Secrets of Accupressure

Holistic veterinary health researchers have identified a spot on a dog’s body that, when correct pressure is applied, will cause the dog to say “ecch.”


  1. FancyNancy says:


  2. WendyLady says:

    OMG – More please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Alice Shortcake says:

    Yep, I wondered how long it would take for this little gem to reach CO…if that dog was mine I’d probably never leave the house because I’d be too busy making him go “echhh” all day!

  4. I ruff this so much….can I teach my dog to do this?

  5. He sounds like a character from Jim Hensons’ Labyrinth.

  6. +10 for Labyrinth reference

  7. Beatrice says:

    LOL So true the labyrinth

  8. This video always cheers me up when I am sad.

  9. Boston Terriers (along with Pugs and Frenchies) make the best faces/sounds EVER. My BT doesn’t say “ecch” but she’d surely “woo” right in my face if I did this.

  10. My little Boston, who has gone over the Rainbow Bridge, used to quack.

  11. Our Yorkie quacks when he lies on his back. It “quacks” us up every time!!

  12. My Boston goes ‘urrrrrrrrrpppp’ when I touch his flanks. And they have the funniest smiley/goofy expression when they’re happy. Bostons are so amusing.

  13. And check out his teeny lil’ front lower teefs! They are cute as hell and only show them when they smile :)

  14. OMG, I think I may be a dog. I totally do that!

  15. Oh my gosh. This is fantastic. Totally cracked me up.

  16. That’s the natural response to the well-known martial arts technique called the “Ninja Death Claw.”

  17. (The Original) Mel says:


  18. wuyizidi says:

    Watching CO videos such as this one has the same effect on me. “Ecch”.

  19. Fird Birfle says:

    FUNNY BOY!!!!
    himz needz himz own comic strip :)

  20. Sounds like the Bog of Eternal Stench to me. :P

  21. Bahaha yes!!

  22. montanagramma says:

    I toootalllly agree, Bog of Eternal Stench it is!

  23. Zaferina says:

    This lil guy rulz! Its like he has a different noise for every place his human tickles him!

  24. That’s what I was thinking, too! I love this dog–what a funny little guy!

  25. Zaferina says:

    He is like a toy! I wonder what would happen if you tugged his tail or kissed his nose? “Beep”

  26. Is it bad that I want somebody to play a tune on him? Erh-eh Errr-eh eh eeehr! Like that? Yes, probably.

  27. Ooh he’s cuterrifical – I would like one of those – Lord above !! I’d get no work done if I had one of those to cuddle

  28. Personally, Loris, I would call that desire normal. But maybe I’m a bad person too…

  29. JerilynS says:

    Take that, talking huskies!!!

  30. EEOwwRRrr RRRoo.

  31. Camaleao says:

    I love the hiss at 1:05 and then the big “ECCHH” following at 1:16. I lost it.

  32. Camaleao says:

    make that the hiss at 1:09, y’all got it, I’m sure.

  33. Zaferina says:

    Me too! I must have watched that bit 20 times already. Its like the pitch of his “ECCHH” goes up or down depending on where he gets tickled. Like somekind of crraaaazy animal instrument of “ECCHH”.

  34. Starfish says:

    I love this! The “ecch”, the big eyes, the paw/ear action, all comes together just right.

  35. Not sure the pup likes it so much but I LMAO. Repeatedly. So much personality in so few sounds.

  36. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen ever in my whole life. Ever. EVER.

  37. im eechless

  38. doomchild says:

    Lol :D

  39. monkeyelf says:

    That is the derpiest puppy. <3333

  40. It’s the DERP DOG

  41. Angatwork says:

    Best game of HAND! ever.

  42. This is the best thing I’ve seen all day, though I’m pretty sure that’s a hand in a dog-shaped puppet.

  43. Are you guys sure it’s not the owner going “Ecch”? It doesn’t mention the sounds anywhere in the video description…you would think they would be the most noteworthy thing if it were the dog making them.

  44. I think you’re right!

  45. My Boston does this and makes comparable noises, so it’s not particularly unbelievable.

  46. That’s so awesome! My pug only makes snort noises so I guess I’m not an expert at Bostons’ talents! This video definitely deserves the 790 000 views it has – you should take one of your dog!

  47. Ali-Baba says:

    It’s the Eeecher counter! Guaranteed to detect even the smallest particles of teh qte, down
    -10 elebenty! ;-)

    Peeps- I just want to thank you for all your kind thoughts and words regarding the loss of my sweet Tigger. It’s such a help to know that there are people out there that understand how much critters mean in our lives.

  48. I always come here when I lose a cat because I know the CO peeps get it. More hugs to you.

  49. kibblenibble says:

    That’s sweet Ali B, and you are welcome, of course. I have shared the loss of furry family members here and received similar words of comfort. CO is a special place, filled with amazingly witty, compassionate and intelligent folks. :-)

  50. The two most beautiful words in our language are

    I Understand

  51. okchelsea says:

    have you heard the words “ice cream”

  52. Ah yes – with Caramel – but shh – we were having a brief “solemm moment” – as far as I know – we should all share a huge bucket of it – if we could. Because Ice Cream would be a factor in Understanding – I solve a whole heap of distress by taking a friend for a dish of icecream – takes my time up – but what the heck!!

  53. Emmberrann says:

    Oh, AliB, we do. so many of us COers have been adopted by these angel souls who leave big paw prints all over our hearts and then leave us here to remember them, we empathize and sympathize with you. I miss my late-&-much-beloved Mr. Picky every day, but I would not trade one hour of having him for anything in the world. Sending you love, hugs and condolences.

  54. Oh right!! I am all for the belief they – the Angel Souls we lose – to the place beyond the Rainbow Bridge – meet up and look after us, who have loved them.
    I believe I shall meet quite an assortment of Furries and Featheries and even a scaly or two (don’t Ask)

  55. (The Original) Mel says:

    Bless his googly-eyed little heart.

  56. This is adorable, but hmm, it seems to me more like the dog is doing the smiling/open-mouth thing, and the person is making the noise that goes with the hand. Wonder who could confirm which it is one way or the other…

  57. Yeah, it’s totally the owner that’s making that noise. I’m surprised most people don’t seem to think so! I still love the video though.

  58. Speaking as someone who own a Boston who does exactly this and makes exactly that same noise, I wouldn’t be too quick to jump to the conclusion that it’s the owner.

  59. Nope. It’s the dog. You can hear the owner sniggering behind the camera.

  60. 6Rabbits says:

    IMHO-my ears hear sounds from both. Turn volume all the way up–the “eech” from the puppeh is much more nasily than the owner’s. ???

  61. Yea, it sounded like the dog initially, but later, I thought it was the owner…

  62. I thought so at first too! But then there are the times that the owner tries to get an “Ech” and gets nothing, and times when there is snickering going on at the same time, so I now feel certain it’s the doggie. Seems like too random and prolonged of a video for the owner to be making the noises the whole time. =P

  63. Look again and look at the eyes! Oh, the eyes!

  64. Anonymous Coward says:



    whoa — this looks like something straight out of ‘python!

  65. What a cute happy dog. I love this guy!

  66. The Dog Who Says “Echh”… new mascot to The Nights Who Say Ni!

    (give that pup a herring.)

  67. we demand a doggie treat!

  68. OK – simmer down – nicely now **pings a dainty treat to the little one**
    OMG – caught it – that was neat – coming from such a distance
    Well you caught the thing – what flavour was it.

  69. Holy moly, my lab and I go through this exact same ritual every night in bedtime, except it finally ends with her erupting into a full-on, no-holds-barred, “butt-tuck run.” Too funny.

  70. It hurts. It hurts. Make it stop. I cannot stand it. The voice, the lack of neck, the begging for more. I am not strong enough to bear it.

  71. haahahahaha “the lack of neck”, so true!

  72. interesting way to express happiness…but super cute!!!

  73. Mamabear says:

    Ok,ok,ok, my favorite “kcheh” is the sideways one at :23. I played it over and over and over, like some maniac!

    Also, anyone else motice those mini blinds? Yeeaah, we all own those blinds. The ones with slats missing at dog (or cat) at back-of-couch height, just worn out with incessant peeking to see who’s pulled in the driveway, who’s walking down the street, the birds in the bath (little perverts, lol), the birds at the feeder…

    Yeah, those are my blinds too. They should just sell them pre pet accomodated!

  74. I noticed the blinds immediately. have some myself.

  75. I had a kitty once who would whack at the blinds to wake me up (after noticing that I would protest at the sound)

  76. Wouldn’t this be called ‘echh-upressure’?

  77. Lerrinus says:

    Niiice! I really have to ‘hand’ it to you for that one! ;-)

  78. Funny Man says:

    Start the video and hit 2 repeatedly

  79. omg and then hit 3! hit 2 and then 3!

  80. Genius! PURE GENIUS!!!!! “ECCH” TO THE NTH!!!!

  81. OMG too much fun. It’s like a DJ scratching. I’m gonna be late for work now.

  82. and the gallery watches the expert accupressurist using the proper technique to de-gas a boston terrier!

    *golf clap*

  83. My husband does the same thing to our Chihuahua, Rosalita, but it’s HE who makes the “ecch” sound, not the puppeh! I have DIY “ecch” envy!!!

  84. My cat does the same, but it’s “eep” so I guess it’s similar, not the same. *eep*

  85. You must videotape this.

  86. sara-bell says:

    It’s so good to see a video of people & their critter actually playing together. Not just the puppy “performing” – it really looked like fun all around.

  87. cyberpunkrocker says:

    Mama told me not to watch ecchi videos. Is this video one of those?

  88. It's okay, you can watch!It’s okay, you’re safe!

  89. Am I the only one who thinks he sounds like a spider from Minecraft?

  90. “I’ll teach you to make fun of me!” *nom nom nom* *paw swipe* :D

  91. This, my friends, is why the interwebs were invented. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  92. I have a soft spot for dogs and the bizarre noises they make. My beagle makes weird Wookiee grumbling noises when he’s contented and getting belly rubs. Our pug neighbour makes this bizarre, yet adorably cartoonish “wuh uh uh!” noise when she shakes that brings people to tears of laughter.

  93. My boxer also speaks Wookie. Particularly when she’s waiting the agonizing 4 seconds for me to get from the front door to her crate.

  94. WOW i had never liked this type of dog but i’d never seen them in real life or on video, so much personality, I had no idea lol way too adorable i may be a convert.

  95. Well there was an actor – Peter Lorre – he had the same round droopy expression and the big sad slightly protruberant eyes – he was not a big man and was usually a supporting actor – If I had such a dog I would call him Peter for the man’s sake – there never was such a guy for looking sad and put-upon – these dogs have the same effect – you want to ge good to them straight away (he had a part in Casablanca) for the Dogs – I was a convert many years ago

  96. This post above is rubbish – I made a boo boo and tried to correct it please delete – sumbuddy

  97. Well there was an actor – Peter Lorre – he had the same round droopy expression and the big sad slightly protruberant eyes – he was not a big man and was usually a supporting actor – If I had such a dog I would call him Peter for the man’s sake – there never was such a guy for looking sad and put-upon – these dogs have the same effect – you want to be good to them straight away (he had a part in Casablanca) for the Dogs – I was a convert many years ago

  98. This video made me laugh until I had tears in my eyes. The person playing the part of The Hand has excellent comic timing. This pupster is like a musical instrument!

  99. Hahaha. Doggie is playing!

  100. I’m getting a Frenchie vibe from this fellow, but whatever he is, he’s freaking cute!

  101. Jiffknee says:

    Thank you…I was thinking the same thing. Looks like a French IMO, too. But – so frakkin’ funneh!

  102. I love that big goofy grin at around 1:34-1:36.
    To be honest I didn’t think it was the dog making those noises, I HAD thought it was the master until I saw all the comments on others having had BT’s do the same thing.

  103. Bunny the BT is the funniest dog I have ever known. Love ’em!

  104. OMFG thats hilarious!! XDDD

  105. This dog is totally this year’s Startled Kitten!


  107. Did anyone else think of the scene in “Scrooged” during the “Christmas Past” scene in which Bill Murray’s character is reading out of the Kama Sutra and says there’s a spot on a woman’s body that will make her bark like a dog? And then proceeds to demonstrate on Karen Allen’s character, who obligingly barks like a dog?

    Or was that just me?

  108. this dog totally looks like he was drawn by allie for hyperbole-and-a-half.

  109. I am definitely a cat person, rather than a dog person. But this guy might make me change my mind!

  110. I luv the gargantuan effort the human has taken to not pee her pants laffing at this! You can so hear her holding it in. All for our pleasure! Thanks snorkler’s mum!

  111. Camivette says:

    I laughed so hard my laughs turned into ecchs!!

  112. I love heem!!!


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