Straighten Up Your Act, Fellas!

Men, do you suffer from that “rumpled” look? Are you embarrassed in social situations by wrinkled T-shirts? Stay neat all day the easy way, with Kit-T-Smooth™!

Simply hide Kit-T-Smooth in your pocket and relax, as the patented Grab-R™ arms automatically smooth and straighten, for that “neat look” all ladies like!

Jamie Lee A. says: “This is Wedge (Or Ruby Buzzknuckle, we haven’t decided.) She was found in a coworker’s engine block after a 45 minute drive from San Marcos to Austin. She prefers small spaces (like pockets and engine blocks.)”



  1. Is that a kitten in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

  2. I vote for Ruby Buzzknuckle. Wedge can be one of her many nicknames!

  3. Searches pocket, finds work id badge and penny. No kitteh. *ffleur sad*

  4. Hahahah! Excellent. I would probably marry a man with Kit-T-Smooth in his pocket. 🙂

  5. What about Chip for her name?
    As in “off the old block” 🙂

  6. Fird Birfle says:

    *suddenly decides that ALL of my blouses are rumpled*
    *telephones Kit-T Smooth Corporation*

  7. I’m sorry NomTom, you appear to have it the wrong way around. It’s the “itty bitty marmie kitty in your pocket” look that gets the ladies, who cares if there is a wrinkle or twelve on the shirt???

  8. warrior rabbit says:

    Yeah! I concur.

  9. Tres Chic !

  10. *Waves to Wedge/Ruby from across town* Yay for resqte Austin/San Marcos kittehs!

    She is a darling, and so good at shirt straightening! Although, I agree with mie, it’s the tinee kittayn (marmie or otherwise) that gets the ladies, not a wrinkle-free shirt . . .

  11. Badda Bing!

  12. Yes but can she eliminate unsightly stains?

  13. And if so may i borrow her?

  14. SlaveToCat says:

    Hey it’s a real live pocket pus…. oh never mind.

    Goes off to sit in the moderation corner…..

  15. *pouts with ffleur* felt that surely my polka dot lunchbag would be cozy enough to contain a kitteh…

  16. 260Oakley says:

    Bites your fingers while straightening your shirt, it’s the new Nip & Tuck.
    (a Marmal-Aid product)

  17. NorbertsMom says:

    Oh nooo that kittyn must be named wedge 🙂

    Speaking of marmies I am fostering 2 marmie bro-fers (about a year old) they need a loving home together – if anyone is interested PLEASE let me know, I am in NJ.


  18. Alice Shortcake says:

    CAUTION: for best results do not allow your new Kit-T-Smooth to come into contact with delicate fabrics, family jewels etc.

  19. SlaveToCat says:

    Deep purring vibrations and bread making may result in unintended hardening/stretching in some fabrics. Test in an inconspicuous place.

  20. victoreia says:


  21. victoreia says:

    *golf clap*

  22. kimmaroo says:

    Whatta cute pocket purr-tector! And that Grab-R™ arm is a-paw-lingly hand-y, too.

  23. Don’t give me any ideas, they will be searching my tote!

  24. Do they come in coordinating colors for all your outfits? If so, I’ll take one of each.

  25. Mary (the first) says:

    Lucky Wedge/Ruby/Chip to have made that long trip in such precarious way! eek!!

  26. Ianthe99 says:

    I third the Ruby Buzzknuckle name!

  27. OMG the little inside-out ear is killing me! Such a little cutie. Love love love this kitty.

  28. victoreia says:

    I must have the older models. Instead of popping out of my pocket and straightening my blouses/shirts, my two warm my clothes by lying on them and adding that extra, warming layer of fur. (Can’t remember what my models were called…….)

  29. Yay for the marmalade girls!

  30. I forth it 😀

  31. Not to mention giving any TSA agent a scare when they open that tote to find a cute little kitty in said tote 😈

  32. *GROAN* AWW 😆 What a name for such a little cutie 😆 I am glad that the little kitty was rescued 😀 I hope she, whatever name will be given her, will live a long and happy life in her loving forever home 😀

  33. Fifth it!

  34. Alice Shortcake says:

    Such as your bedroom.

    Frankly, SlaveToCat, I’m surprised that we haven’t been thrust into the Moderation Lounge.

  35. Ali-Baba says:

    Kat-on a Hot (Tin Roof), mebbe? 😉

  36. kimmaroo says:

    And yet, the normally annoying inside-out ear does not deter Mlle. Wedge/Ruby Slippers from her mission. Such purr-severance est trés je ne sais quois….

  37. Space Cowgirl says:

    Literal pocket pet!

  38. Although she could probably take a few swipes at cleaning of the gravy with add-in Tongue Scraper Action…

  39. Stripes ‘n’ Stripes…

  40. we’re not complete prudes. 🙂

  41. kibblenibble says:

    Another happily resQte Marmie! \o/ Yay!

  42. no waaaay… austin to san marcos in the engine block in THIS HEAT???

  43. JenDeyan says:

    K to the I to the M to the P.
    Kitten In My Pocket!

  44. lucy's mommeh says:

    Yet another vote f
    or Ruby here…..

  45. Over in one!

  46. My dear departed Steve used to sit on my shoulder, facing front, and let her little front paws dangle until they were in my shirt pocket.

  47. Look at the SIZE of that thing.

    Seriously a cutie.

  48. Fird Birfle says:


  49. that is seriously cool. every part: girl named steve, shoulder-perchability, dangleness… what more could you want?

  50. Kittayns go with EVERYTHING!

  51. She made the trip from Austin to San Marcos. Maybe she was *found* in an engine block? I think somehow the actual trip to her new home was in air-conditioned comfort!

    A friend of mine had a cat for many, many years whose name was Differ, short for Differential, because he was found as a kitten in a car engine. He was a nice, mechanical gray, too. 🙂

  52. I’m not convinced, after lengthy study of the photo, that the ear IS inside-out. Look again: I think we may just be gazing into the abyss of a large kittenear, turned just so that our view is straight into the delicate little shell-like interior.

  53. A friend has a large (seriously large) marmalade cat named Wedgy…. best name ever.

  54. Re: those corduroys: “Have ye seen the wide wales!?” :mrgreen:

  55. Smartiepants says:

    Holy crap! I make that drive to and from work every day. Lonnng time to be stuck in an engine on I-35! That’s WITHOUT traffic! Bet the kitty had some hot paws after that trip.

  56. HAAA!!!