Key LiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimeOMG

Does this puppy have NO OTHER TOYS?!

That’s sour, Crissy G.!



  1. Lewis n' Clark says:

    Someone needs to come to the ade of this pupster

  2. snoopysnake says:

    put the lime in the coconut

  3. Gorgeous puppy!

  4. O look, a lime. Ow it bit me! hmmm, O look , a lime!

  5. omg so adorable..

  6. I say DOCTORRRRR!

  7. CO has a growing dossier of fruit vs. baby animal incidents. What does it mean?

  8. “Ade!” Well plade. 😀

  9. That’s cute and all.. but lemons and limes are toxic to dogs:

  10. Mich Mash says:

    Super cute, but idk if Bounce was a great soundtrack for a lime and a dog. Just sayin.

    Although, I do react the same way whenever someone gives ME a slice of lime.

  11. I get that excited over a lime wedge. Of course, it’s usually in a margarita or a gin and tonic.

  12. You are right, Doc. Also, torturing animals kinda gets under my skin. A glob of peanut butter on the roof of the mouth strikes me the same way.

  13. Is there nothing I can take?

  14. 260Oakley says:

    There’s a pucker born every minute.

  15. Lime Cat does not approve.

  16. JohnnyJohnny says:

    Excellent Point Doc. Thanks for the info and the link.

  17. Captain Moderation says:

    Unless they eat massive amounts, the worst that will happen is some vomiting/diarrhea. Good to point out that giving them citrus isn’t a great idea, but no need for people to panic. (Not that you were, I just know how these things can go)

  18. cellarmouse says:

    i can hardly shake my finger in righteous indignation when i’ve been known to give thhe lemon off my water to my grandchildren at a restaurant … they always seem to, well, not enjoy it exactly, but definitely want more …

  19. What we’re missing is the Corona. Of course, not for the dog!

  20. A white pup with a black futon. Somebody’s a glutton for punishment, or they have a lot of scotch tape.

    For that sweet face, I’d buy lint brushes in bulk.

  21. when pup shows his teefs and gums is when I feel out onto the floor- bwahahahhaha ! 😀

  22. *******fell 😛

  23. This cute pup definitely has some cat-like moves!

  24. dangercat says:

    i was going to say that my cats behave like this when exposed to those little containers of lemon juice, but i had no idea lemons were toxic too.

  25. Lime makes me go crazy like that, too

  26. I know this blog is created on the west coast where it’s been cool, but considering the weather the rest of us have been having, I gotta ask, when the camera pans up, is that a man shoveling snow we see out the window? If so, could he throw some on me? I guess this Alaskan Klee Kai (a breed I never heard of before today) actually is IN Alaska? And the video was shot … at least a couple of months ago? Mmmmm, snow. (Of course, next winter I’ll be lusting after hot beaches in videos shot in Aruba.)

  27. victoreia says:

    Fruit are our enemies!!!!!!

  28. Kirsten D. says:

    Don’t worry, the owner said that they took away the lime as soon as the video was done so she barely ingested any citrus!

  29. Kirsten D. says:

    If this is your definition of torture, I shudder to think of how you react to actual cases of torture, such as leaving your dog locked in the car with the windows up on a hot summer day, or setting a cat on fire for some sick form of entertainment. Giving your beloved pet a slice of lime to see how she reacts to it is /not/ torture. I wouldn’t use that word so lightly, if I were you. It kinda gets under my skin.

    But I agree that it’s good that you posted this, Doc! No, it isn’t the best idea to feed your pet citrus, and I’m certainly not going to condone it, but letting them take a couple licks before taking it away from them and not giving them any more, like the owner did, won’t hurt them.

  30. spaceaged says:

    Puppy was not going to eat that lime. Pup was definitely more interested in revenge on the lime than eating it.

  31. Hawaii? Shave ice?

  32. Bwahahahaha!!!!

  33. So, lime makes Kiwi wanna dance? Is there tequila in that lime?! 😉

  34. A whole lot of lime orchards in Alaska are there? Global warming.

  35. SlaveToCat says:

    I rename you “Grey Goose” master of Beefeater.

    Now fix me a Vodka tonic with a fresh lime please.

  36. To relieve this bellyache?

  37. I am looking at a very dangerous bowl of cherries right now. I’m afraid my only alternative is to eat them.

  38. Reminds me of my boxer, who took half an hour to decide whether to eat a dill pickle slice that fell on the floor. The final decision was NO, but it took a lot of licking, puckering, and spitting out to get there.

  39. skippymom says:

    I once threw a lime wedge across the beach, and a seagull came swooping down, thinking he was in for a treat. When he found out what it was, he gave me a look of MAJOR disappointment and pissed-ness. I still feel guilty about that.

  40. Reminds me of our Jackson vs an Atomic Fireball.

    He growled at it.

  41. Get them before they get you, I always say! 🙂

  42. How do YOU take your puppy? With a slice of lime on the side, of course.

    And your favorite flavor of pupsicle? Lime.

    Ouch. That hurt even my sensitivities! :0

  43. Oops. That’s supposed to say “sensibilities”!

  44. I think it is more if they eat the plant then the fruit. They have apples listed on the list and my vet and other doggie nutrientists has always said to feed those to pets. my dogs eat lemon and lime popsicles all the time as well as many other flavors. Very spoiled pets i have.

  45. What’s funny about this is that I gave Hazel a lick of lemon juice off my fingers last night, expecting she wouldn’t like it. She made this same doggie pucker-face, before giving my whole hand a tongue-bath. The girl likes lemon. Lemon! I have such an odd dog… xD

  46. My recently-deceased bunbun was known around some forums for ‘The Lemon Incident’…

    Apparently she yoinked a lemon from out of my grocery bag as I was unpacking, and high-tailed it down the hallway with her ill-gotten gains. I only realized something was up when I heard a furious series of *THUMP*s from the hallway.

    I peered around the corner to see her sitting in the middle of the floor, next to the lemon. The lemon had a large bite out of one side, and she was glaring at it and THUMPing her annoyance with it. How DARE it be sour and not fresh and nummy like it smelled! This is an OUTRAGE to all bunnydom!

    She was a sassy little thing, and I miss her every day. (She died a few weeks ago after a long battle with chronic health problems).

  47. skippymom says:

    Hugs from Skippy and me. Your bunny sounds like she was a wonderful little friend, and we know you gave her the best life she could have had.

  48. My husband used to give lemon juice to his dog when she got carsick. It seemed to help.

    OTOH, maybe she was afraid she would get MORE of it if she upchucked…

  49. lololololol … (bowing to the master)

  50. Great story – as someone with her own bunbun I can relate. My bun digs in my purse for candy if I leave it lying around….
    So sorry for your loss : (

    LOVE this pup attacking mean sour thing.

  51. Entropy's Bitch says:

    First green tennis balls, then 3 green apples, now a lime slice. What is next I asks ya? A spinach gnocchi? If it’s round and green, it’s gotta be evil.

    Poor puppy. *squick* *sour face* *wtf, biznatch? you bite back??*

  52. Yikes! I never knew that about limes! That ASPCA link says they’re also toxic to cats and horses. Many thanks for posting that, Doc!

  53. I’m inclined to agree but if an animal has other health issues or is just a baby, it may take only a tiny amount of a toxin to make it sick.

  54. I’ve received miniature citrus plants as gifts. They had tiny fruits on them. I have a brown thumb so I no longer have them. The cats I currently have will go to great lengths to chew on any plant that comes into the house so I prefer to exercise an abundance of caution when it comes to plants.

  55. SNORTLAFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Don’t feel guilty about that, skippymom. That’s the risk you take when you’re a seagull. Once when I was sitting on the beach in Westerly, RI, I was eating a sandwich and a gull swooped down and tried to grab it away from me and bit my hand in the process. He was fat and by no means underfed. If people feed seagulls or don’t dispose of unwanted food properly at the beach, it teaches the gulls that humans are an easy source of food and encourages them to try “stealing” food from people. I’ve seen them get pretty aggressive with children especially.

  57. I HEART atomic fireballs! The pain is exquisite!

  58. I think a peeled kiwifruit is next. Or maybe a Spanish olive.

  59. The face he made at 0:19 and the sproinging that began at 0:36 got me right between the eyez….

  60. This pup needs to be in a Sprite commercial.

  61. It’s plant and rinds that are not so good for them. The fruit itself is just nasty-tasting. Unless that pupper eats the whole lime, I doubt there’s even bit a hit of tummy trouble later.

    There’s toxic and then there’s TOXIC, you know? The lime won’t kill her, even if she did eat it. Now if she were being offered a few licks of antifreeze, that’s a different story. But a sour fruit? No biggie… and makes for a great expression (and dancing!).

    On another note, my cats just get completely affronted if I have been eating any citrus fruits, or even just use a shampoo or soap with a citrus scent. I can count on the cold shoulder for a good while after that. 🙂

  62. Probably stung when he licked his nose. I wouldn’t want lime in my nose.