Blind Marmie’s Bluff

And all the mice of the world say: Oh enough! Just stop it!

How does he do it? How?!

Mikey (great name!) was born without eyes to see. He will live a long and happy life however. He’s up for adoption at Adopt-A-LOL and if you’d like to help with his care, you can donate.



  1. ashagato says:

    mikey likes it!

  2. Anna/minigoth says:

    My heart goes out to his owners, for being brave and big-hearted enough to take him on ❤

  3. >^.^^.^<

  4. “God Bless their hearts” was supposed to be between my two “kitties”. >^.^<

  5. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    It almost looks as if he can see in the first video. Mikey’s gonna do well in life.

  6. Moi,Actually says:

    Not having eyes is, of course, a serious bummer. However, let’s remember that cats excel with their other senses–including some sort of sixth sense. You know–the one that tells them the family is planning a trip without them.
    Let’s hope Mikey will have a long and loved life, an ample supply of squeaky toys and lots of catnip to smell.

  7. Moi,Actually says:

    The cereal ad, right? One of my all-time faves.

  8. Love people who take a chance on a pet that is “different” and give them a chance at happiness. 🙂

  9. Mikey’s owners prove that Love is Blind. Lucky Mickey!

  10. flutterby says:

    Love may be blind, but thankfully, the heart can see!

  11. jlamusings says:

    So sweet! Yay for the family who took this adorable lil’ marmie in and for special needs pets!!
    One of my friends has a one-eyed kitty named Odin and he’s the best jumper of all her other (two-eyed) kitties. 😉

  12. silentk says:

    Since he was born without eyes, I wonder if he even knows he’s missing anything. He just seems like a happy, bouncy, adorable kitten. Want to hug him and his awesome owners!

  13. bookmonstercats says:

    He instinctively knows how to hunt, even though he couldn’t have seen his momma showing him how.

  14. bookmonstercats says:

    P.S. forgot to say, kudos to his owners, bless them.

  15. kibblenibble says:

    What a happy leetle guy! ❤

  16. leaves of cat grass says:

    there’s a soft place in my heart for blind kittehs…

    here’s the experience of another blind cat owner that amazed me from a few years ago on the Rolling Dog Ranch site:

  17. Around here we call it “kitty vision”.

  18. You made my day. Thanks 🙂

  19. My thoughts exactly! I didn’t even realize that Mikey didn’t have eyes until I read the caption–after watching both videos.

  20. Kisses to Mikey and his owners! What a wonderful family.

  21. i wonder if he’s going to learn to use sonar. kitteh hears are exceptional. they’re pretty good with their noses, too.

  22. David Spor says:

    Part of me feels sorry for Mikey, but he seems to be doing so well and fine without eyes that he doesn’t need my “pity.” I wish him a long, happy, play-filled life and many blessings to his owners!!

  23. okay- saw the first video and thought- “oh, how sweet baby kitty playing with mousie……sigh ” and then saw the next one where he is scratching his teeeeeeeny claws and thought “okay, cute, but what’s so great about a kitty scratching his claws ??” then finally opened my eyes to read that this little guy was born with no eyes- SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!! this instantly added MUCHO points to the cute-o-meter ! Hooray for his forever family for taking him in and sharing his talents with us all 🙂

  24. mplsredd says:

    I know a kittie who was also born without eyes and she gets along beautifully. She is the alpha in a group of 3.

  25. I’ve known several blind kittehs, and for the most part, you can’t even tell. They, like many other special furkids, can be happy and healthy and make wonderful companions. Mikey is adorable!

    — Mom to, among others, a blind dog and a deaf dog, and former mom to a deaf and neuro-challenged kitteh

  26. I took care of three cats and was told that one was blind– it took me a few minutes to figure out which. As long as their environment is predictable so they don’t whack into stuff that wasn’t there yesterday, blind cats can cope pretty well. Of course they can never go outside, unless on a harness. Hugs to Mikey!

  27. On a trip to Best Friends I met a blind kitty that pretty much ruled the roost in the building where she lived. She could navigate objects, corners, people, whatever without a care in the world. You’d really never know she couldn’t see. They really do put us to shame, these creatures.

  28. I don’t know if this will help anybody, but consider this: Mikey has never had eyes. That means, biologically, his visual cortex is developing to serve other purposes. He has no idea what it might be like to even have visual input, because his brain doesn’t even have a cortex for that purpose.

    So, from his perspective, the world is just fine the way it is. If he could understand the idea of what “disability” means, he probably still wouldn’t consider himself to be disabled because he’s simply always been this way. It’s never been a problem, as far as he can tell.

    His owners are great for taking Mikey, and I hope they’re all happy for many years to come.

  29. Odin? Your friend has just won a bajillion Internets.

  30. Anyone read “Homer’s Odyssey?” Absolutely tore and warmed my heart.

    I’m so glad Mikey found the right people who gave him the home he deserves. He’s going to be a handful! An adorable, sweet handful but a handful.

  31. My Kitty is cross-eyed and is sort of orange like Mikey but really more beige. People always laugh at him because he can’t see where he’s going. He also has a weird crooked stubby tail. He is really cute.

  32. jlamusings says:

    Heehee I will pass that along!

  33. jlamusings says:

    OHMYGOSH! Do you have a cat with cerebellar hypoplasia? My aforementioned friend in my comment used to have a kitty with it. He was nearly blind. Heard fine. So sweet and wonky. Miss him still (not as much as she does, though)

  34. ashagato says:

    you got it, moiA. i was wondering if anyone else here is old enough to know what i was talking about! 😉

  35. China's Human says:

    There is a special place in heaven for people who knowingly adopt a special needs fur baby!

  36. Absolutely, Gigi. My little late Boston terrier went blind later in her life, and she did just fine. Animals truly can offer us life lessons.

  37. 1) Rationally: Kitty smells the catnip (in both the scratching box which comes with a packet of it to rub in) and the mouse toy (which also rattles audibly). Vision not necessary.
    2) Otherwise: MARMIEEEEEEEEEEEE 😀 😀 😀

  38. Misplaced parenthesis… oh well. 😛

  39. victoreia says:

    Some of us are even older than that! *hobbles away, creaking*

  40. Noelegy says:

    My thoughts purr-zactly. Now he needs a pair of black kittens named Huginn and Munnin.

  41. Noelegy says:

    Why, yes. And Homer the Blind WonderCat is my friend on Facebook. That has led me to befriend many other special kitties, such as Willow and the Wonky Eyed Kitty.

  42. 🙂

  43. I have had a blind kitty for years and she is the best thing that ever happened to me. She was born without eyelids and then abandoned. A vet’s office took her, because they found rudimentary eyes with a cat scan, they did surgery. She sort of has eyes now, but she is completely blind.

    After she was healed we were found to take her with our others and became her forever home. Best decision of my life! Her name is Libby, short for Librium (all my pets are named after pharmaceuticals.

    Libby kicks ass. She is brave and gets into places you wouldn’t believe. She uses her whiskers and sense of smell and hears unbelievably well. I also call her my little mountain climber kitty as she climbs rather than jumps.

    She is also my best friends. She is very loving and caring and has gotten me through hard times. So I think whomever gets Mikey is very lucky!

  44. trinlayk says:

    yeah! we have a signed copy!

  45. kittens not kids says:

    Animal Friends in Pittsburgh (with whom I foster kittens) has a Blind Alum, Atticus, who is one of my favorite online cats ever. Atticus lost his eyes due to illness; he’s been adopted into an awesome home, and now volunteers as a Therapy Cat! He’s cute as a button, too – you can see him and read his updates at

  46. just thought i’d give you all an update…the rescue group who is responsible for mikey is City Kitties and they’re in my neighborhood. i just saw on their FB page that mikey had a health setback and is at the ER. they’ve had a really expensive month in july, so if anyone can help them out by donating, it would be awesome. you can check out their organization at

  47. kodalai says:

    You can get along without eyes as long as you have whiskers! Telling the kitteh where things are in relation to them is exactly what whiskers do!

  48. Rooanne says:

    I watched the first video and thought, so what, a kitten playing with a toy…. I didn’t get the title or vid until I scrolled down to the explanation….. then I just felt warm all over! Thanks Pryrit & kitteh parents!

  49. Booklover says:

    I clicked on the Adopt-an-LOL link, and it seems that Mikey isn’t doing very well. He’s currently in the vet ER, and donations are being collected to help pay the bills.

  50. Oh no! 😦 Any chance of editing the main post to reflect this?

  51. Whoa! Valkyries coming through!

  52. Indaid.

    Creaks rocker, waves cane at kids

    “Get offa my lawn!”

  53. Not to mention, a brain 90% devoted to being bad no matter what (the other 10% is devoted to food).

    Mikey reminds me of the cat I once saw at a vet’s office who could not use his back legs at all. Nevertheless he was always right by the front door ready to stump out into the big world and get into trouble!

  54. A vet tech I know said that when an animal loses a limb, for example, usually they act afterwards as if it had been holding them back somehow.

  55. PorkRoll says:

    “Where we’re mewing, you won’t need eyes.”

  56. bookmonstercats says:

    We’ll forgive you.

  57. Cats are just amazing. That´s why I love them so much. 🙂

  58. 260Oakley says:

    Another Philly girl here and another vote for the awesomeness that is City Kitties. Through their website you can make a PayPal (shouldn’t there be an PayAnipal site for these things???) donation in any amount. The money will help them continue the terrific work they do caring for Mikey and other special cats just like him.

  59. Emmberrann says:

    This time. 🙂

  60. Samantha M. says:

    I had a cat that went blind very suddenly at the age of 18, from what the vet could never tell, he suspected a stroke, but the poor guy was so old we didn’t want to put him through lost of tests. . The guy spent 2 days hiding in his favourite hiding spot scared but by the end of the week had gotten so used to his whiskers seeing for him you couldn’t tell he was blind.

    He used to use them to follow the wall when walking through a room. The only problem is if you moved too quickly he could walk into you. So when ever Einstein was on the move and walked into a room the whole family would freeze like a game of statues because he would get so embarrassed if he walked into you. He lived another 2 years before finally dying of old age.

  61. haha! i have a cross eyed kitty. she kinda looks through you or just above your head. must be where she sees the second “you”.

  62. uh oh. i hope he gets better soon!

  63. Great story! My special needs kitty is the love of my life so I understand how you feel about Libby!

  64. I have a CH kitty and she is the sweetest of my feline trio! (But don’t tell the other two cats!) And oh yes…I love Mikey!

  65. Exactly! That’s just the way he is.

  66. I love the way humans always accommodate their pets’ changing needs! I had a kitty who used to chomp on cut flowers in a vase, and he was gone almost a year before I realized I could buy bouquets again! I also had a blind dog, and I swear the cats would walk in front of her ON PURPOSE, then go behind the sofa and giggle.

  67. hee hee…i’m libby too. always cracks me up when an animal shares my name!

  68. Great, don’t give him a reason to think he’s kind of this and any other world.

  69. musicnote says:

    Sending healing prayers and purrs to our special CO marmie, Mikey boy … sure hope he gets well enough to return to his foster home on Monday. Love you, Mikey…

  70. Awww.

    That is a sad but sweet story. I love the idea of the family playing ‘red light’ when he was on the move.

  71. RIP Einstein. He’s lucky to be a part of your family, Samantha 😉

  72. I second that 😀 I wish Mikey a long and happy life in a loving forever home 😀

  73. Hi All – Thanks so much for all of your kind words about Mikey! I am one of the folks from City Kitties, the no-kill rescue who has been caring for Mikey since we saved him from being euthanized at the city shelter here in Philadelphia. He is slowly on the mend, and once we are sure that he is feeling better and is neutered/vaccinated, this wonderful little sweetheart will be up for adoption. If you are in the area and would like to consider adopting him, please head over to to fill out an adoption application.

  74. That’s too funny and as much as I hate animal cruelty, I wouldn’t surprised if you were right about the cats..that said. my kitty had pretty well developed cataracts by about age 17 and every time I took him to the vet (which was about every months during the last 6 months of his 18 1/2 year life) they asked if he could see. He could see some movement of my hand, and maybe obstacles but in any case he wasn’t reading Plato and never ran (well, strolled) into anything. My place is pretty obstacle free, but that’s because I run into things and I can see perfectly. I loved those blind (?) eyes so much…