Monday is Upon Us

Perky Kitty McPerkysons is perky. So you don’t have to be.

You can go back to bed now, Lindsay L.



  1. Sammy2121 says:

    so cutable!!!!! loves it. first comment??

  2. Sammy2121 says:

    yay 1st comment!!! that kitty is so adorable. love the little orange patch on the head

  3. Kitty is cute but he no look so perky. May I suggest instead, for your Monday morning catertainment, the most interesting cat in the world (funny riff on those Dos Equis ads)?

  4. a sweet kitty cat and no mistake 🙂

  5. shouldn’t it be “a-paw-n” us


  6. Little noggin, held in aTiny white mitt, and little curled back toes.

  7. Fird Birfle says:


  8. Awww…pretty blue eyes!

  9. Starting my second week of my 3 weeks summer vacation and I feel as relax as that kitty. Yeah summer!

  10. Madame X says:

    The vaguely worried, unfocused gaze… the listless pose… the aura of defeated surrender to the vagaries of the upcoming week…

    Yep, it’s Monday alright, and that could be me… except much, much, MUCH less qte…

  11. Now I think we’ve talked about this before – here on CO, we are all cute!

  12. I truly wish to snorf this thing up. Those blue eyes would make Paul Neuman jealous.

  13. ITS WORLD CAT DAY !! so moar kittys pls??

  14. SlaveToCat says:

    Hey, its the pose from Titanic. Rose, Cate Winslet, posed on the couch for Jack. Where is that kitty hiding the sapphire and diamond necklace.

    I am just a glamor puss, bow down before me all you little people.

  15. “Don’t hate me because I’m cuteiful”

  16. Yeah. I know how Mondays feel… LOL!!!!!!!!!

  17. Nose smooch

  18. Hands kitty perky cat award cup.

    Kitty is wondering where your TPS report is and why you still haven’t finished the Stevens file.

    Come on get hoping… you know the early kitty catches the bird.

  19. EEEEE! The muzzlepowshe is gray on one side and orange on the other!

    Also: toe beans!

  20. HAW!

  21. The much-coveted Asymmetrical Muzzlepuff!

  22. WendyLady says:

    Thats to mark the spot for wittle smoochies. 🙂

  23. That means you have to make double-extra-sure to kees each side!

  24. victoreia says:

    It’s a tough job, but I’ll do it.

  25. kimmaroo says:

    hee hee heeeeeeeee!

  26. Torbie!

    I shall hug him and love him and call him George!

  27. kimmaroo says:

    This kitteh has it ALL! Luxurious grey stripes, milky white sox, pink toe beans with black dots, one grey cheek and one orange cheek, prominent whisker dots, fuzzy white chin, deep blue kitten eyes, peachy pink nosicle, white eye shadow, and an alluring kitten pose. Hhhhhh sigh….

  28. 😈 Yep 😈 And here is mine *SMOOCH* 😈

  29. I agree. That is definitely not donut-level perkitude! More like, “Okay, I’m up, what have you got?”

  30. “I’m adorabuhls. Luf me.”

  31. victoreia says:

    Funny, that’s exactly how I feel every morning!

    (And “perkitude” is my new word for the day!)

  32. Hee!

  33. Please notice the detail on the prosh little torbie forehead. Where the tabby coloration changes from gray to orange, the M continues unbroken! Too cute!

  34. Lindsay L says:

    This is a foster kitty, by the way. My friend, Mary, is looking after it and showering facebook with irresistible photos.