What Just Scared This Cat!?

Someone out there must know—tell us in the comments!

Meanwhile, get a load of the Michael Jackson Thriller walking action:

From Sender-Inner and Successful Half Marathoner Mischa.



  1. From 0:00 to 0:06, is my cat like 99% of the time…No entertainment. Just stares and love.

  2. Mary (the first) says:

    I don’t know but he’s definitely a scaredy-cat! Wow, the puff-up action!!

  3. OMG, I just SAW this. Meg and Co., you guys are really On Top of teh Internets. 😀

  4. PS: Could it be a
    1. Land Shark, or the
    2. Tennis Balls of Terror, or the
    3. Granny Smiths of Gruesome, or the
    4. Inoffensive kit-tayn that upset Don Piano, or the
    5. Teddy Bear that made little Conan go bat!@#!@#

  5. His or her reflection in the camera lens, maybe?

  6. kibblenibble says:

    With cats, you’ve never “seen it all.” There are always new surprises. 🙂

  7. One of those ghosts they’re always seeing. WoooOOOooooOOOooo!

  8. dragoncelt says:

    I laughed until I cried. I’ve never seen a cat freak out like that before!

  9. barfolomew says:

    I had a cat that would do something similar if you stared at him a certain way. It was kind of a game we played stalking each other around the house. Another part of the game involved standing on the arm of the sofa while puffed up.

  10. It must have been something about that camera, because kitty is starting straight at it when he popped a wheelie on his invisible Harley and tore out of there. But being a cat, he just had to come back and take another look.

  11. (The Original) Mel says:

    Land Shark

  12. It’s Land Shark Week, after all.

  13. Fell off my chair laughing at that…. 😀

  14. I’ve already watched this 10x, and I have that sick-to-my-stomach-from-laughing-really-hard-but-completely-silently-at-work thing going on, too.

  15. Or it could be a plushy pug dog bag….

  16. A disapproving rabbit

  17. Obviously the camera is being operated by a SCARY GHOST.

  18. Kitteh obviously has no love for the paparazzi. “Get that camera out of my face!”

  19. Ali-Baba says:

    Just what I needed!

    Peeps-pls excuse the threadjack…
    I’m at the vet w/my 17yo tabby kitty, Tigger. He’s feeling poopy & could use some warm fuzzies.
    Thank you

  20. Starsucker says:

    I LOL’d… then I made an awesome animated gif:



  21. Ali-Baba says:

    Also— the kitteh obvy. Saw the 6 fingered man & ran to tell Inigo! 😉

  22. STOP……………………Hammer Time !!!!!! 😀

  23. Martha, I believe this is the laugh you are speaking of:

    I am doing the same!

  24. My guess- a bug! Sometimes those little buggies can seem quite ferocious, you know.

  25. There will be blood tonight!

  26. SlaveToCat says:

    I think kitteh just saw Borris, (280lbs, hairy, 78 years old), walk by wearing his grand daughter’s high heels and red lacy unmentionables.

  27. Mamabear says:

    I’m thinking an alien? Kinda like this one:

  28. I’m betting it was something undead.

  29. skippymom says:

    Hugs to you both from Skippy and me. We are sending him perk-up vibes. Please let us know how he is.

  30. Did I see him walking on his two rear feet? Really? His front feet seem up in the air!

  31. skippymom says:

    I love it when they do that alarmed “Look! Over there! Don’t you SEE it?!” routine.

  32. I lost it at the Thriller walking, and had to watch that bit at least 10 times!

  33. kibblenibble says:

    Hugs and well-wishes to Ali-Baba and Tigger. ❤

  34. And ANOTHER 10 times…

  35. i received a ball that had a real suirrel tail attached to it. A battery rolled the ball all over the floor. My kittes were so scared of it! I thought it would be a great toy but ended up throwing it out.

  36. eet was a beest wif forty eyes that deed eet.

  37. That cat wasn’t scared.
    It was having a ball.

    Really cute though!

  38. victoreia says:

    😯 And I was just going to suggest the Dread Vacuum Cleaner of Doom!

  39. victoreia says:

    Fezzik, help me! He’s getting away! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!1!!!!1!!!!!

  40. cat looks more p.o.’d than scared. s/he’s all: ima take my imaginary beach ball and go home. so there. nyah!

  41. Oh! *That’s* what I’m feeling!

  42. Alice Shortcake says:

    I dunno about “Thriller”, I’m getting a distinct “Hunchback of Notre Dame” vibe.

    “The bells, the bells!”

  43. Feel better, Tigger. Hugs to you and your person.


  45. da den den den den den

  46. i could hear a bird, maybe the person suddenly revealed a hidden bird or something?

  47. Hello CO people! I’m new to this place and want to tell you all that you are by far, the most entertaining group of people I have ever encountered! Each and every one of you is hysterically funny and for that, I cannot thank you enough. You’ve brought tons of joy and laughter this way with your genius posts and commentaries, thank you!

  48. ScoutsMom says:

    I love scary movies and often watch them alone, with Scout on my lap. She always awakens and seems to see something behind us. It really freaks me out.

  49. wuyizidi says:

    You owe me another keyboard CO.

  50. wuyizidi says:

    Oh, and here’s the animated gif: http://i.imgur.com/yqcK2.gif

  51. I have no idea why, but my kitteh, Sinjin, seems afraid of my shoes. I live by myself and have a bad habit of scattering them about. He sneaks up on them apprehensively and taps them with his foot, like he’s making sure they’re really dead. Right after I watched this, I was at the bathroom sink and happened to nudge a shoe with my foot. Sinjin went flying backwards into the wall (he’s okay–the bathtowel was hanging there). So, I’m going with the evil shoes of death.

  52. [Thumps door, which promptly falls. Makes exaggerated ‘after you’ gesture and walks away.]

  53. GO Tigger! *waving pompoms furiously*

  54. STOP! Hammer Toes! :mrgreen:

  55. Thanks, wuyizidi! That’s easier than repeatedly clicking play on the video. And one viewing was not enough for me…

  56. I had a similar toy but with a fake raccoon tail, but I got the same reaction from my cats. I cut the tail off and threw away the ball, the cats loved to play with that tail, it was their favorite toy. I called it Herman (I don’t know why) 😕

  57. Buzzfeed titled this video “The Hunch-cat of Notre Dame” My favorite!

  58. Cats used to walk like this in Tom & Jerry!

  59. It was evolution’s call to being walking upright, only to realize a few seconds later that it was a wrong number.

  60. Ali-Baba says:

    My sweet Tiggy-wig crossed the rainbow bridge @ 5:30 CST. He was always such a serious kitty…his brow had this furrow & he would look at me as if he was saying , ” oh woe, woe is me.” accompanied by the most pitiful meow you’ve ever heard. He could also be silly. Well, after they took him to the back to evaluate him, that furrow was gone. Like he knew someone else was going to worry & he could relax. I will
    never forget him. Peace sweet baby, peace.

  61. My girl is afraid of any toy that moves on its own or makes noise (and, well, everything else). We got them one of those crinkle bag thingies and she wouldn’t go near the thing. My mom ended up sending it to my aunt…her cats loved it.

  62. Hahahah! Love it!

  63. Fird Birfle says:

    [this was intended to “shelve” under la Therese’s options]


  64. Fird Birfle says:

    *picks up the pompoms when la Therese puts them down for a break*

    *waves pompoms & cheers Tigger on*

  65. Fird Birfle says:

    oooooooooooooooh nooooooooooooes 😦

    RIP Tigger le chat.

  66. Fird Birfle says:


  67. victoreia says:

    {{{{{{Ali-Baba}}}}}} RIP Tigger. 😦

  68. Zombie Tomato says:

    Ali, sorry for your loss! Many hugs….

    But OMG, the Thriller Walk! The soda! In my nose! It burns! It buuuurrrrrns!

  69. I’m so sorry for your loss of dear Tigger el gato. They are our family in every way. Tigger is so fortunate to have someone who will miss him so and remember his little furrowed brow.

  70. Teh horrible broom

  71. Big hugs to you Ali-Baba.
    It’s so sad to lose a furbaby…I know sweet Tigger will be your very own guardian angel.

  72. Scarleybelle says:

    So sorry for you have lost Tigger, Ali-Baba. (((Gentle Hugs)))

  73. omg that is hilarious! goofy kitty!

  74. “Sanctuary! Sanctuary!”

  75. Madame X says:

    It is so sad when our friends – furry or not – cross the bridge before us… But they are never truly gone – they live within us, in our hearts and our memories. Tigger lived a long life, and was loved until the end by you, Ali-Baba. And he waits for you beyond the rainbow bridge…


  76. Melissa H. says:

    What is he scared of? He’s a cat, so nothing!! Absolutely nothing!!

  77. Mamabear says:

    Awww, fail! “Embedding disabled by request’?!

  78. wildviolette says:

    This is without question the greatest thing I have ever seen on the Internets. No. Lie.

  79. I’m so sorry to hear it. *hugs* He was lucky to live such a long life with you. RIP, Tigger.

  80. It sounds like what scared the cat was bubble wrap being popped.

  81. Lewis n' Clark says:

    I am so glad you’re back! I don’t know why, I get worried!

  82. Lewis n' Clark says:

    Ali-B, I am so sorry for your loss. Me and L & C send our love.

  83. RIP Tigger

  84. I was just thinking it’s a case of the zoomies.

  85. The camera scared it

  86. AWW 😥 I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your dear sweet kitty, Tigger, Ali-Baba 😥

  87. 😦 I’m so sorry! (((((hugs)))))

  88. 😆 I agree 😆

  89. Reminds me of the picture of the cat it that goes “invisible grocery cart” anyone have that pic?Maybe he wanted to go grocery shopping?

  90. I am so sorry, Ali. We are never ready for this. I am sure my awesome Stinky is right now showing your Tig the ropes.

  91. The walk definitely needs one of those cartoon “deedledeedledeedle” sound effects.

  92. roflmao!

  93. To quote J.K. Rowling: the ones we love never truly leave us. So sorry.

  94. I shall have my Sammy and Mickey-Boy look for him and be friends – Debg – you have the right of it – sometimes when I awake in the morning I “sort of half see” a black (Sammy) or tabby (Mickey-Boy) shape – just out of reach.

  95. Walking E says:

    LOL – Popped a wheelie, indeed

  96. Nassegris says:

    My kitty is only afraid of the melody that the ice cream truck plays. He ignores anything else. Including trucks, cars, the vacuum cleaner, big shoes, dogs, all those things that spook normal cats.

    Oh, and he’s afraid of golfers too. Golfers and ice cream trucks. Go figure.

    Adorable kitty btw – great floofiness/long-leg ratio.

  97. Well – to what passes with me for a mind – I would say “go figure” – Golfers – you may not be near a park, but maybe someone has struck your kitty – even a childs toy could hurt – Kitties are for loving they aint all that tough.
    Ice-cream trucks – two possibilities – children have thoughtlessly teased kitty, or much more likely his ears are sensitive to high pitched noises and the Jangle of the truck’s muzak may disturb him

  98. He did!!! First a barking cat (http://cuteoverload.com/2011/07/19/the-cat-aint-here-man/); now bipedal walking?! What’s next?

  99. londoner says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry. I lost my darling Egypt a month ago. She was a bolshie old ratbag who bullied her son away from his food so she could eat it and demanded constant attention. I miss her horribly. Perhaps she’ll learn some manners from your sweet boy.

    Maybe they have their own version of CO in Kitty Heaven where they watch all the weird stuff *we* get up to…

  100. Worry thou not Londoner Dear,
    I lived in that City for near twenty year
    Sammy will charm her and treat her so nice
    With Mickey she’ll talk of hunting for mice

    Sammy was black with a smudge neath his chin
    and a sweeter boy there never has been
    He was as behaved as a Black Dressed Pastor
    Mickey the Mouser could chase so much faster

    With these in tow she would have a crazy day
    come along mi’lady what do you say
    But one thing I do forbid – never chase birds
    And with that warning I finish my words

  101. So sorry for your loss, Ali. Many hugs, and much love. When you can, think about going rescue for your next baby, if you don’t already. Tigger would want you to have a friend with you, you know!

  102. I don’t understand why deliberately frightening an animal to produce a poor quality video is amusing to so many. I’m disgusted you put it up in the first place…nothing cute about it.

  103. msrachaelj – I believe you’ve nailed it.

  104. I Haz a Funny Bone says:

    Joyce, have you ever HAD a cat? This is so absolutely normal. No “deliberately frightening” about it. These are the games we play with each other. Lighten up, ‘eh?

  105. TPS – Bipedal walking. That makes me laugh, too. lololol

  106. omG wuyizidi! Now I’m watching THAT obsessively!! Don’t you just love it when you’re getting paid to look at CO during the day…? My boss is like so great.

  107. LOL

  108. Theresa! That is IT! I KNEW there was a soundtrack I couldn’t think of!

  109. random dog person says:

    I suggest one of those statues that make motion-activated noises

  110. Joyce, you crack me up. 😀

  111. {{{hugs}}} to Ali-Baba and londoner.

  112. Kitteh was watching a little white fluffy bunny jump around and the…OMG that rabbit has a mean streak a amile wide. Look at the bones!!!!

    I used to have a gray tabbeh that was afraid of throw rugs. He would always walk around them and if feeling brave, tentatively touch one with his paw and then run in terror.

  113. Lisa–my cat does the same exact thing, except with any clothing he finds on the floor!

    Not that I leave clothing on the floor in ever-growing piles or anything. 😐

  114. I’m so sorry to hear this, Ali-Baba. 😦 Much love to you and rest in peace, sweet Tigger. ❤

  115. Ali-Baba says:

    Thank you Esther! Tigger himself was a rescue… So are my other 3 🙂 ( well, other 4,but i lost Rusty 4 years ago)

  116. Every couple of years somebody on the Webs mentions “Don Piano” and I just ROFL. Thanks, Teresa!

  117. debt ceiling

  118. “Popped a wheelie on his invisible Harley and tore out of there” sent me over the edge from merely laughing to crying with laughter.

  119. That house must be infested with invisible bats, like mine. (Since I didn’t hear a sneeze – that’s the other thing that scares the poop out of my Tubbs.)

  120. I am so sorry. Big hugs to you.

  121. Beckishes says:

    My Cervantes freaks out like this quite often since he is afraid of just about everything, (the last time it happened it was the evil birthday balloons). I was suprised to see another cat do that goofy walk.

  122. That position, how is it physically possible? Looks like something from an Atari game.

  123. “Exit, stage left!”

  124. baby birdie says:

    Here’s what might have scared the cat:
    1. A ghost hamster

    2. The Clash-Dinging–the Trash-Pinging–the Mash-Singing–

    I can’t think of anything else, but please let me know if you get the Spongebob reference in the second thing that might have scared the cat.

  125. baby birdie says:

    I couldn’t find a Hash-Slinging Slasher video on YouTube. They’re all edited with bad words or stuff like that.

  126. What was that?

  127. Digitoonie says:

    It’s almost like a Scooby Doo “GHOST!” reaction. 😆 ❤

  128. Elledoubleyou says:

    Cloverfield monster!

  129. joyce, don’t worry! that kitty is playing. he’s goofing around. he’s definitely not posturing like he is afraid.

  130. Fird Birfle says:


  131. Fird Birfle says:

    Thanks so much!!!

    My family are not snuggly welcoming types so it is so refreshing/ encouraging here at CO that y’all are so kind to moi!

    I missed all of you, and the cuteness critters, as well, while I was Horse-pitalized.

  132. Pat Rochester says:

    The sound of the camera clicking to take the picture or if it’s an automatic camera the motor sound as it advances to take the next picture. The cat I used to have would do the same thing. It would go straight up in the air at least 5 feet off the floor for no apparent reason. I couldn’t see anything that would have scared it.

  133. Ditto, like every day!

  134. Joyce, If the cat were genuinely sacred, it would have run away very fast with it’s tail low to the ground. The cat knows it is playing at being scared. Young animals, especially cats, play at the skills they will need as adults. The puff and hunching is a tool cats use to make themselves look larger and intimidate enemies. This young cat absolutely knows it is all a game.

  135. LOL!

  136. What scared the cat? Owner must be lying on the floor next to camera, put on a bigfoot/gorilla mask and said, Boo!” Kitteh puffs, hunches and runs, but after kitty mom takes off mask, kitteh comes back and says, “Mom? Is that you???”

    Listen to the kitteh ask the question at the end.

  137. Emmberrann says:

    It could be almost anything that makes an unfamiliar (or familiar and unexpected) sound (unexpectedly). The Late and Much-Beloved Mr. Picky would floof up and run around or make the I’m-A-Great-Big-Cat-And-I’m-Too-Big-To-Frighten walk if ANYTHING made a noise that he was Not Ready For. Occasionally, he would react like this at thunder, which he hated. If I unexpectedly turned on my vacuum on, he would also floof up and jump in surprise – but it wasn’t fear. The auto camera sound is one that could qualify here.

  138. Ha ha ha HAAAAA….. pfffffZT!

  139. LaureninGeoriga says:

    Would you stand on the arm of the couch all puffed up, or your cat?


  141. I did the same! {hands kleenex}

  142. Was already crying with laughter, but excellent description!!! 😀

  143. I lol’ed. :]

  144. Lerrinus says:

    *cracks up* 😆

  145. Lerrinus says:

    Ow, my stomach hurts from laughing at all the comments! 😆

  146. marthava says:

    I think he saw himself in the camera lens and thought it was another cat. 🙂

  147. SoCalMom says:

    Saw this on another site. A vacuum scared poor kitty!

  148. Empressgoth says:


  149. Perhaps they got out the dreaded KITTY CARRIER? Or someone mentioned THE VET?

  150. Fleurdamour says:

    I don’t think he was scared – looks like an imperius curse to me.

  151. What in God’s Name scared this cat????? I have had cats my entire life and have never seen anything like this.

  152. do they like vacuum cleaners?

  153. Actually they don’t… but I didn’t hear one in this video? They do not spoke at the site of one.

  154. Mr. Vacuum is going to get you

  155. OMG You are too funny!! What a mental image

  156. I love this answer, it’s the best yet. Thank you for the great image it’s perrrrrrfect.

  157. Hugs an d kisses how is he doing these daze…

  158. Yes he popped a wheelie..

  159. JOYCE, cats do this by accident, I LOVE all 3 of my cats . I have had at least 3 cats for the past 30 yrs . he was not harmed. My cat has been just sitting on the floor , when I moved and gone straight up in the air. I have just never seen one do a wheelie before.

  160. Your cat does this walk??? Really??