Gato Gateau

Gato Gateau; l’inoubliable: un gateau au melange cremeux decore’ d’un a la mode vanille’. A’ ta santé!

One of four HAPPY 3-day old white lions cubs, an extremely rare subspecies of the African lion, BIRTHed in Belgrade Zoo, Serbia, one DAY in April 2011. Thank you Darko V., and Kathy K.


  1. I would like to snorf the tiny lion bref. *snoooorrrrrrfffff*

  2. (snoozy) marshmallow fluff !!!!
    It’s KIMBA !!!!!

  3. LunaChickFringe says:


  4. LunaChickFringe says:

    Kimba theme song!

  5. I can taste the marshmallow-y goodness looking at this pic.

  6. kibblenibble says:

    Even lion cubs have ears at 9 and 3! I love the eenocent peenk nose and leeps.

  7. Emmberrann says:

    kn: ya beet me to eet. Deez be cutest lioneenies evair seed.

  8. yarnyoga says:

    Sign me up in the event they need fostering!

  9. doomchild says:

    Second that!

  10. ashagato says:

    yarnyoga, i could have sworn you wrote “frosting” and i was like, now that’s a nice idea… ;)

  11. redonkule totale!

  12. SARASUNSHINE says:


  13. Welcome to the world, beautiful creatures! I hope all four of you live long, happy lives and create lots more little sweet white lion cubs! :)

  14. I second that, Suzeo :D

  15. Anonymous Coward says:

    minor & annoying corrections (assuming the accents i typed make it through… and if i understand what you are trying to say):

    Gato Gâteau; l’inoubliable: un gâteau au mélange crémeux vanillé, décoré à la mode. À ta santé!


  16. Emmberrann says:


  17. Mais oui! Merci!!

  18. Bravo! Aucune faute d’orthographe, :-)
    But I think Pyryt meant “a la mode” as in the English expression, “served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream” and that expression simply does not translate into French.

  19. Merci! Je voulais traduire cette phrase aussi mais je n’y comprenais absolument rien! XD

    It is indeed a dilishis vanilla cub morsel. May I have a second serving?

  20. Also anonymous says:

    Ha, as if we don’t know who you are..

  21. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh my heavens! Oh! *smooch. Smooooooch on the wips. BEEEP! on the nose. Rub, rub on the top of the soft, floof head. Reads “Good Night Moon” and “I Will Chase You At Night, Dang Things” to kitten.*

  22. So, who’s the secret message for? ;)

  23. I agree – I was trying to muster up the energy to Google Translate it! (but alas, it is late and I am tired……)

  24. Lerrinus says:

    Awww, wuv ’em! :lol:

  25. Alice Shortcake says:

    Belgrade, you say?

    *goes in search of passport and lion cub kidnapping gear*

  26. Squeee! It’s a real life Leo!!

    Leo the white lion was a cartoon on TV in Québec

  27. What a trip ! in the U.S. it’s Kimba & in Canada it’s Leo. Same cartoon !
    There were episodes of Kimba that showed his mom & dad but they weren’t in the story other than flashbacks.

  28. bob drummond says:

    Kimba and Leo were both shown in the U.S. but about 20 years apart and they were not the same character.Trust me on this one !!

  29. Isn’t it Meg’s birthday today? Happy Birthday Meg?

  30. baby birdie says:

    Yup! Happy Birthday Meg!
    Here’s proof.

  31. Queen of Dork says:

    Hooray! Happy Birthday, Meg! :) Thanks for starting this whole cute/silly peeps/somuchfun thang!

  32. What would we do without Meg. Meg, thank you for the ever-reliable smile every single day. Happy, happy birthday!!!

  33. Happy Birthday, Meg :D and many more :D

  34. ashagato says:

    good call, gayle. HAPPY BERF-DAY MEG!!!!

  35. OMG bebeh cub. WANT.

  36. My temperature’s climbing, and I’ve got the shakes… must be White Lion Fever…

  37. SO CUTE GAH! And, not to be another annoying nitpicker, but the white lion is a leucistic mutation- not a subspecies. :)


  38. White Jenna says:

    Beat me to it, Claire. :D

  39. Happy Birthday Meg ! Hope you get as much joy as you give !!!!!

  40. I second that!!

  41. I third that!!!

    But now I want to a white lion cub to add to my (imaginary) menagerie, which consists of hand-holding otters, a pool-moving bulldog, cats willing to wear silly hats, and a dog that can tuck himself in at night, to name but a few of the animals on my wish list.

  42. So cute!!!! And the cock-eyed ears!!! Love!

  43. Mary (the first) says:

    Happy Birthday, Meg! :D

  44. Meg-amillion Happy Birthday Wishes!

    From the Moderation Lounge…

  45. Alexandra says:

    I’m guessing that by saying “Une jeune” in the hovertext, it was meant to mean “Young one”? Literally it said “one young”, but… I think we’d say “Petit”? I’m not sure though but, yeah… “Félicitations, petit!” If other french speakers can help with other propositions ;-).

    Tried to find some Ascii codes/characters that could help you. Didn’t find the one for “À” though that I assume you wanted to use for “À ta santé!”.
    Alt + 138 = è
    Alt + 130 = é
    Alt + 144 = É
    Alt + 136 = ê
    Alt + 133 = à
    Alt + 131 = â (for gâteau :-)

    Ooor…! If you have Firefox, you can get a french language add-on and switch to it when you type french words. It’ll be underlined if misspelled. That could help you :-). I know I use that for english so… ^_^

    And Happy Birthday Meg! Long live Cute Overload! :-)))
    Happy Belated/In advance Birthday for everyone working on the site as well! :-)

  46. Fird Birfle says:


    le francais et les accents

  47. Alexandra says:

    ha… la cédille… ;-D

    Alt + 135 = ç
    Alt + 128 = Ç
    And Alt + 143 (134) = Å (å) Which is not for french I think, but I put it there in case you’d want to dial a Stargate…

  48. Lerrinus says:

    Happy Birthday Meg!!! :-D *HUG*

  49. Queen of Dork says:

    His nose and lips are mauve. Mauve, Peeps! The beauty of this cat is amazing! I would so love to snuggle him. But I think if I tried to do that, his mom might feel compelled to detach my head from my neck area.

  50. I know, right???

  51. SlaveToCat says:

    Je dois avaler tout ce que la crème glacée avant que le reste d’entre vous. Grabs crème glacée et s’enfuit plus vite que la vitesse du son.

  52. SlaveToCat says:

    lécher, lécher, lécher mmm mmm mmm très bonne

  53. Fird Birfle says:

    Bonne anniversaire, a notre Meg [et bonjour a Goose] !!!

  54. Alexandra says:

    “Bon” because it is “Un” anniversaire, it’s masculine. We pronounce it “bonne” though, because it just sounds better I guess. ;-) Way to go for the french! Thanks!

  55. Fird Birfle says:

    (‘scuze my partial “oops” :) )

  56. I’m kind of hungry for something with vanilla buttercream . . . Unfortunately, I have nothing even remotely sweet in my fridge. So sad . . .

  57. Leopard lady says:

    Definitely cute, but definitely not its own sub species of African lion…a genetic anomaly for sure – like a white tiger is a Bengal with recessive genes that make them white.

  58. Was hoping someone had pointed this out! I’m new to the blog and loving all of the pics, but there’s no need to misinform readers. It’s just a color, like how Labradors come in black or yellow or brown. Because it’s recessive, makes camouflage harder, and was prized with hunters, they’re very rarely seen outside of zoos.

  59. i had posted earlier on this point….but seems my post was deleted or not accepted.

    Its a mutation of the genes, not a sub species and something that shouldn’t be prized..sadly many less than good zoos inbreed what white lions they have causing many deformities and brain damage. Same problem with the white tiger too.


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