The 2011 Twister World Championships!

And we take you now to the interspecies semifinals, between Ivana Leekya from Catsylvania and Helen Ratigan representing the UK. Experts are predicting that the size difference could play a deciding factor in this matchup…

Ooh, can I spin the spinner, Cass Z.?



  1. Do you get extra points if you can put your entire body on just one spot? Then Helen wins!

  2. “Ivana Leekya”. Ha. I love your wacky brain, NTMTOM.

  3. Mary (the first) says:

    Helen definitely looks ready to go!! Ivana, on the other hand, just looks annoyed.

  4. Fird Birfle says:

    “Orunj paw on khaki dot” …..

  5. I second that !

  6. I third it!

  7. Yeah, there’s some wackadoodle eyes and the begininings of some pissed-off ears going on there…

  8. skippymom says:

    OK, so I just read this comment as you saying you wanted to lick Mike’s brain.
    I’m suffering from an infected cat scratch today, and it seems my own brain is not functioning all that clearly.

  9. Those are some determination ears there.

  10. *…Wonders if licking Mike’s brain would be like licking those toads that cause hallucinations? Hmm, Probably. But we’d probably see psychedelic hedgehogs, hamsters in top hats and tails, slow lorises and sloths moving really fast, and marmalade kitties in the Oval Office…*

  11. Oh, Ratigan, oh, Ratigan!
    The rest fall behind
    To Ratigan, to Ratigan,
    The world’s greatest criminal mind!

  12. skippymom says:

    Hey Nikki, if you ask him very nicely, maybe he’ll unscrew the top of his skull for a minute and let you try it.

  13. Dumbo Rat! ❤

  14. skippymom says:

    I love the fingers on that cat. Cat fingers are my favorite snack.

  15. Ya, this cat looks about two seconds away from a quick turn, an even quicker swat and/or the potential for a “fatal” move. Even if it loses the “game”, it’s a winner!

  16. You can’t get to me! I have a big cat here!

  17. I see CLAWS.

    P.S. Thanks for a rattie pic! More, please.

  18. Yoo Hoo! Mike, do you have a second?!? 🙂

  19. joools in PDX says:

    Motion carried AGAIN! Helen Ratigan. Brilliant.

  20. Oh, I know that look from the cat…

  21. pattycats says:

    Move away from the cat very very slowly.

  22. pattycats says:

    Ivana here is my twin and my debt collector. I want the cheese you owe me right now.

  23. 😆 That is one brave rat to be so close to a cat 😆

  24. Actually, most cats are not interested in rats for food. They’re too big and they can fight back.

  25. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    He looks like my Sinjin, also a dumbo with a rex coat. Love the ratties!

  26. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I concur. I have two cats and two rats. My older cat thinks rats are a dumb idea and ignores them completely. The younger cat is fascinated, but moves away when the rats approach him.

  27. My cat’s name is Ivana Kilya.

  28. A game of cat and mouse… er cat and rat. Now all we need isa bat and a gnat.

  29. baby birdie says:

    I fourth that!

  30. baby birdie says:

    Rat: Let’s play Twister!!!
    Cat: You’re SO annoying!

  31. My boy Pirat loks just like that rat, too! Seems the rat is looking at the camera and the cat is looking for a way out..teehee.