Nip and Tuck

Rule of Cuteness #26: If you have four legs and can tuck yourself in, it’s cute.

Corollary: If you can do it as elegantly as Jasper here, you get a genius grant.



  1. schmawwwwww….

  2. I love how he folds up into this impossibly small bundle. 🙂

  3. (The Original) Mel says:


  4. Excellent!!!

  5. Been watching Wallace and Grommit again, eh?

  6. Oh my gosh. That might be the most adorable thing I’ve seen in a good while. Jasper has clearly practiced this! 🙂

  7. That counts as tool use, right? Jasper knew what to do to make the blanket fall so easily over him. That’s a very bright dog!

  8. Mary (the first) says:

    I love Jasper! I wish he’d come over and tuck me in, too! We could snuggle under the blankie!!

  9. Awwww!

  10. STINKIN’ cute!

  11. Good Night John Boy.

    Good Night Mary Ellen.

  12. 2ScoopsRice says:

    Jasper lurvs his blankie!! (Yep, that about COVERS it…)

  13. victoreia says:

    That is one smart pup!

    (Side note: there were actually people who disliked this! 😯 )

  14. I get the feeling this is a daily ritual, and Jasper’s humans are kind enough to place the blankie on top of the cage every day just so he can tuck himself in. Which just makes my heart explode 🙂

  15. Exceptionally!

  16. Oh for sure! Pure awesomeness for all!

    Jasper looks totally prey-shoss AND gets to hide from the boogeyman. Win-win!

  17. Btw the co-cuters, didja happen to catch this unbearably moving story?

    I just had to share this. There are no words. Rock on, Cheyenne and Dave. 4-ever!

  18. Moi, Actually says:

    This must be how the Big Bad Wolf jumped into Grandma’s bed. Never seemed so plausible before.

  19. Maybe they didn’t like the fact that the dog has to go sleep in a cage. I must say I hate caged and leashed animals.. I mean I don’t hate the animals, but I hate it that people put their dogs etc in cages at night or outside – summer and winter.. Would never do that. All these videos with homes that have cages for their pets, inside, in the living room of wherever – I don’t understand.

    This cage here at least seems to have no door. But then I wonder, why have a cage at all?..

    Anyway, that blanket-dog is cute! And if it’s too bright there for him, I’m sure he could also learn to switch off the light! (o:

  20. *in the living room oR wherever*

  21. earlybird1 says:

    Not so much a cage (implies imprisonment) as a kennel, actually. When our dog was a puppy in training we had one for her to stay in when we left the house, so she wouldn’t chew on the baseboards (which she loved to do) and get splinters in her gums. It became her place of safety. She would run into her kennel whenever there was a thunderstorm or fireworks. Many dogs like to be in some sort of “cavey” space underneath or inside something to feel safe. She had all her blankies in there and she would snuggle right in.

  22. earlybird1 says:

    Hey, my first visit to the Mod Lounge! *looks around with interest* Nice decor in here!

  23. that would be snorgling, not snuggling 😛

  24. Rachael says:

    Personally, I would never let my dogs sleep in crates but only because I want their warm snuggly bodies near me all night. But I don’t think there’s anything intrinsically bad about crating a dog. Having said that… SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!

    I lubs me some Jasper! ♥♥♥

  25. I love the name Jasper! 🙂

  26. My brain just couldn’t take it in… I had to watch it over and over to believe what my eyes were seeing. He even managed to make a hood to block out the light. Genius!!

  27. tracylee says:

    this one –> totally digs her kennel too
    (I’d be a bad dog owner if I didn’t have one for her!)

  28. tracylee says:

    this one –>
    totally digs her kennel too
    (I’d be a bad dog owner if I didn’t have one for her!)

  29. Maureen says:

    Actually crating is a good idea – not to address behavior problems such as chewing stuff, but dogs like the security of a place where they can hide out. Not in favor of locking the crate, but it is place that others cannot get into.

  30. Dogs naturally love crates. It comes from wolf instinct – they like to hide out in their “caves”. Dogs are always on the alert for danger (as anyone who has been awoken in the middle of the night with barking knows), so a crate is comforting – they only have to watch the front of the crate, since they know the other three sides are protected. My dogs go in their crates when they’re tired, when they want to focus on a toy or bone, or during parties when they’re just exhausted from watching everybody.

    You have to do crates right, though. A lot of people only put their puppies in crates as punishment, or when they’re leaving the house! Under those circumstances, I’d hate a crate, too! You have to feed them in their crate, praise them when they go into it, make it nice and soft, and every once in a while, just crate them while you’re still in the house for a few minutes.

  31. We have crate trained all our dogs in their puppyhood and then leave the crate door open after the first year. Without fail, the dogs think that the crate is their den. My jack is lying in hers on her comfy pillow right now as I comment. She will be in there of her own free will most of my work day. She could actually go lie down on my bed, which is where she sleeps with us all night long. But she prefers the den/crate during other times of the day. No need to feel bad for puppies; it is a loving way to train them and keep them from getting hurt when they are young.

  32. TrixandSam says:

    *hands earlybird double espresso*
    Would you like a blueberry muffin with that?

  33. Halp, Hyperventilating a touch. I am in the MOD lounge. Is this like crate training?

  34. TrixandSam says:

    I crate-trained my pup Trixie and she loved her beddy-boo (aka, her crate). She doesn’t sleep in it anymore, but she does love finding covered places to sleep like under the end table, under the dining room table, or behind the recliner (when it’s reclined). Dogs really do like feeling cozy and secure.

    Oh, and SQUEEE for Jasper!

  35. Marshwiggle says:

    I wish I could make MY bed that gracefully. Hmph.

  36. Makes me think of how one of my big dogs needs to sprawl out and take up the whole couch if I am on the couch with him, but if he is alone he bundles up into the tiniest ball with a blanket or pillow. Silly.

  37. earlybird1 says:

    why yes I would, thank you *munch*
    And the company’s not bad either! 😉

  38. My black lab is also named Jasper (!!!), but there is no way he’s smart enough for this! 😉 He loves his crate too, though. He pushes the blankets around ’til they’re perfect and then snuggles in for afternoon naps. Definitely his safe space.

    Love this sooo much

  39. I call my toy poodle a cave dog because he seeks out every enclosed hidey-hole he can find: under the coffee table, under blankets, under the bed, in a crate… He drags his snacks and toys with him and vigorously defends them against any intruder, too.

  40. I agree! Even when my dog isn’t in his crate, we frequently find him under the dining room table/chairs, or right up next to furniture. It’s a “den” thing 🙂 ❤

  41. Mamabear says:

    Can’t help myself:

    I also hate when babies are put in cribs at night to sleep, or those horrid playpens. Babies, as well as pets should be given free roam of the house,day and night. Also, holding a toddler’s hand when outside (especially when walking near a busy street) is a lot like having a leash on a dog, it’s cruel.

    *cleansing breath* Now then.

    I love Jasper! As someone else said, I’d love for him to tuck me in at night (after a bedtime story, of course). Or, I’d be happy to crawl in there beside him. I also love his little nun habit at the end; so prim and proper!

  42. it’s a dogchilada

  43. Blanche says:

    —-us too. The crate really seems to be the safest place for a pup when you
    can’t watch them. After that they go in by themselves. I truly believe it is
    their own cuddle up spot. No one bothers them in there. It is NOT a place
    to lock your dog up because you are lazy. It is a place to keep them safe when you cannot.

  44. I feel humiliated that it takes me a few minutes of tucking myself in bed and I end up not nearly as nice as Jasper 😦

  45. JenniCody says:

    My dogs love their kennel. My husband and I have to close the door to the utility room where it is kept during the evening so our younger dog doesn’t wander back there to fall asleep. We have to force her to socialize! If we ask them if they want to go to bed, they both trot back to the door and wait for us to open it. They have full range of the house when we are there, jumping on every piece of furniture, but when we aren’t there we don’t trust them to not pee or poop everywhere. And the hubby doesn’t like waking up in the middle of the night to the dog licking his face.

    This doesn’t make us bad pet parents. It makes us responsible.

  46. tracylee says:

    And we get to watch the video, so we win too !
    Wins all around!

    now where are those pompoms? I think we need to yay for Jasper…

  47. Why yes , yes it is. Have a blueberry muffin ! BTW all the food in the mod lounge has NO calories. Even the chocolate. Enjoy your time & Y’all come back now, Y’hear!

  48. (The Original) Mel says:

    Your profile name is cool. One of my fave MST3K eps.

  49. 2ScoopsRice says:

    2-4-6-8…who do we appreciate?


    *shakes her pom poms spiritedly*


  50. julie b says:

    Clever boy! Bet he knows Gus…

  51. NO HE DI-INT. omg !! Love it!!

  52. Sorry, I was playing my harmonica in the ModLounge!

    *waving pompoms madly for Jasper*

  53. ,You know what they say about Hell and the Mod Lounge. :mrgreen:

  54. Oooh, now I wanna be in the ModLounge! I love blueberry muffins!

  55. tracylee says:

    someone made a .gif of him! (let’s see if imbedding will work) (hah! im*bed*ding)

  56. tracylee says:
  57. tracylee says:


  58. Both dogs and cats are den animals. A “cage” does not mean the same thing for them as it does for us; the smaller enclosed space gives them a feeling of security and coziness. It’s the same reason cats like to play in boxes, the smaller the better. For a dog which is properly crate trained the cage becomes “their” space, the place where they go to sleep or hide.

  59. I’ve had three labradors thru the years; each has considered its crate as a doghouse, a haven, a hideaway, and a place you could escape to whenever us hyuoomins got too annoying for them to tolerate……
    (Also, I think these big breeds like to sleep in the crate in summertime, rather than on the living room rug, because it’s cooler for them….. especially after a walkie….. 🙂 )

  60. Aww, nice.

  61. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Part of being a responsible pet owner is learning to tell the difference between what feels right and what’s genuinely in the animal’s best interest.

    Others have explained the reasons for crate training. I just want to add this: think about where wolves sleep in the wild. Now think about why the dog in the video might have entered the doorless cage without any coaxing. Consider whether your feelings regarding crate training arise from genuine concern for the animal, or an emotional reaction resulting from projecting human ideas and symbolism onto an animal that is happy with his lot. Remember the saying about the road to hell…

  62. earlybird1 says:

    Couldn’t have said it better! 🙂

  63. earlybird1 says:

    Wait, where am I going, and why am I in this handbasket?!

  64. earlybird1 says:

    Well I am out now, but maybe someday I’ll come back and join y’all. Very welcoming atmosphere in there, I must say!

  65. earlybird1 says:

    Now I for some reason have a mysterious longing for my own private, undisturbed, quiet space. I think everyone should have that, hoomans and pets alike!

  66. 🙂 Thanks! Mine, too–The Final Sacrifice runs a close second, though.

  67. Mamabear says:

    Awww, I’m still in the mod lounge? 😦

  68. Beatrice says:

    I wish my puppy Myah would do this!

  69. And this is what comes from too much air travel: a link to SkyMall (but an appropriate link for those of you who don’t like the “cage” effect)

  70. Yup! Wins all around for sure!

    Team Jasper for the win! (So veddy praw-puh his name). 😀

  71. I love how you can actually see him measuring the drape of the blanket to see if it’s in the right spot – too smart!!

  72. Shannon says:

    They do at the beginning. My Lab mix ALWAYS starts out as a small package on the corner of the bed. Thru-out the nite he gradually melts until he takes over at least half the bed.

  73. JerilynS says:

    We need a tag for “magic trick.” Abracadabra — now you sees him, now youse don’t.

  74. Funny, my animals tend to think that my entire house is a small, utilitarian cave that barely qualifies as sufficient to shelter their furry heads,

  75. yeah, it’s not like we don’t live in our own crates.


  76. kittens not kids says:

    Pets2Vets is on facebook! For some reason, I follow a bunch of dog-related groups on facebook (despite being a dedicate catlady) – there were a bunch of things going on earlier (for every so many “likes,” another dog would be donated, etc etc etc). Check them out – all of the dogs for vets programs are amazing. LOVE them.

  77. oh honey!!!! smooch smoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooch!

  78. Thank you for sharing this story! It absolutely made my day.

  79. OK. But I do not think for one minute that everyone who has a cage/kennel makes their dogs feel that comfortable in there. I just couldn’t lock my pet in there when I leave the house.. Each time I come home I just hope I didn’t accidentally lock my cat in/out etc. Both happened and I feel miserable about it even though it happened ages ago.

    People do all sorts of things with their pets and cages or baskets (for transportation). I spare you the story of my neighbours… They moved now, but they had no clue about how to keep pets!

  80. Bookend says:

    Adorable. I love how he curls up with the blanket.

    And for those that naff about the cage – it’s actually multi-sided beneficial. The dog has a safe spot that it can hide/sleep in (note the lack of door in this one); the owners have a dog that is used to and very comfortable with its cage; and in emergencies, they can just close the cage and bring cage with relaxed dog (because the dog is still in its safe spot) to the vet for a checkup. It only becomes problematic when they KEEP him in the cage.

  81. Samantha M. says:

    I moved to the US from Australia. In Australia I’d never even heard of crating a dog, when I moved to the US I found out that most people in the area I am in crate their dogs when at work or at night. I’m not a huge fan of it myself as I never had any problems in Australia so I didn’t crate our 2 rescue dogs when we got them. Then we found Buddy would spend his whole time trying to make a “crate” for himself he liked to try and sleep in boxes and under tables or in baskets so in the end we got a crate, which we never shut, and he sleeps in there happy as a clam, our other dog hates them with a passion so he just sleeps on the bed with us.

    I figured that very few people in the midwest seem to have fenced backyards or the climate in winter anyway, to give their dogs the run of the backyard like we did back home when we went out.

  82. *This is not the droid, errr… I mean, dog… you’re looking for.* =D

    I love how Jasper reminds me of Star Wars. Ewoks, Hooded robes, ect. Makes me happy. 🙂

  83. luvstehQte says:

    my lab/shepherd mix has a similar sleepy posishe pattern; start in a small ball then gradually get hot and spread out/roll over until completely sprawled. that’s why she has her own bed. 🙂 that, and the outrageous shedding, of course.

  84. luvstehQte says:

    i just read a book with a similar theme; war veteran with PTSD who was eventually paired up with a service dog who tremendously improved his ability to function (different than a pet, but thematically related). the book was called ‘until tuesday’ by luis carlos montalvan; i got it at borders (RIP) but it could probably also be found through your local library (shout out to all CO librariologists!). anyway, it was a good read and an interesting look at life through the terrifying lens of PTSD.

  85. mplsdeb says:

    My Maggie (a flatcoat retriever we had before our dahshunds) would hop up on the bed..and if either of us had the audacity to move and touch her…she (normally the most gentle creature) would growl, and get down off the bed and lay down in the biggest hrhump as if she had been soooo inconvenienced. Man, I miss her…the only dog I know that would get on her hind legs and give me a hug…literally put her paw around my neck and hug me.

  86. ams1001 says:

    I saw this the other night but it was one of those animated gif things that plays over and over all by itself. I sat there watching it for a good couple of minutes.

  87. Tigress says:

    That is the most awesome 14 seconds in the universe!

  88. Maybe you should drape a blanket over the bedroom door. Then, as you walk in….

  89. That’s what I meant. I’m not saying it’s always bad and dogs (and cats) like crates, but the image of this cage is upsetting (me and apparently a few others who ‘disliked’ the video), because you know there is abuse. The idea of locking in your pet, is not something fun. My cat loves to crate as any other cat. But I would never buy a cage and put it in my home somewhere, because my cat finds a different place every other week. Anyway, not my kind of idea to keep a pet.

    And the ‘I hate leashed’ dogs does NOT apply to walking your dog near a busy street. And comparing this to not holding the hand of a toddler is ridiculous. I know what I meant.

  90. Infoaddict says:

    Errrr … there’s a small enclosed area, so there’s abuse? WTF?

    We taught our kelpies that their crates are their caves because when we go away and take them with us, they know exactly where to sleep, and they have a familiar cave and besides, we needed somewhere they hyperactive little buggers needed to calm down occasionally. Granted, they’re actually outdoor dogs so the crates aren’t used all the time, and absolutely never when we’re not home – but “enclosed are made of wire” DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY MEAN ABUSE. Geez. Talk about overreacting!!

    Some people abuse their animals in wide open spaces. Does that mean we should react with “dislike” when we see an enclosure of any kind?