Have I Got a Deal For You

Psssst. Check it out. Can I interest you in some twisty ties, my friend? Or how about a niiiice ball of tin foil? Only used once. Ok, ok, I’ll throw in a ping pong ball. I might have elastic hair bands under the fridge, but that’s my final offer.

We’ll get back to you, Remy and Jen!



  1. What’s really funny is the amount of items lying around to entertain the kitteh. My floor looks about the same right now.

  2. No Impending Doom tag? You’re about to let lose a demon from the depth of a dark place

  3. Fird Birfle says:

    …..mebbe a Rolex??? 😉

  4. 260Oakley says:

    Man, I hate the pressure at those big box stores. Next he’ll be trying to sell me the 36-roll pack of pre-shredded toilet paper.

  5. victoreia says:


  6. I’m thinkin’ that’s Nasty Dan in there…

  7. I can’t stand it anymore. This takes the cake. Despite reading CO for years, I rarely leave a comment, but I can’t continue to laugh out loud at 260Oakley’s comments without publicly applauding. Nicely done.

    /resumes lurking/

  8. Yea kitty has a lot of toys but like all kids, he would rather play with the box! 😆

  9. flutterby says:

    Looks like a motion-activated kitteh….will probably take a moving lure or wind-up mouse to get that fellow out of his box, much like Maru. Mere trinkets are not enticing enough, judging by those eyes….

    Just sayin’….

  10. Why do I have the feeling I’ll be paying for those twisty ties WITH MY IMMORTAL SOUL?

  11. All that at the bargain price of your first born child.

  12. victoreia says:

    Um, thank you, but my closet cat already has me sold on stuff…….(and so does the under-the-bed cat.)

  13. 2ScoopsRice says:

    Although kitteh is inside of the box, rest assured, his thoughts are well outside of it.

    [cue anxiety-inducing “Jaws” music]

  14. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    Psst kid …c’mere. Wanna buy an E?
    An E? What would I do with an E?

  15. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:



  17. Ali-Baba says:

    Are we sure this cat’s name isn’t Pandora?! 😉

  18. Heck, I can always use extra twisty-ties to manage my computer and printer cables.

    Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. I am a HUGE sucker for glossy black cats with big green eyes.


  20. It’s Leland Gaunt!!?

  21. As am I. My current GBCWBGE is named Murphy, which I named him as a kitten when I got him from the pound at approximately the age of eight weeks, and I often call him “Murph.” I mention this because when he was a kitten there was no way of knowing he’d grow into the galumphing great beast he is now, whose meow sounds awwwwwwwwwwfully like “Murf.”

  22. Great, now I want to name my next black cat “Leland.”

  23. Sure ain’t Hope.

  24. Faust would also be a good name for a black cat.

  25. I’m getting a ‘Peter Lorre trying to sell me Frainch postcards’ vibe.

  26. This reminds me of a christmas ornament I had as a kid — the head and shoulders of a black kitty, with glass green eyes, velvet fur, and a lace collar, inside a red and blue plastic letter-block. There was a clasp at the top and when opened, out came the kitty’s head! I loved that ornament SO MUCH, it was my favorite, the one I always had to put in a special place on the tree. ;-;

  27. big blue box o’ doom!

  28. heehee

  29. Alice Shortcake says:

    “I many have a coupla catnip mousies back here…the first one’s completely FREE!”

  30. Hey, I would have loved an onrnament like that! I always used to put a red velvet bow tie on my big ol’ gray cat, Rascal, every Christmas when I was a kid. (And he tolerated it…he was one of those cats with the personality of a dog!) Simple memories are the best!

  31. LOL, Noelegy! Maybe your little guy was sending out signals or something when you adopted him. Cats are very demanding and advanced creatures, you know. Bet he was an adorable little handful…and that he still is!

  32. Space Cowgirl says:


  33. That’s Remy, the cat love of my life, best kitteh ever! We adopted him from Angels for Animals in OH and he has been my heart and soul ever since 🙂 He loves boxes and anything else he can get into and I have plenty of pictures of him laying on his back in the middle of the floor. He prefers to see the world upside down… We also run a small animal rescue (www.judgespark.org) and I have plenty of pictures of him with cute bunnies as he gets along really well with them too. I’m going to have to start sending more pics of him in…

  34. Fird Birfle says:

    (also: “bork bork bork” ) 🙂

  35. Recently I moved the big armchair in my living room. Found underneath (and I swear this is 100% true): three jingly balls, four toy mice (three fuzzy [one missing a head] and one crinkly), one twist-tie, one plastic ring, one foil ball, and one thingie that you hook over a hanger so you can stick a second hanger on there.

    Only now did I learn I had discovered their black market stash.

  36. Ours are the same. If I pay money for a toy, it goes unused. If I pick up something off the street which is not designed as a toy, it immediately becomes the most popular cat toy in the house. Ah, kitties…

    Those are some pretty eyes peeking out of a lovely blue box!

  37. Marianne Martin says:

    For about a year I had 4 cats who ran me and the house. One day I moved both the fridge and the stove to clean under them and found 54 tin-foil balls! I’m not lying! I was laughing so hard I had to sit down on the kitchen floor! No wonder they would always sit and stare at me: “Mom, there aren’t any toys around, we need some new ones.” Of course, this doesn’t reflect on my lack of cleaning abilities AT ALL.

  38. kimmaroo says:

    I’m on my 3rd GBCWBGE. The 1st was “Lucky” so named because my sister and I felt sorry for him because some misinformed hoomans think black kittehs are bad luck (so unfair, I know). His main goal in life was to torture our beloved standard schnauzer, Muffin the Wonder Dog. The 2nd was “Buckwheat” so named because he LOVED to watch TV, especially “The Little Rascals.”

    My 3rd one is “Goober.” I got him from a coworker who rescued him, along with his brother, William (a grey tabby), from the woods next to his condo. Goober weighed 2 lbs. 4 oz. when I got him. Now he’s just over 13 lbs. of pure tom cat muscle. My vet calls him “The Athlete.” Noelegy, I can relate when you say that when you adopted Murphy there was no way of knowing he’d grow into the galumphing great beast he is now. I wouldn’t have it any other way, though. Of all the cats I’ve lived with, the black ones by far have all had the wildest, wackiest personalities.

  39. Jen, has any one ever spoken to you about the insiduous and insular nature of box addiction? I think that we have some pamphlets…

    Seriously though, I love those white whiskers with those ebony features.

  40. I like that… GBCWBGE. I have four of them – Molly, Sparky, Elaine and Alex. And they are all completely different, unique little personalities.

  41. I have a GBCWBYE (yellow eyes instead of green) named Angus. He is the most handsome cat I’ve ever seen. He is a huge pain in the ass, but I love him madly.

  42. We should form a club, guys, cuz I agree with you all – there is just something about black cats! We always had black cats when I was a kid (among others, including meezers), and they were personality-plus little clowns.

    My mother loved to tell the story of how my dad had to shoo Panther and Spooky out of my crib when they brought me home from the hospital. Another cat we named Boo because he would sneak up behind you and let out a screech that scared the snot out of you! Yet another black cat, Gus, always knew when someone didn’t like cats. So he would attach himself like a burr, knowing the hapless visitor would be too polite to do anything about it in our presence.

    They managed to look innocent but they knew exactly what they were doing!

  43. victoreia says:

    “Lack of cleaning abilities……” What are those, again? *surreptitiously brushing fur balls off jeans*

  44. Marianne, I wouldn’t worry about it. If you HAD fished out one of those foil balls out, you just know they would have stared you down again: “Mom, you expect us to play with this old thing? If you loved us, you’d make us a new one.” And you would have, right?

    But I am laughing too, because anytime we moved appliances or furniture, it was amazing what we’d find.

  45. Well, there’s also the fact that I believe my previous GBCWBGE sent Murphy to me. Alistaire came to live with me in 1991, but we never really knew how old he was. He could have been 1, or 5, or 10. All I know is that he lived with me for ten years and was a genuine Good Cat. Even non-cat people liked Alistaire. Then, in 2001, he stopped eating and passed over the Bridge. I took him to have him cremated, at the local shelter, and when I went to pick him up, someone was dropping off a tiny black kitten that had been dumped on her property. That became Murphy.

  46. Yes! I have a special soft spot for black cats and in fact collect black cat memorabilia (figurines, stuffed plushies, and such). In part because people are so superstitious about them and fear them, but also because some of the best cats I’ve ever had, with the best personalities, have been black cats.

  47. Basement cat!!!!

  48. What a beautiful way to find your furry angel Murphy! I don’t doubt Alistaire had a hand (paw?) in bringing you two together.

  49. That’s probably a world record. Have you contacted Guiness?

  50. I would pay extra if I could actually get any of my ponytail holders back from under the furniture.

  51. 😆 I have to hide my ponytail holders from our cat, Dooley, or the stinker will chew on them and bat them around the house 😆

  52. AWW 😀 That is such a sweet story on how you got another sweet kitty that needed a loving forever home, Noelegy 😀

  53. 😆 That black kitty is like our kitty, Badger, when it comes to boxes because she will jump in one and you can carry her around all over the house 😆

  54. AWW 😀 I love black kitties too, Noelegy 😀 I hope to get one and call him/her “Puma” 😀