comfortable.

  39. After working with them all day he’s probably used it it. Y’know, when you’ve been in the monkey house toolong kind of feeling.

  40. they are gorgeous creatures. I got a chance to see them in tasmania when on holiday and they are so affectionate to each other (unless one of the boys gets frisky when the girl doesn’t want it, then she bites him). the noises are great and they also help get rid of roadkill (thats what the sanctuaries feed them as they like their meat a tad old.

  41. What the heck was that one gnawing on? Gees, did they have to show the face of the poor “meal”? 😦

  42. earlybird1 says:

    Sigh. So much pressure when the future of the species depends largely on the baby-carrying abilities of the one lone female. YOU CAN DO EET, DARLING!

  43. It def. wasn’t a Happy Meal!

  44. Symmetrical taz stacking!

  45. victoreia says:

    I think it has to be all lower-case : evil : 👿

  46. Thirded! I woke the hubs with the laughing! Perfect! heheheeee

  47. It’s actually just a plastic model of a dead kangaroo that they attach bits of meat to.

  48. i guess they’re too young to spin around like a mini tornado?