The Amazing Blackie!

For my next illusion, I shall require a volunteer from the audience… thank you, madam.

And now, I shall place you inside the cabinet and make you… DISAPPEAR!


The Chew Toy Was My Idea

Yeah, I was just getting tired of him nibbling on me, waking up with bite marks, you know how it is. So I figure, he gets what he wants, and I get some rest.

It’s Freckles and Tommy, from Lucy L.!

Meanwhile, at the Acme Unspecified Purpose Plastic Lid Testing Labs…

Today, we’re stress-testing a next-generation steam release valve cover on the model 259X Multi-Button Thingus-Grobble. As always, our testing team consists of a designated opener and closer, as required by union rules.

We Need to Go Derper

After watching the movie “Inception,” these brothers attempted their own low-tech version of dream-sharing.

Ten-year-old littermate brothers Moonlight-Kitty and Sunshine-Kitty, from Carm C.

I Can’t Get Comfortabuhls!

I know you mean well, Gravity, but I really want to sleep this way! So cut it out!

The Seal of Disapproval!

We’re here with noted lettuce connoisseur BunLov, to taste-test Farmer Ignatz’s new “Like Buttah” Lettuce. BunLov, try a leaf and tell us what you think…

(And now BunLov is nibbling… Thinking it over…)

“I mildly disapprove!”

And there you have it, friends! Farmer Ignatz’s “Like Buttah” Lettuce has the taste even the most disapproving bunnies can almost tolerate! Try some today!

Nice Groucho ‘stache, Vanessa G. More pics at

Is There a Point to this “Dog Whisperer”?

Is… is he supposed to be talking? His lips are moving, but I can barely hear him! I don’t get… what exactly is this about? Could somebody turn up the sound?

Hussha fruzzsha whushha fruh, Tommy R.

Raised By Ferrets

The little orphan child, who mysteriously appeared one day, was taken in by the local ferrets and raised as one of their own. They take baths together, followed by a bedtime story, then steal some jewelry, hide dirty socks and tunnel under the rug. Just like a real family.

Angus & Trouble are all rub a dub-dubble trub, Stacey J.!

Where Are They Now?

Captured on the red carpet by a paparazzi camera – but which elusive Hollywood has-been is it?

Fabulous Dahling, Michele B.

Disapproving Sproingers

The Stylist is reporting there is Bunneh Jumping Contests going on over in Jean, Germany…

They report: “Originally a Scandinavian sport, each competing rabbit hops over a variety of miniature sized jumps, and each rabbit is scored based on how many jumps they clear.”


Nothing in the rules says these buns can’t both jump AND disapprove of said jumping.

According to the story, the white bunny “Snoopy” was the clear winner, jumping around 60cm high. That’s twelve Cute Overload Calendars stacked on top of each other, People.

I also gotta give props to this disapproving bun who is all disapproving but ‘ehn!’ at the same time:

And then manages to clear THE WATER JUMP LULZ!

Photos by Rex Features. Paws up for Meghan W., who sent this in all the way from Hawaii.