Not No Way, Not No How!

The Wizard? But nobody can see the great Oz! Nobody’s ever seen the great Oz! Especially not dogs! Especially if they’re aloud! So if you want to see the Great and Powerful Wizard, which you can’t, you have to be quiet! And try not to be so doggy!

Photographer: Amanda K.; Set design: Mathias F.; Cat: the aptly-named Phobia.



  1. Kross10c says:

    Is that why doggys seem dumb cause the wiz wont give em brains?

  2. Especially if they’re aloud?
    Was that supposed to be: Especially if they’re loud!
    Although refusing entry to someone who’s allowed is also very cat!

  3. emerald eye!

  4. cellarmouse says:

    beat me to it! is that a refraction or the color of kitty’s eyes …

  5. I think this calls for a new tag, behold the Catsle 🙂

  6. kibblenibble says:


  7. Eastie78 says:

    I think NOMTOP was playing on the word written on the cardboard: “NO DOGS ALOUD!” 🙂

  8. Eastie78 says:

    Er, NOMTOM…


  10. 😳

  11. I love thees! Anyone else also think of the He-Man-Wimmin Haters Club?

  12. Hoping it’s just a camera glare…cute as he is, eyes that sharp, bright, and piercing green would be kind of scary to wake up and see staring back at you in the middle of the night!

  13. pay no attention to the cat behind the curtain!! the great Fuzz has spoken!!!!

  14. BonzoGal says:

    Meow meow meow,
    Purr purr purr,
    And a couple of tra la las,
    That’s how we while our days away,
    In the merry old land of Oz…

    We get up at twelve and start to work at one,
    Take an hour for lunch and then at two we’re done,
    Jolly good fun!

    (You’d be amazed at how much of that song I didn’t have to change to fit cat-ly ways.)

  15. TRUE so very very true… because kitty’s now how to live it up. in or out of the land of OZ

  16. earlybird1 says:

    Maybe it’s because he belongs in the EMERALD CITY!

  17. That cat spells worse than the chik-fil-a cows.

  18. wuyizidi says:

    Yes. Also reminded me of Calvin’s tree house.

  19. When it’s green it’s due to pigmentation (low to moderate amounts of melanin) in the iris. It’s refraction when the eye color is blue: here the outer layer of iris is clear with no melanin, and the shorter wavelength colors undergoing Rayleigh scattering when it strikes the inner layer. Same principle as why the sky is blue on a clear day.

  20. I love everything about this, down to the “set design” and the cat named “Phobia”! Love how kitteh says try not to be so doggy if you want to see the wizard (which you can’t). This is how cats think. I think. Another great entry for the NOMTOM coffee table book.

  21. OMG this is an awesome post right down to the roll over text and teh URL!

    NOMTOM… Home run!

  22. (The Original) Mel says:

    Meaaaaooowwwaaaaarrr who goes thar? I already gave to tha lollipop guild!

  23. The first thing I thought of!

  24. IMHO; kitty kinda looks like it’s acting in a redux of “The Shining”…..!
    (Playing Jack Nicholson’s part…….. 😯 )

  25. Gawd, I love it! 😀

    Another one of those posts where hoomanz are the cute overloaders and deserve their own place of honor. Well done, captors!

  26. Maru?

  27. “You’re not doing the dance.” 😛

  28. Thank you wuyizidi, I had wondered as well, but was too lazy to ask… now, I will go reread the answer “until I has it figgered outs.” 😉 Thanks again

  29. ScoutsMom says:

    That’s what I thought of, too.
    “Heeeeere’s Johnny!”

  30. wuyizidi says:

    lol. Basically, color cannot exist without light. Technically black and white are not colors, white is the reflection of all colors (of visible spectrum), and black is the absorption of all colors.

    When something is say green, it’s because something in it (eg. melanin) reflect/deflect the green part of the spectrum, the rest of the visible spectrum gets absorbed. So if you only shine a green light on a green-leafed plant, that plant will die as it does not absorb any of that light.

    In the case of blue, something else happens that can also make things that color. Blue has very short wavelength and very high frequency. When light strikes something smaller, like a nitrogen molecule in the sky, it gets absorbed. After a while, that energy is radiated out in all different directions. This is what “Rayleigh scattering” describes.

    We know this is what happens in the human eye, as blue-eyed people have little or no melanin in the outer layers of their eyes, unlike brown and other colors. This is also why baby’s eye color can change. As they age they can develop more melanin in that other layer.


  32. I was thinking more like a padded cell situation! (They’re coming to take me away…)

  33. At first I thought Phobia was the name of another kid. But then i decided it was going to be my cat’s name if i ever have one.
    It’s a perfect mix of slightly creepy-scary yet still cute sounding.

  34. HAW! Frank Morgan forever!

  35. AWW 😀 I want to give Phobia a cuddling if she will let me 😀