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In my practice, I encounter many couples trapped in a paradigm of codependency, a suboptimal dynamic in which disagreements are amplified until they threaten the holistic balance. In these instances, I guide the couple to seek resolution through mutually shared dialog. And if that doesn’t work, I shoo the little whiners outside.


  1. ashagato says:

    i’d like to make an appointment, please….

  2. I love Mishka and Laika.. My cat doesn’t seem to as much. She was cuddled on my lap but left after about 30 seconds.

  3. ashagato says:

    asha came immediately to sit on my chest and headbutt my face!

  4. started loling at “NOOOOOOOOO”

    and he totally said “leave me” at 1:50 i heard him!

  5. Me, Echo! says:

    they are actually talking!Kinda creepy tho…

  6. How does one earn a WTFOMGBBQ? Because it’s making my MA, PhD seem rather passe…

  7. PorkRoll says:

    That’s earned when someone sees their final student loan tally.

  8. bookmonstercats says:

    Very nice, PorkRoll

    I have a few letters after my name, albeit you wouldn’t recognise them unless you are in the pensions/insurance business in the UK, but I am insanely jealous of Dr Tom Nom’s LMFT, AFL-CIO. I can take or leave the Ph. D., and I definitely don’t want the WTFOMGBBQ, but I need to know how to acquire the others, (ASAP).

  9. songbirdnurse says:

    And decides to further their debt by celebrating with some BBQ! :-P

  10. kimmaroo says:



    Now THOSE are some CREDENTIALS!

    Now I’ll NEVER get to sleep.

  11. Yes, NOMTOM is a comic god/genius! {hands nice new pair of undies}

  12. kimmaroo says:

    Ooooooooooo! Microfiber, my fave! 10Q very much!

  13. Haha @ making your MA & PhD passe! Oh interwebz, you are so silly…

  14. Mara Lee says:

    This right here is why I decided Huskies, though beautiful, might not be the right dog for me.

  15. Aaah, my dog Cab does this when he wants us to play or take him outside to potty. Probably good we don’t have two of him…

  16. 2ScoopsRice says:

    These goggies need some yelp…howl about a few more sessions?? Yip, they will benefit from that. Clearly, the brown husky is barking orders and the black one has hit the woof! Situation is getting snarly quick!

  17. SheepishKitty says:


  18. 2ScoopsRice says:

    I think I hit my all time high in doggie puns in a single post! *whew*

    That was RUFF! D’oh…one more for good measure! YAP, I have no more…oops, I did it again! I can’t help it when I hit the GROWL running…;)

  19. sara-bell says:

    Was already really happy from the video, but you just keeled me!

  20. 2ScoopsRice says:

    I try… ;)

  21. (The Original) Mel says:

    I wuv huskies.

  22. Alexandra Noelle says:

    No. Noooooo.

    ‘How about now?’


  23. Noelegy says:

    Personally, “I love you.” “I knoooooooooooow.” killed me ded.

  24. Me, Echo! says:

    that was soo woofing redonkulous!

    OMGWTFBBQ I just had to actually add “redonkulous” to the dictionary of the computer!!!!How sad!11111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Reminds me of the New Yorker cartoon – “How about never? Is never good for you?”

  26. ashagato says:

    my fave one of all time!

  27. I loved that part too. ‘how about now?’

  28. My mom wwas wondering what this sound was. She thought it was dead babies

  29. wow. i’m pretty sure that a baby making that sound would be very alive.

  30. Me, Echo! says:

    That is wut I thought too Sharpy!

  31. bookmonstercats says:



    Actually, I really do wonder what they are saying.

  32. they’re probably the ones who wrote the subtitles :D

  33. The black husky has a piece of food or toy, and the brown one wants it. The brown one is politely asking to share, and the black one, is rather rudely, refusing to do so. That is truly what is going on here (I’m an Animal Behaviour College Grad).

    For the fun factor, they’re disputing a lovers it a quarrel if it’s dogs, or a tiff?

  34. Truly, that is just as cute as the subtitles.

  35. Theresa says:

    It’s the ol’ sled dog WOO WOO!

  36. One more time, talking dogs.

    “I love you.”

  37. Arielle says:

    This video makes me super happy.

  38. Patricia says:

    The neighbors must be really happy….

  39. SheepishKitty says:

    Looks like someone need to learn to share…no, at that age, they need to learn to “take turns”. lol!

    with the help of the text it really make them sound like they are saying that.

  40. Theresa says:

    PS: Sled dog owners and friends know about how sled dogs “talk”– you’ve probably seen Mischka saying “I love you” on the YouTubes. My mom once saw a beautiful Malamute tied up outside, and said to her “How are you, sweetheart?” The dog immediately got up, and said “WoowoooWOOwoowooWOOWOOwoowooWOOWOO . . . . ” etc. etc. She had a lot to say. :D

  41. Noelegy says:

    *grin* Our Malamute mix does this when it’s biscuit time.

  42. Do you know the writer Daniel Pinkwater? He had an Inuit sled dog named Lulu, who would answer the question “What’s your name?” with an emphatic “LOOOO LOOOO!” :P

  43. yolanda says:

    My little crested talks a bit. We’d like to encourage but sadly when he starts talking one of the others starts barking, really loud and shrill. I love how you can hear it “I’m really tired” when he’s doing that line. Very cute and yes, you could with patience teach this dog some pretty cute lines to use.

  44. I’d love to see if i could get my dog to even try to say some things. But after living in so many apartments he doesn’t bark or howl. He alerts us when someones at the door. But thats it! haha, when he need to go outside he comes and sits next to you and “sighs” really loudly. Its very funny! I’ve been trying to get him to bark and howl with me and he just looks at me like I’m rude. ;d

  45. I think these two live next door to me. They “chime in” when they hear sirens… we live near the hospital…

    BTW, I know what LSMFT means, but not LMFT.

  46. LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I work in an office with a whole slew of them. (I am but a lowly admin. assist. with a masters degree in anthropology.)

  47. kimmaroo says:

    So that’s why you mentioned keeping a stethoscope at your desk earlier.

    The cat is out of the bag, Rose.


  48. And LSMFT = Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco.
    Loose Straps Mean Floppy T*tties. Depends on your situation at the time.

  49. or Let’s … SMFT… never mind.

    i must admit, i used to work blue.

  50. cellarmouse says:

    “Lucky Strikes means fine tobacco” but was that on Groucho’s show or Jack Benny’s or what; I’m so old I’m forgetting more than I remember …

  51. Fourth Bear says:

    The Jack Benny program (both on radio and TV) was sponsored by Lucky Strikes (after Jello-O and Grape Nuts) and definitely used the LSMFT ad line very frequently. Checking Wikipedia, I don’t think any of Groucho’s radio shows were sponsored by Lucky Strikes.

  52. Theresa says:

    ” And if that doesn’t work, I shoo the little whiners outside.”

    My mom used to tell me and my brother “Why don’t you go play in traffic?” :mrgreen:

  53. My mother used to offer to pay me a quarter to go play in traffic! :lol:

  54. victoreia says:

    Theresa, does your mother know my dad? He would sometimes tell my sister and I that….

  55. I wonder if they also know such gems as “Marguerite go wash your feet, the Board of Health’s across the street,” and “Ladies and gentlemen, take my advice, pull down your bloomers and slide on the ice.” :D

  56. Ha. Minus the verbals, that could have been right out of my cats’ playbook.

  57. HAHAHA!! “You’re rude.” That just about killed me.

  58. Buga_Mom says:

    OMG, my tummy hurts from laughing!
    First subtitled indy film I actually loved =)

  59. If this is a whine party, where’s the cheese?

  60. I think the cheese was the subtitles!! LOL!

  61. :-D

  62. Linda H. says:

    Oh my gosh!!

  63. sunnylessmum says:

    ARe you freaking kidding me? OMG I just about DIED from laughter! I am so NOT familiar with talking Huskies! Man was that entertaining! And really nomtom, you nailed the whole degree initial business, fist bump. :) hilarious

  64. Huskies are very smart and very–how shall I put it?–well, they’re sled dogs for a reason. They’re in it for the very literal long haul. Which means they’re tenacious, to say the least. Wonderful dogs, very human-friendly, but not necessarily for the beginning dog parent.

  65. luvstehQte says:

    @ sunnylessmum–you should DEFINITELY do a youtube search of mischka! she’s the charcoal & white husky in this video and she has many many more videos of her excellent speaking capabilities (and i’m an expert speech therapist and everything!)

  66. really cute!
    (but i’m really glad i’m not their neighbor!)

  67. this: if I could make a ‘shift-worker awakened yet again by 2 minutes of howling’ emoticon, I would.
    [tongue ‘twixt teeth: -O :O :-o :o


  68. Sorry, fail:
    and the last one was supposed to be a penguin!

  69. It aint bad – as a penguin (“)> my one is looking the other way Neat !!
    I might get my gravatar to work

  70. “Since when did you become my mom?” :)

  71. “Dr. Tom Nom”.

    What you did there, Nomtom: I see it.

  72. I like when the brown one goes around to the front to catch the eye of the black one.

    And I think at several points, it sounds like the black one is saying Yeah, yeah, “BLAH BLAH BLAH”

  73. I’ll play with you adorable fuzzy ants-in-your-pants red husky!

  74. (The Original) Mel says:

    She’s a Siberian. I would play wif her too. So adorabuhlz.

  75. skippymom says:

    This whole conversation is sadly reminiscent of my marriage. But a lot more amusing.

  76. Ba da bing! :-D See, that’s where the BLAH BLAH BLAH comes in.

  77. Sasha's Mum says:

    Nominate for Best Foreign Language Oscar!

  78. 260Oakley says:

    “Who’s afraid of Virginia Woooooof?”

  79. What’s the little object that the reclining doggie keeps nomming and hiding from the other one? It looks like a remote…and that just makes everything even more hilarious if it is. :D

    “Arooooo…can’t you see I’m watching True Blood?!”

  80. kodalai says:

    Wish we still had the Like button. :D



  82. Mary (the first) says:

    That was hilarious but if those were my dogs and they did that a lot, I’m afraid they’d drive me bonkers!! I can only take so much howling!

  83. Brilliant. I really want to try that with my boss some time:

    Boss: Have you finished the project?
    Me: NoooooooOOOoooOooo!!
    Boss: You were supposed to finish it two days ago!
    Me: I KNOOOoooooOOOoooooW!!!

  84. “I’m really tired” – I heard it as clear as a bell!
    And, the ending – “I love you.” “I know.”
    If every marital spat could end like that, there would be far fewer divorces!

  85. I thought they were re-enacting that scene in “The Empire Strikes Back.”

  86. (whispers) We know they’re sisters and not a couple-couple, right?

    Okay, great then. Bye!
    *bows out slowly backwards*

  87. Lose the subtitles and you’ve got a funny video there…

  88. NurseNoir says:

    I can’t stop watching this!

  89. Ahhhh, NOMTOM… So much talent! Are you one of those insane geniuses like Van Gogh?

  90. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Sorry, I can’t hear you … I must have cut my ear shaving.

  91. Seriously? You are too MUCH!! I have to ask… Do these things come to you quickly or do you need to think on them a while?

  92. JerilynS says:

    They need to see Dogter Phil.

  93. KittyMarthaPoo says:


  94. Lerrinus says:

    *groooaaaan* :-)

  95. haha YES

  96. I’m the alpha.”

    I have expected the other dog to fall over laughing. “Sure you are.”

  97. Not really funny and anticlimactic. I would really like my 2:07 mins back.

  98. *poof*

    there you go. spend it wisely, time traveler.

  99. HAW

  100. Well, if you’re looking to maximize productivity x time usage, a website called Cuteoverload might not fit your goal. I loved eet.

  101. I love huskies! And these guys are just adorable.

  102. Oh my goodness he totally said “I’M REALLY TIRED!!” lol. Usually my long haired cat Puddin only reacts to sounds of kittens mewing through the speakers but she really flipped over these huskies for some reason lol she’s still sitting and staring at them.

  103. My dog Lady loved this, she did the doggy head turning. It was good for me to.

  104. LOL I loved “I’m the alpha!!” “I know…”
    awesome video!!

  105. Miss_Jones says:

    That’s the bit that got me! The little defeated, resigned ‘I know’ afterwards is priceless! ^_^

  106. SheepishKitty says:

    better than tv!

  107. BagOguts says:

    Love the hovertext – hee!

  108. Hahaha!!! :D I just hope their neighbours are very tolerant about the noise these two make. ;)

  109. Elisha B. says:

    My thoughts exactly. Hope they live in a house far away from neighbors. I think these dogs are great but I can’t imagine listening to them “talk” all the time.

  110. kimmaroo says:

    OK, it’s the morning after, I just woke up, and my abs and my facial muscles are throbbing. I HAD to look at this one more time before doing anything else. Between NOMTOM’s lead-in, the subtitles, the amazing dogs, and readers’ comments, I think this is my favorite CO post evaaaaar! This is my first CO hangover but it hurts sooooooo good! Plus, now, finally, after decades of typing, I can type ! without looking at the keyboard!

  111. Gorgeous dogs!! I’m sure their chats with eachother get a bit annoying after a while though heh.

  112. These dogs are so beautiful!!

  113. I just found an even funnier video of a dog talking. In this one, the dog’s vocalizations are just amazing–and hysterical (as well as CUTE, of course!).

  114. I just found an even funnier video of a dog talking. In this one, the dog’s vocalizations are just amazing–and hysterical (as well as CUTE, of course!).

    (Obviously some of the sounds are the man’s–synchronized with the dog’s movements and sounds–but some are clearly actual sounds being made by the dog.)

  115. My small Morkie just watched this video with my and was howling (very quietly) back at them!

  116. Wow, these are two amazingly beautiful creatures!

  117. tobesograteful says:

    Took a long time to get to the “I love you” part!!

  118. This just made my two dogs go crazy! They sat and watched, then started howling too.


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