THIS JUST IN: Bebeh Dolpheen

SeaWorld Orlando welcomed a new guest last Tuesday: A slightly stripey dolphin calf. The calf, sex still unknown, is nursing and bonding in SeaWorld’s Dolphin Nursery, where new and experienced mothers and their calves live together.

Thanks to Nikki T. at SeaWorld.



  1. kibblenibble says:

    Dolpheens are always smilingk. 🙂

  2. I just let out a SQUEEE!!!

  3. I know it’s anthropomorphising, but mom and offsproing are smiling proudly.
    And I vote for calling ‘him’ Lundgren.

  4. I thought the same thing! They make me so happy with their smiles.

  5. Maybe they’re racin’ stripes! Such a cutie!

  6. Soo beautiful!! Warmed my heart!

  7. Fird Birfle says:

    oh, leetle bebbeh, eet’s okeh ….I weel knit you a pinstripe sweateuw !!!11!!! 🙂

  8. one day he’ll find his special porpoise,

  9. I second that!

  10. Mary (the first) says:

    Very beautiful, indeed!

  11. Mary (the first) says:

    So any experts out there, are the stripes “normal”? Will they go away? or what??

  12. I’m not a ‘spert by any means, Mary, but think they are. Oh lovely li’l dolphling!

    I have seen baby cetaceans being borned on the Tellyvision, doncha know, and it is the most amazing thing! This little thing, like a miniature of its mommy splurting out, and immediately goes zipping up to the surface to breathe. It’s all so fast!

  13. You got it Theresa, “SPLURT!” I’ve never seen a calf with stripes like this. I think they should name it “Pinstripe” in honor of NTMTOM.

  14. Dolphins are such beautiful creatures…

  15. TrixandSam says:

    *golf clap*
    veddy nice!

  16. Please tell me his/her name is Hobbs…

  17. Flippa. If it’s a girl.

  18. The stripes are fetal folds from being curled up in the womb.. in 2-3 weeks they’ll start to get splotchy as the dark coloring begins to fade and skin sluffs off.. normal dol-finny stuff 🙂

  19. Lol! Flippa Middleton

  20. I think SPLURT is the technical term for a marine mammal birth. If it isn’t, it should be. And always in caps or italicized.

  21. i have a hunch there will be a sharp uptick in ankle tattoos in orlando.

    i’m sorry. i love the dolpheens. i like how they boing around the ocean. i’m just an invertebrate snarkster.

  22. wannadance says:

    blech. between the SPLURT and the sloughing off of the skin, this baby has a little ways to go to gain the sheer elegance of dolpheeeens.

    how can you determine sex now? what am i missing? i looked under it’s tail in the way of most mammals and was not elucidated…

    what a cutie though. and what an exciting time for orlando…

  23. wannadance says:

    i hope someday, in my life, give or take 10 more years, we find a rosetta stone so we can actually talk with them. that would be more exciting than the moonshot and the moonshot was AMAZING..

  24. wannadance says:


  25. wannadance says:

    wouldn’t it be wonderful if, when we can talk with them, this is how they see things, this is what they understand and we don’t?

    and they would tell us? and we would tell them what we know and what we have done.

    and maybe they can teach us about peace.

  26. Anthropomorphising is what Cute Overload does best.

  27. Awww. I love Zolphins!

  28. He looks so NEW! =D

  29. Sorry.. she! 8’O

  30. Yes, it would.

  31. Dolphins are so incredible, and the baby is too cute!

  32. Does anyone remember the Gary Larson Far Side Cartoon of the dolphin linguistics researchers who are writing on a blackboard the words they think the dolphins are saying? One of the dolphins is looking at them like “Come on, dudes, get with it” and saying “Yo hablo Espanol.”

  33. And shiny!

  34. kimmaroo says:

    or at least how to hold our breath underwater for a reeeeeeeeeally long time.

  35. kimmaroo says:

    …like patent leather! Momma and behbeh both look like smiling patent leather dolpeens. So preeeeetty!

  36. those are such nice thoughts 🙂

  37. patent leather dolpheeens! all slippery in the sun!

  38. Mary (the first) says:

    Thanks! (That makes sense. :D)

  39. you gotta give the old guy some props, too:

  40. victoreia says:

    “Lundgren”! I see what you did there!

  41. victoreia says:

    Shouldn’t you say “vertebrate” snarkster? (Unless, of course, you’re related to a snake….)

  42. wannadance says:

    they are the definiition of shiny

  43. wannadance says:

    hey, he’s not old! ooowee can ge ever sing

  44. Mamabear says:

    It took a minute for me to catch it though. In my defense, I just rolled outta bed to get my pre-day dose of qte. Cleva, cleva, dub1!

    “Your morning with toast, juice, and cheerful CuteOverload, part of this balanced day. CuteOverload is chock full of Vitamin K(itteh), Vitamin D(oggeh), and other essential nutrients! Make CO, part of your (mentally)balanced diet each day!”

  45. yes they are 🙂

  46. Snakes are vertebrate!

  47. I think there is a positive correlation between the philosophies of Larsonity and Overloadedness. Who among us doesn’t look for thagomizers on dinosaur tails, and believe dauschunds are hopped up on espressos?

    And my beloved Douglas Adams, who posits that the smarter mammal is swimming in the ocean, playing, eating, whistling and making more bebbeh dolphins, while the dumber mammal is typing this?

  48. wannadance says:

    my fave is the ‘boneless chicken farm’

    OT, i know. fergive me…

  49. victoreia says:

    Nice commercial/PSA, there!

  50. I cried when I watched The Cove. And when I saw this little cutie in such a small and limited pool being raised purely for human entertainment…

  51. Agreed, Katie. SeaWorld is an embarrassment to Florida. Info on protests here:

  52. Thank you.

  53. Okay, can we all agree to boycott comments like this? Please? Personally, I’m offended by having guilt shoved in my face by holier-than-thou environmentalists who are sometimes, but not always, hypocritical. I live in Florida, & SeawWorld Orlando has been a part of my childhood for as long as I can remember. The folks at Seaworld care for their animals & work in conservation. They rehab sea turtles & other marine wildlife & return them to the sea. To pay for that rehabilitation, they need the revenue from the general SeaWorld attractions, the marine mammals shows & exhibits. Before you wring your hands & whine about the conditions of the animals, why don’t you look at the positive aspects of SeaWorld? It’s actually a better environment than a zoo, because the animals are mentally enriched by learning tricks & behaviors.

  54. i’m sorry that a comment like that slipped through. rather than simply delete it, i’ll add your comment to the thread and see how this discussion goes. i hope it doesn’t get too rowdy.

  55. Wow. No more cuteoverload for me if you care more about plain cuteness than the welfare of the animals that you put up here. The fact that you censor information like this makes me sad. What? No serious topics allowed on this site? I’ve been coming to cuteoverload for years. No more. As a cute person would say, toodles.

    PS: I’ve also taken screen grabs of this thread and plan on posting it on my AR blog. Ha!

  56. “i’m sorry that a comment like that slipped through. rather than simply delete it, i’ll add your comment to the thread and see how this discussion goes. i hope it doesn’t get too rowdy. – Sharpy”

    Now we’re talking! Way to censor, er I mean, allow for an option dialog. /sarcasm

    On the serious side of this issue, to use the phrase “slipped through” is incredibly disappointing. Someone has an opinion, expressed it with no malice or rudeness, and because someone is uncomfortable with it the consideration to delete it was on the table?

    If the OP was rude and was insulting and/or guilting people I could understand.

    I’ve submitted photos of my kittehs, both of which have been posted on CO, and now I’m considering telling everyone to boycott CO.

    I wonder if my comment will even get through…

  57. oh your comment is heard loud and clear. i’m letting it through to explain to you and to other erstwhile contributors with agendas that may or may not be shared here: this isn’t the place. we don’t censor, but we do … prune. it’s our site and we can do whatever we want. we don’t like being provoked.

    that’s the short, extremely annoyed version.

    the official version is here.

  58. You: No serious topics allowed on this site?
    Us: Pretty much.

    It’s part of our commandments, to wit:

    Q. No way, my comment was FINE. Why was it deleted? This is a free country you know.
    A. It is a free country, but it’s not a free blog. Our goal is to provide a fruitful, engaging, hilarious commentsphere for us and our audience to enjoy. Certain topics get in the way of that goal. We will remove any comment we feel is not adding to the conversation.

    Q. But I want to talk about another topic! Like racial issues, sex, religion, my drama, politics, animal rights, Photoshopped images, an annoying writer on your staff, how incorrect you are about an animal in a post, my awesome website or product, etc.!
    A. That’s great! However, you won’t be able to do it on this blog.

    Q. Can commenters be banned? FOREVER!?
    A. Yes! Commenters can be banned. If you insist on posting comment after comment that requires deletion, ultimately, we will ban yer ass.

    Q. What’s a “commentroversy”?
    A. Occasionally, comments get out of control. Go here to learn mo’.

  59. Wow, I’m both hurt and disappointed. This is not the CO I fell in love with. I’ve always acknowledged that I am a guest here and have kept my comments polite and relevant (and occasionally hilarious). That is apparently no longer good enough; I wish it were otherwise.

  60. Hear, hear. I have unsubscribed from the RSS feed and find the FAQ does not indicate that the original comment, that appears to have opened up this issue, does not follow the CO guidelines.

  61. I guess I can’t address this to Gary, since he’s logged off, but let me see if i get this.

    Original comment:

    “I cried when I watched The Cove. And when I saw this little cutie in such a small and limited pool being raised purely for human entertainment…”

    1. First mention of the movie, “The Cove,” and therefore a redirection of the thread to a controversial topic addressed in the FAQ.
    2. “Raised purely for human entertainment” – Clearly a statement about animal rights. Again, the FAQ guards against this kind of discussion. Remember, cuteoverload is also “purely for human entertainment.”

    And once again, why do you assume that we don’t already agree with you? I mean, would it be okay if you invited me to a pool party and I showed up and started reminding your guests about the drought in Somalia and that flagrantly using water “purely for human entertainment” was shameful?

    Yes, you can say that swimming in a pool is not related to the reason for the drought, but again, we love dolphins. We really love dolphins. We don’t want to hurt dolphins. We are saying hello to a beautiful new baby dolphin, RIGHT ALONG WITH YOU.

    Would cuteoverload be more enjoyable if we also included footage of beaten and bloody dolphins? (On a personal note, I can’t see “The Cove” because I know I couldn’t handle it. “Babe” did the same. Therefore, I am sympathetic.) You don’t need to raise our consciousnesses here. Baby dolphin is already doing that. We are humans and we care and you can’t assume that we aren’t already taking action in our own ways.

    End soapbox.

    Resume giggling, oohing, ahhing, oh noe-ing and a bit of snarking.

    We have our playground, you have yours. I hope you’ll keep coming back for the cute and the love of the cute.

  62. =) I’m subscribed to comments on this thread.

    Yes, cute is cute, but some circumstances, such as this, are controversial so by way of the FAQs it would seem that CO should avoid posting controversial (animal rights) topics such as this baby dolphin in captivity.

    As you said to Ali:

    You: No serious topics allowed on this site?
    Us: Pretty much.

    I presented no assumption that anyone disagrees with me. My point related to censorship (yes, pruning is also censoring). To maintain a healthy dialog, generally defined as keeping vulgarity, insults, etc. out, is wonderful. But please call a spade a spade. CO is a private site and censorship is needed to maintain a vibrant comment thread, but call it what it is.

    I appreciate the dialog and added information provided but believe it would be helpful to the CO community to avoid controversial posts. If CO is meant to be a safe haven for epic cuteness a baby dolphin in the wild is very different than a baby dolphin in captivity.

  63. here it is, the only place on the internet with no controversial topics

    oops, that’s the one with the MOST.

    here it is.

    can’t we all just agree that we all want free baby dolphins?!