Who’s Snorgling Whom?

And now for something completely different: A raccoon with a pet ferret. Or maybe a ferret with a pet raccoon. Or a rerret playing with a faccoon. Or something.


  1. shnoogles says:

    They seem to be grooming eachother, too.
    Mr Ferret says, “here, let me get all that black stuff off your face!”

  2. I feel a bit like a voyeur . . .

  3. Lawl, yes. Scroll to 1:03 and watch as the hoomins get too close and the two of them look at the camera like, “What ARE you looking at?!”

  4. Inexplicably, I now have the song “Muskrat Love” stuck in my head…

  5. (The Original) Mel says:

    Me too. 0.o

  6. Me three.

  7. oh lovely…now you’ve started something…it will be loop in my brain now…(sigh)

  8. Crazy fun time happens at their house a lot.

  9. Erm, can I say, “Get a room!”?

  10. Interspecies snorgling and grooming!? Two of the cutest animals on the planet?! One of the cutest posts EVAR! Wonder if they grew up together?

  11. Watermelon Turtle Fudge!?

  12. Ha.

  13. Do ferrets even have backbones – or are they just made of rubber bands and floof?

  14. It is widely known that ferrets have four ingredients: kneesocks, slinkies, fur, and eyes.

  15. They have sharp little teefs, too.

  16. Snerk! Good one.

  17. Dr. Emile Schoeffhausen says:

    Zoetta, my theory is that they’re battery-operated slinkies sheathed in fuzzy kneesocks.

  18. My theory is that ferrets were an experiment in which a kitten and a slinkey were combined in a test tube full of crack cocaine.

  19. bob drummond says:

    I just took some daytime pics of a racoon feeding on some catfood in my backyard a few weeks ago . I wish I could share them with you guys.

  20. This is what I dream everynight, especially after my evenings with a new guy I met. He is so HOT, but alas on an UBER spiritual path at the moment — so not much physical activity…

    I think he is afraid of any contact that might lead to sex — which means he is probably a sex maniac!

    SIGH… and yet, hmmm…

  21. or maybe he’s gay

  22. It’s like the raccoon keeps trying to snuggle the ferret but the ferret wants to play play PLAY.

  23. Maybe I’m focusing on the wrong part here, but is that really a camoflage sofa?

  24. I’m guessing it’s just a cover. It may even be the pets’ personal couch. I’ve known people to keep an entire room furnished specifically for their pets. Maybe it’s something similar here.

    If not, then wow. That is the manliest couch around.

  25. Katherine the Great says:

    I am glad I am not the only one who appeared to notice that, behind all the snuggling.

  26. 260Oakley says:

    Hmm, looks like there’s some nibbling going on there. Dracoonula?

  27. Yesh…the little known sequel to Bunnicula! ;-)

  28. luvstehQte says:

    mkay, that was super cute and all, and especially the ear groomingks at 0:47 just about killed me ded, but that couch (!?) they were sitting on was SERIOUSLY ugly. not that you’d want a couple of mustelids sitting on the good couch, but come on.

  29. What couch? I had not noticed. Will check out fugly couch now.

    Cute snuggling-action there, btw!

  30. Great! Now my ferrets are going to demand their own pet raccoon.

  31. I fail to see the problem here…

  32. I see your point. Now I’m going to have to make a little Zorro-type mask for my white ferret. I don’t want him to feel left out since my other ferret has a cute, dark mask, as does the raccoon that I will, apparently, soon be acquiring.

  33. *giggles* ;)

  34. muttluver says:

    *points out how much trouble a raccoon would be*

    *receives stage hook*

  35. Yes! Oh em gees! Can you imagine your cabinets, dresser drawers, pantry…?! Racoons: Fun, if someone else owns them!

  36. The ferret nibbling racoon´s ear. I iz so ded now.

  37. muttluver says:


  38. I wonder what language that is in the background. Anyone up for a guess? I’m also wondering how legal it is to have a raccoon as a pet…

  39. Its Catalan, i think.

  40. Oh, Japan!

  41. muttluver says:

    It sounded like Spanish to me, but then, I was mostly tuning out the humans.

  42. Ditto here; on occasion it sounded like a Spanish (the country, not the language) sitcom or something…

  43. sbisforme@yahoo.com says:

    Definitely not Japanese. Doesn’t quite sound like Spanish either. I’m thinking Italian. Anyone know for sure?

  44. Im not totally sure, but it sounds like catalan to me.

  45. hrhqueencat says:

    awwwww :)
    when my youngest daughter was little, she came running inside, all excited – Mum, Mum, come & see the racoon !!!
    living in Brisbane, Australia, we don’t have racoons, so when I went to see what all the fuss was about – there was a cacoon … sigh – kids

  46. cellarmouse says:

    what’s a cacoon? … i assume it’s something that raises it’s kids in a pouch …

  47. That threw me at first, too, cm. Methinks hrhqueencat meant cocoon as in the thingy a caterpillar spins around itself and then after some Mother Nature presto-change-o action, it emerges as a butterfly or a moth. Perchance it’s spelled ‘cacoon’ in that other hemisphere where, you know, everything is upside down and bathtubs drain counterclockwise.

  48. kibblenibble says:

    They remind me of my kitties, Minnie and George. However, they are much gentler. :-)

  49. ZeppthePug says:

    Ferret is all “nomnomnom,” until Raccoon uses the Paw of Authority.
    Then, Ferret is all “kees kees.”

    As it should be.

  50. “Paw of Authority” – *snerk*

  51. Bahahaha, rofled around for a while on that one.
    Coonie reminds me of a fat king with his loyal squire. (or something..)

  52. It’s a complete Snorg Fest! And the nomming of the ears?!?!?! Ooo, ooo, ooo. Yeah!

  53. I feel like we need a red panda in that chair to complete this.

  54. That might cause the universe to implode….

  55. This is just an ad for that new buddy cop movie, Kneesock and Bandit.

  56. Yay!

  57. redonk squared!

    too cute. BFF

  58. Sooo Sweeet! What a tickly-pickly lovy-dovy moment. Thanks for sharing Cutcatdestination!

  59. anonymous coward says:

    i think i’m going to vote for raccoon with pet ferret, here.

    and i’d postulate that ferrets are in reality some sort of early prototype for the t-1000. that could explain a lot of things…

  60. Absolutely adorable! Now, if we could just get the Democrats and Republicans to play like that …

  61. Hear, Hear!!

  62. YES!

  63. Okay, CO, once you produce the hit cop buddy show “Flapjack and Wanda”, I think this ferret/raccoon buddy show needs to go into development. I would watch these cute leetle creatures all day!

  64. I like how the raccoon wants to groom itself and the ferret keeps horning in, “me, me, me! Warsh meeeeee!”

  65. wannadance says:

    for some reason, this is one of the funniest things i have ever seen. it looks like a grooming contest…i shall leeeeeck you out of existence!!

  66. Ferrets play with animate or inanimate things.

    OK. Ferrets will play with ANYTHING.

  67. Not only that. Ferrets will play with EVERYTHING.

  68. hawr!

  69. *sigh* I want to go to there!

  70. I love the crash of glass and/or silverware at around 2:22 and how the background noise and ferret/raccoon wrassling just goes on and on without even a pause.

  71. Nothing even remotely that adorable has ever taken place on my couch. WANT!!

  72. Why do I always feel a little dirty when I watch “interspecies snorgling” vids….

  73. 2:39 – three species snorgling…

  74. To cute for me! am jealous. Bet my furry knee socks would love a raccoon.

  75. FreeNyona says:

    That’s a whole lot of mischief for one couch. Raccoons and ferrets – two of the most too-curious-for-their-own-own good creatures to ever exist – but I love, and have owned/rehabbed, them both. :)

  76. Aww, I love their masky faces!

  77. My ferrets grooms my ears and we call it an “Ear Snuffle”

  78. Oh god its so cute! In regards to the language, I *think* its Italian. The sounds too bad for me to hear more than the odd few words here and there but those I heard were Italian (Perche’ Amici etc). I don’t speak any other languages so perhaps they’re used in another language also? Sounds Pretty Italian to me though :) Hope this helps :)

  79. But it sounds like catalan a lot, not italian. In 0:37 they say “una mica” clearly, that means a little. And also at 1:10 they say “principe felipe”, i think that they are talking about him.

  80. The raccoon is far more interested in grooming than playing, but the ferret is determined to force him into a wrestling game.

    The ferret also does a bit of reciprocal grooming, though.

    One of my ferrets used to groom my eyebrows. She would do a superquick nibble on each eyebrow while I was cuddling her near my face. This ferret did the same quick grooming nibble on the raccoon’s face.

  81. Daphne Moss says:

    K, I don’t trust racoons. That’s all….


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