Greetings from Somewhere-or-Other

“… now, this picture was taken in Spain, or maybe Portugal, I always get those two mixed up, but anyway, our tour guide recommended this lovely little restaurant, El Flamenco Rococco or some such, and your father tried to impress me by ordering in Spanish, and the waiter just stood there like a saint writing it all down and then calmly informed your father that he had just ordered an umbrella in wine sauce.”

Chad R. says: “This is Jimmy (on the right) and Olive. Would you believe that they are brother and sister? When I’m not cooking and cleaning for them they expect to sit on my lap and be stroked.”



  1. Desdemona says:

    Of course they do.

  2. It is their house after all, you just pay the mortgage.

  3. Harumph! The service in this place is so slow.

  4. Un paraguas en salsa de vino para mi por favor.

  5. You can tell they’re related – look at their chins!

  6. Love Jimmy’s faucet feet.

  7. SlaveToCat says:

    Umbrella and wine sauce?!?!?!?.
    I wanted mouse pate followed by chickadee fricassee.

  8. SlaveToCat says:

    And the eyes.

  9. (The Original) Mel says:

    This is why no dogs are aloud.

  10. Somehow managed to get myslef in moderation limbo on my first comment here, I was just ordering in Spanish by the way :3

  11. The Gods bless them and you – for a long and happy journey together – what does an umbrella taste like – I would ask for some bread to damp up the wine sauce

  12. Fird Birfle says:

    It seems that Jimmy and Olive have successfully received food on past visits to restaurants.

    (They are beautymous examples of kitteh blorpage, and kitteh floof ….)

  13. You’re lucky they let you live there, never mind permit you to spoil them.

  14. I’ve just woken up, so bear with me if the answer is obvious. What are faucet feet?

  15. Anyone that says man is a the top of the food chain does not live with a cat!

  16. I second that! 😀

  17. CAN
    I third – please

  18. Eastie78 says:

    Yes, I’m wondering that, too!

  19. Can I Third it please

  20. Oh for Crying out loud how do you delete on here – I do not want three messages
    Moderator please get rid of the silly ones

  21. Right – I think it is like the song about “Mr. Tap-Toes”

    Mr happy Tappy Toes – Mr Tap topes I wanna dance along with you

    Strutting down the street there’s a rhythm in the bear
    you haben’t any time to lose Mr Tappy Toe
    whose the girl you wanna choose

    Well I think it was like that – any one remember more

  22. Rhythm in the beat excuse me ??

  23. Mmmm…yummy.

  24. Maybe it’s just a small table/chairs…the proportion is off. 😉

  25. Dude, you cook for your cats? I thought I was whipped (said self-deprecatingly) because they rouse me out of bed at 7:00 every morning for breakfast, exactly 15 minutes before the alarm is set to go off.

  26. jlamusings says:

    Dogs have masters; cats have staff.

  27. jlamusings says:

    Mine wake me about a half-hour before the alarm because they’re just STARVING in spite of all the food I left out the night before. Also, they find it necessary to push everything on a shelf or tabletop onto the floor in case I didn’t notice them walking on my head or full bladder.

  28. 🙂 I like rhythm in the bear!

  29. Own!!!!!!

  30. skippymom says:

    Skippy does the old passive-agressive sitting-right-beside-your-head-doing-my-LOUDEST-PURR thing. Not bothering me, of course, he’s much too polite, but he’ll just sit there and purr loudly enough to wake the dead until I have to get up.
    If Chloe is on wake-up duty, she will sit on my pillow and smack me in the face every few seconds to make sure I don’t go back to sleep.

  31. skippymom says:

    Huh. In moderation. Guess I’ll just pull up a butt-bead and settle in for a nice little nap.

  32. Dos cervesas por favor.

  33. Which one plays the guitar(s)? Or is there an owl hiding somewhere? On the pea green boat?

  34. Skippymom,

    I think you had them confused. You must have meant butt-bed.

  35. skippymom says:

    Um, bed not bead.

  36. Fantastic image, Chad! Thank you for sharing the cute story. I don’t know why, but I love cats with people names. I find it so charming. (Do we do it? No.)

    Btw here for summer we’re serving chilled water in fancy glass with ice cubes routinely refreshed. Yes, new ones all the time…otherwise we get the very same look.

  37. skippymom says:

    I’m so confused.

  38. LOL!

  39. kimmaroo says:

    These 2 remind me a little of my 2. Mavis prefers to drink water straight from a faucet and lets me know when she wants me to turn one on for her. Goober hasn’t figured out that he needs to turn his head when drinking from a faucet and the water just hits his nose and misses his tongue. So, he requires water from a bowl and wants a fresh refill every time Mavis gets a drink from a faucet. They have no qualms about waking me from a deep sleep in the middle of the night to demand a drink of water. While trying to fall back to sleep one night, it finally hit me. I’m just a bartender to 2 cats.

  40. Or, if you’re out of the paraguas, I’ll have una sombrilla instead.

  41. kimmaroo says:

    Bead was more intriguing.

  42. hmmm… butt beads, I’m trying to picture this…

  43. The owl and the Puddy Tat do not live here now – after they got married they sailed away for a year and a day – they are due back next fall – well chicken-little told me and she aint often wrong

  44. :mrgreen:

  45. Too late!

    The cat’s out of the bag. We know your secret fetish now.

    Butt beads? Who knew!

  46. kibblenibble says:

    Hee hee! Yes! I love their bored, yet tolerant expressions.

  47. skippymom says:

    Mine have an electric fountain, and in the summer I put ice cubes in the reservoir. I don’t know whether they notice or care that the water is colder, but I feel it is one of my duties as their servant.

  48. skippymom says:

    Well, now I know what my songs for the cats are going to be about at home tonight. What rhymes with butt bead?

  49. For Example my Dear Watson – they carry butt-beads in what is colloquially known as a butt-bag – elementary my dear fellow

  50. Mario…don’t let your time in Mod Lounge keep you from coming back and making other comments! Also, when in Mod Lounge look around for treats, drinks, etc. to keep you busy untill yuou’re released.

  51. Si Senora – Pero este año son pequeños tienen dos

  52. wuyizidi says:

    So National Geographic: like from some exotic far away locale where people live a much simpler life: days filled with long slow meals, midday naps, idle gossip with neighbors, and so much free time one can actually experience a luxurious, spacious sense of boredom.

  53. wuyizidi says:

    Oh, everyone on the intrawebs 🙂

  54. Sí y no olvidaré dos cervezas Gracias senor muy agradecido

  55. Oh man, mine push stuff off the shelves and tables too. My biggest cat, Mr. Tibbles, once knocked my brand-new cell phone into a glass of water on my nightstand. We were not amused.

  56. If you search certain sites, you’ll find them. And remember that once you see something, you can’t unsee it.

  57. Hehe…this is why our kitty is not allowed in the bedroom. She is sitting square in the middle of the hallway right outside the door as soon as she hears us making any noise inside, though! She was a pudgy kitty when we got her at Christmastime and (much to her displeasure) she’s already lost a whole pound. The vet was pleased, even if she is convinced we’re starving her!

  58. I tried to purchase a barely-used cat fountain at a yard sale this past Saturday and my husband rejected the idea. Clearly, he doesn’t really love the cat (which is what I told everyone at the yard sale).

  59. jlamusings says:

    That was more in sympathy for all the broken/ruined things from my kitties over the years than laughing at you. 😉

    My Tiberius (must be those “T” kitties. Yours isn’t a brown tabby, is he?) used to knock the full bowl of food out of my hand if i wasn’t serving him quickly enough. It’d be a race between me picking up pieces & him eating them off the floor. Sigh. I miss him! 🙂

  60. Anneother says:

    Faucet feet : yes, I do see the little white old-fashioned faucet heads that are Jimmy’s feets. 🙂

  61. True story: I was ordering a beer in a Mexican restaurant, and I asked for a “modelo negro.

    The poor waiter actually bit his lip to keep a straight face.

  62. On the other hand – did he get you one – that waiter was one of the good guys – they are instructed – what ever a customer asks – do not laugh

  63. skippymom says:

    Good Lord, how can you stay married to such a monster?

  64. 2ScoopsRice says:

    Nut seed?

    Mutt peed??

    Strut heed???

    Gut feed????

    Hut need?????

    What peed??????

  65. beautiful cats! love love!

  66. TrixandSam says:

    This is exactly why I stopped feeding my kitty in the mornings. She would bother me earlier and earlier as days wore on. I finally talked to the vet about how to stop this behavior and she looked at me and with the most patient “my god you’re that dumb, eh” look, said: “stop feeding her in the mornings.”

  67. Love Jimmy’s faucet feet.

    His white toes look like porcelain facuet knobs, like there:

  68. Riiiiiiiiiight.

  69. Ahhhh, now it makes sense! 😀

  70. Chad, I’m afraid to ask where you sit to eat. Is that your spot underneath the table?

  71. Brie Brie says:

    That or you could have just fed your cat at the same time daily. She would have habituated to the same feeding time in a short amount of time.
    One of my kittens (now an adolescent) used to do this, but he quickly caught on that feeding time is the same time each morning and evening.

  72. Yep.. Staff of two cats Here.

  73. Desdemona says:

    Heh. I had the same experience — I was complaining to a friend about how my cat was waking me up earlier and earlier every morning, and she said, “and what do you do when he wakes you?” to which I said “I get up and feed him . . . oh.”

  74. victoreia says:

    That’s exactly what my cats keep telling me!

  75. for ref. portugal is next to spain. i’m Portuguese. two totally different countries and cultures. by the looks of the name of the restaurant it’s prob spain…

  76. skippymom says:

    Mine too.

  77. My first waitressing job was at a Mexican restaurant that was owned by a family of third-generation restraurateurs.I had to put that principle to the test when one evening I waited on a table of people from out of town and one of them said, “You order, I don’t speak Spanish,” and then the man turned to me and said with a perfectly straight face that he’d like two orders of “fa-jee-tas” with extra “tor-till-ahs.” 😀

  78. My first waitressing job was at a Mexican restaurant that was owned by a family of third-generation restraurateurs.I had to put that principle to the test when one evening I waited on a table of people from out of town and one of them said, “You order, I don’t speak Spanish,” and then the man turned to me and said with a perfectly straight face that he’d like two orders of “fa-jee-tas” with extra “tor-till-ahs.” 😀

  79. My first waitressing job was at a family-owned Mexican restaurant, and I really had to bite my lip to keep from laughing when this one man ordered, with perfect seriousness, two orders of “fa-jee-tahs” with extra “tor-till-ahs” on the side.

  80. skippymom says:

    Skippy has a (another of his passive-agressive) habit of eating a little of his food when it is served, walking away, coming a minute later to sit and look up at me with an angelic look on his face because he wants me to give him fresh food. I tell him, trying to be patient, that there is food in his dish and he should eat that. He pretends not to understand. I say sorry, that’s the way it is. Seconds later I spoon fresh food on top of the “old” food to get him to stop bugging me. This goes on over and over all evening. I tell him there’s no way I’m feeding him again right now, and then I do. Sigh.

  81. That was Tiny Mimi, too (RIP). She was quite the little Galileo. 😛

  82. Purrcasso’s ‘Dos gatos de Picasso con las coronas y los pies del grifo y guitarras’

  83. victoreia says:

    And it’s their furniture, and their sheets/blankets/towels/etc…..

  84. victoreia says:

    *giggle* Kyuri does the passive-aggressive purring; Ezri sits next to my ear and meows plaintively until I give in and start moving.

  85. Elledoubleyou says:

    Twin beauty marks! 😀

  86. sunnylessmum says:

    Reading the comments is the best entertainment I’ve had all week, hilarious! Oh how I miss my little Sunny. She woke me up every morning, but not for food, she just wanted pets and sweet talk. 🙂 What a love!

  87. victoreia says:

    I think that’s a standard kitty opinion. Hoomins never feed them enough!

  88. He wasn’t British was he?
    That’s classic (I’m ashamed to say) British “ordering in a foreign language”.
    Say it slowly, and if they don’t understand, more loudly, and exactly as it appears to be pronounced if the words were English.
    Asking a question of someone you think speaks a foreign language involves speaking SLOW-LY-IN-ENG-LISH.

  89. I just read that as “butt fed.” 😯

  90. Lewis n' Clark says:

    “and don’t you DARE try to give us the leftovers in doggie bags…”

  91. Desdemona, I laughed out loud BIG TIME over that! I’ve had those moments of realization, too. Usually related to cats, come to think of it. They really know how to train us, don’t they?

  92. Madame X says:

    Perhaps un parasol? It’s been so dry this summer, hardly paraguas or sombrilla weather!

  93. 6Rabbits says:

    Don’t make me laugh so hard!

  94. How is it that the comments are all mixed up, time-wise? Where is the continuity? Help! Mr. Wizard!

  95. humminbirdie says:

    ack: most mornings, just before 5, jasper will be meowing and pawing at the locked [racoons!] catdoor wanting in, and nina will be meowing and jogging laps around the room that lead her up and over the length of the bed, from the foot up to my pillow, her feet landing mere inches from my head…

  96. @Richard – LOL!! The last time we were in London (many years ago) we saw a pub advertising a Mexican buffet which included egg rolls!

  97. Here’s a margarita to ease the wait!

  98. “umbrella in wine sauce” – (snerk) make that “win” sauce!

  99. At least I am not alone in this mannerism, lol! Mine do the same thing, except one knocks things off counters, dressers, etc., then comes to see if I have noticed!

  100. Hi, I’m a journalist and Cute Overload addict, and I just wanted to tell you how witty and cool the writing is on this site! You and Pyrit are on fire today.

  101. Everything about this photo is awesome. Especially the cats’ “Bish, plz” expressions.

  102. Please to excuse my multiple replies. I thought the first one didn’t go through, when it obviously did, in duplicate, and so I rephrased it. *eyeroll*

  103. Emmberrann says:

    The Late-&-Much-Beloved Mr. Picky woke at about 5 AM every day including weekends.He would poke my shoulder with hs paw until he got a reaction. He got breakkies and then had his bath & post-meal nap while I ate & got ready for work… I will miss him always.

  104. 😆 Yeah 😆 We are to wait on them hand and foot or for cats, it is more paw and paw 😆

  105. Queen of Dork says:

    The cats in this picture are lovely and the room they’re sitting in is so intriguing! My cat has to stay outside my room when I sleep, too. For him, the middle of the night is play time so if my hair happens to hang over the bed when I’m sleeping, he thinks it’s fun to grab it and try to swing from it. Also, he’ll hop on the bed and tromp about on me pushing his nose and head under my hands in The Forced Petting Maneuver. All of this is accommpanied by a lot of purring at the maximum decible levels he can attain while making biscuits (a.k.a The Claw Massage).