[shifty eyes]

Sender-Inner Logan H. says: “If this photo makes it onto your website, my family will be very proud of me. Seriously, they will be prouder than the day I graduated from college. Especially my sister. She loves you guys.”



  1. Sammy2121 says:

    He just loves that roll. So CUTE!!

  2. Sammy2121 says:

    YAY my first comment in Cute Overload!!! EVER!!!!

  3. What a gorgeous kitty! I love her coloring.

  4. He looks like a wookie. An adorable, tiny wookie.

  5. earlybird1 says:

    Purrrfect smoky ears and nose, dahling.

  6. JenDeyan says:

    What an adorable pose with the widdle paws draped over the arm like that. Huggalicious!

  7. Such a dark color for such a small kitten! I usually think of siamese darkening with age. Ours was rice-white as a kitten but was almost maghoney eighteen years later. Obviously we’re precociously cute.

  8. Welcome!

  9. a cute kitten

  10. Chinchillazilla says:

    I’m proud of you, too, Logan! That is a picture to inspire pride.

  11. She’s an absolute beauty (assuming the kitty is a she). What is his/her name?

  12. BEEP on that teeny black nose.

  13. victoreia says:

    *grabby hands* MINE!!!!11!!!!!1!!!!

  14. flutterby says:

    Bootiful blue eyes, even though they’re *shifty* !!

    New posting format conflabulates my poor bwainz ~ not sayin’ much, though, for a technophobe like me!

  15. ~snatch~ Nobody saw nuffin’.

  16. Woot! My first moderated comment /feels all spiffy like

  17. What a gorgeous little one! And Logan, tell your family that though I’ve earned a PhD, I’ve never had a picture posted on CO, despite years of trying. They should be proud.

  18. Cirocco J says:

    The nosicle!!!!

  19. Hey ! when did this start ?

  20. (The Original) Mel says:

    I haven’t either.

  21. metsakins says:

    Sigh, even my video of baby giraffes playing didn’t make it here. You are so lucky and special!

  22. 2ScoopsRice says:

    Look at this cutie’s pretty peepers! The sassy expression is the CAT’S MEOW! 😉

  23. puffy21 says:

    The eyes look different. In a good way!

  24. I think Kitteh got woken up too early! I sport a similar expression first thing in the morning.

  25. That is unusually precocious Meezer coloration. So cute!

    I have a photo of Niko the Meezer taken when he was just a kit. I was lying on the floor and he was looming over me. Because of the coloration, his nose looks enormous.

  26. Look again. I believe that is a toilet paper roll the kitteh is draped over. 🙂

  27. I like to think of it this way: They must be so overwhelmed with virtual tsunamis of Qte that they must choose very carefully.

  28. Logan H. says:

    It’s a he. I think his name is Twill, but I’ve got 4 males that look exactly alike, so it might also be Arco, Carlo, or Corduroy. They’re foster kittens, so I’ve only got them for a few more weeks.

  29. You should have no problem getting a home for him. Has he already been claimed? His coloring is just beautiful. I’ve seen chocolate point siamese cats before but they usually have cream-colored fur not mocha-colored fur.

  30. yes, i think my brother was similarly happier for me when my submissions made it to CO than when i graduated from college.

  31. Alice Shortcake says:

    Shifty indeed. Somewhere a chihuahua lies bleeding.

  32. AWW 😀 What a cutie little Twill is, Logan H. 😀 I hope he goes to a loving forever home 😀 If I lived close to you, I would be more than happy to give him a home 😀