Talk About an Orange Crush

Could somebody get Slurpy McSlurpersons here a straw? Maybe an orange peeler? Actually, one of those electric juicers would be useful…



  1. It is good for you… Vitamin C is good for you! 🙂 but hey slow down a tad. Let mommy help ya.

  2. Guinea Peeg Lover says:

    Did anyone else notice the dog got up at the end of the video as if a hoomin was coming with an orange peeler to help him?

  3. Dislike the voices and so does the dog

  4. SoCratesX53 says:

    My orange….shifty eyes…what are you laughing at…more shifty eyes…

    The wet chinny whiskers finished me!

    ***hed splode***

  5. Lerrinus says:

    Love it when he tried to hold the orange still with his paws! Kyoooot! 😀

  6. Fird Birfle says:

    “I can haz OJ now???” 🙂

    Reminds me
    of these [the little gadget in the orunj, not the male biped]

  7. 260Oakley says:

    Mr. Orange from “Reservoir Dogs” says: This sucks.

  8. Theresa says:


  9. kimmaroo says:

    Orange juice beard and unsuccessfully stifled human snortlaffs…..a winning combination!

  10. I love the expression of, “What? What are you guys looking at? I’m just sitting here, eating my orange like I do everyday. What’s the big deal?”


  11. Aquamarine says:

    i love the way her legs are all splayed out behind her, while she’s chompin’ on her orange….like, “i’m all chill.”

  12. marthava says:

    I like how her nose keeps bending up. lol

  13. Queen of Dork says:

    Doggy is all, “(schlurrrp, schlurrrp) Vitamin C and all, you know? (schlurrrrrrp!) What are you laughing about? (schlurrp, schlorp, schlurrrp) What? I like Vitamin C you know? (schlurrp) Why are you staring at me? Do you have any kibbles? (schlorp, schlurrp). Could you please pass me a napkin?”

  14. (The Original) Mel says:

    Whut? Iz mah ornje. Why u gigglin?

  15. sara-bell says:

    Mmmmmm zesty!

  16. emmberrann says:

    Never seed a dog eatin’ a orunj before…. I know there are some things dogs ain’t spozed ta eat, is orunj on th’list?

  17. Pup: I have found a magic ball.

  18. Fird Birfle says:

    HEY it’s aquamarine!!!!
    Long time, no hear!

    Howyabin???? WHEREyabin???

  19. Copperbat says:

    According to WebMD, oranges are safe for dogs. Apparently the only fruits that are a problem are avocados and grapes/raisins. All other fruits are fine if the pits are removed first.

  20. mamabear says:

    Lawl! I turned down the sound after the 1:10 machine gun firing.

    Is that orange filled with bacon?!

  21. mamabear says:

    Nah, you’re thinking grapes/raisins

  22. I immediately thought of this gadget from my past. It’s called, of all things, a SQUEETER! And you can still buy them for 50 cents each:


    First you press and roll the orange really hard on a table so the juice breaks out of its membranes. Then you take the Squeeter and screw it into the orange until you break the skin, pull it out, pull off the little disc of skin from the Squeeter, stick the Squeeter all the way into the orange and suck out the juice.

    Yay. I got to type out Squeeter so many times in this post!

  23. flutterby says:

    I’ve heeared uv aig-suck dawgs b4, but ain’t never heeared uf ornj-suck dawgs til nao…

  24. YES! I had one of those thingies, too. I had a friend who used to give out strange little items so you would guess what they were for. I could never guess what they were for. :blush:

  25. Doggy eyebrows.

  26. kibblenibble says:

    My neighbor has a cat named Squeeter! 🙂

  27. Queen of Dork says:

    *mad, dashing, running, knock-down type of hug from me to Theresa and Aquamarine* (oof)


  28. I’ve heard of a milk mustache but an orange beard is a new one on me !
    LOVE IT !!!! (slurp)

  29. HI!

  30. Aquamarine says:

    Hey, Fird Birfle (story there?)! Hey, QOD! Hey, Theresa!

    I don’t sit in front of my compyooter at work much no mo, so I had to give up my CO habit. But today is Saturday, so I thought, why not just one hit for old time’s sake??

    FB, I know I owe you like, serious emails…… (shifty eyes, whistling out of the side of my mouth)……sorry…… 😦

    Hey, it’s Michael “The Terrier” Stipe, singing, “Got my spine, got my Orange Crush…”

  31. Note to self: Add oranges to grocery list.

  32. I guess this isn’t really a note to myself anymore, is it?

  33. Fird Birfle says:


  34. luvstehQte says:

    i loved the scrunchy-nose acshun too!

  35. 2ScoopsRice says:

    Aww…ai fink ai will call heem “Julius…Ornj Julius”… 😉

  36. Pupper is all, “I sincerely hope you don’t want to play fetch, because this ball is DELICIOUS!”

  37. Pup says “We’ll see who’s laughing when you all get scurvy and I’m nice and healthy with my vitamin C!”

  38. Tee hee, I love the way doggie is looking around just in case somebody comes to hijack HIS orange! Oooh you wouldn´t dare, or lose a hand! 😉

  39. Joycelyn says:

    Awwww… So cute! I wanna see the hole the doggie has made on the orange. 😀

  40. Theresa says:

    Hey, AQ! Don’t be a stranger!

  41. Queen of Dork says:

    Hi Theresa!

  42. Nobody can call her a scurvy dog!

  43. I remember those being bigger, but then again I was four at the time…

  44. tracylee says:

    I’ve given my girl an orange to play with before, but she doesn’t have the beard like this little goober 🙂
    I think I’ll get her another today and let her go to town!

  45. kestrien says:

    Oranges (and lemons) are our dog Gus’ favorite toys! He loves to THROW them up in the air and catch them, then roll on them until they splatter. Makes him smell much better than his other favorite pasttime of rolling in cow poop.

  46. I am reminded the Tonkinese cat Sammy I had in the 1970s and 1980s who used to crave tomato juice and spaghetti sauce.

    I guess some animals just want their Vitamin C.

    I love the expression in his eyes as he looks up at his people.

  47. Angus's Mom says:

    so cute! I couldn’t get my dogs to go near anything citrus. They smell it and turn their heads. love it!!

  48. Like how he stops and looks disapprovingly up at laughing.

    “I do not approve of your snickers. Not at all.”

  49. gimme sum o’ dat!

  50. ytfcvgkyfg says:

    wish i could lick my nose…