Dog Shall Triumph Over Evil!

With one last chance to save the world, it’s Secret Agent Mad Wags, International Dog of Disguise, to the rescute!

“No shady, leather-clad characters in an apocalyptic setting shall escape my X-ray vision!”

They’re messing with the wrong puppy this time. Fools!

Looks like I’m too late! But stay tuned for my next mission, Molly M.; keep’n the bugs outta my teefs.



  1. Secret Agent Mad Wags will Triumph against Evil again!

  2. Oh, him? He’s just my chauffeur!

  3. bookmonstercats says:

    So what IS it with big, tough guys in shades and massive leathers and small dogs? Mind you, they’d have a job carrying a German Shepherd or a Rottie in a pack.

    Fair enough, then.

  4. Mini-Me

  5. I do believe that goggie is wearing a fetching tangerine-coloured scarf. Excellent for keeping fly-away ears in place while riding the hog.

  6. StormCat42 says:

    @ffleur I do believe you are correct and I totally missed that the first time through the pics!!

    I ride and I can’t tell you the assortment of methods that goggie AND kitteh lovers transport their furry friends… Some of them are really quite ingenious!! I think my fav though was the couple who had one Hawg, and one bike (who’s make I can’t remember) that had a side car… The side car has two goggies in it and there was a hard plastic shell over the top so they could look around without getting buggies in their teefs! They seemed to really enjoy the ride!!

  7. no, mr. pup, I expect you to DIE! (cue dramatic music)

  8. Adorabuhls!!!

  9. 260Oakley says:

    The name is Bag. Dog E. Bag.

  10. Doddie Rider.

  11. bookmonstercats says:


  12. Is that a long haired dachshund? In a bag? With a scarf on his/her head? Gah.

  13. Goggle Goggie

  14. Some friends of mine just finished putting together a set up on their Harley for their
    Doxy putting a hole in a in the top of a bike “trunk” so the pup sits secure in a “box” but his head sticks out so you can see him wearing his “doggles ” that I sent her a link to . My friend & I are now on the look out for one of those cute little leather biker caps. Her doxy is a daddy’s boy so we have to make sure he’s really tough looking !

  15. PS: Goggles on kids and dogs MUST be neon. Just sayin’.

  16. Wait a minute–there was a second picture–where, oh, where is the second picture that contains the suspicious character?

  17. What happened to Papa’s pic? That totally deserved a place at CO.

  18. I think it is. What other breed could carry off this “look”? Doxies are so fashion-forward!

  19. Camaleao says:

    Heyyyyy… you’re RIGHT! There was a second picture! I wonder where it ran off too….

  20. Camaleao says:

    And there are a suspiciously low number of comments. ::raises eyebrow, rubs chin::

  21. Sidecars are the way to go for pup-hauling!

  22. Generally Calm says:

    don’t even go there Camaleao, you too might disappear in a puff of smoke!

    just focus on the dog. the dog with goggles. soothing eh?

  23. Yeah, haaaaay…And hmmmm? What’s going on?